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Hudson - Litchfield News
December 18, 2009 - 7
Coutu Receives Community Citizen Award
submitted by Bob Haefner
Last May, the Hudson Grange selected Selectman Roger Coutu as its
Community Citizen for 2009. Each Community Citizen is sent to the State
Grange to be evaluated by the State Lecturer’s Committee. Roger became
the New Hampshire State Grange Community Citizen of the Year at the
annual State Session in October at the Ashworth in Hampton Beach. The
plaque was not ready at the time, and Roger received a certificate.
On December 8, Marie Hall, the New Hampshire State Grange
Lecturer, along with Jerry Leclerc, Master of Hudson Grange #11; Claire Let’s Say
Gagnon, Ceres; and Bob Haefner, Hudson Grange Overseer and State
Executive Committee Member, presented the plaque to Roger during a
break at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting.
The plaque is handmade of wood by a Granger from Maine. Marie
presented the award to Selectman Coutu because of his efforts to close Something from Xerox gives each of us the ability to send a
the Benson Property purchase and bring the Town Recreation and seniors holiday greeting card to military personnel stationed overseas.
together. The designs are kids’ drawings, and the cost is absolutely zero
In accepting the award, Roger accepted on behalf of the Board of to you. It’s called and it’s a Website
Selectmen and noted the contribution to the Benson Purchase and the where you can pick from a host of thank you themed cards,
former Benson Committee to the members. Roger singled out Selectman
Roger Coutu Photo by Claire Gagnon
add a personal message, and have it sent to someone serving
Jasper for his years of effort to work out the details of Benson. overseas. Xerox is running the program at absolutely no cost,
and it’s certainly worth doing. If you think it’s not really all that
Search for a Superintendent Begins
important, here’s a response from one of our troops overseas:
“Thank you for sending the postcards to our unit! While
soldiers routinely grab all the snacks, toiletries, magazines, and
by Lynne Ober those in attendance were crisis management coupled with an ability
books out of care packages, it is the letters, cards, and postcards
Everyone associated with Litchfield Superintendent, Dr. Elaine to execute – “Do What You Say, Say What You Do” was an important
with heartfelt messages that mean the most and truly remind
Cutler, is all too aware that filling her shoes when she retires next June tenant.
us that the folks back home care and appreciate what we do.
will be difficult. Cutler has brought excellence, continuity, and caring After looking at a variety of district needs that ranged from facilities
Thank you for showing that support. Have a great week and
to the Litchfield School District. She has a wealth of knowledge and management planning to finance to SAT – ACT Score improvement,
keep up the good work.” – A member of the Military Police.
an ability to get work accomplished. If there is a crisis, she keeps a they also turned their attention to teacher retention and to the fields of
cool head and works on a resolution. She has been the leader that the both special education and working with high achievers in the district.
district needed … and now they must replace her. The last piece of the first meeting was to develop a list of Charlie Chalk can be reached at
That process has begun. Ads in a variety of newspapers were characteristics that any successful applicant should have. The group
placed in early November with an application deadline of December agreed that the superintendent must be approachable, have what they
11. At the same time, focus groups have been started. The first began called “rigid flexibility,” have integrity, and be well spoken. They
with a parent/community meeting facilitated by Deb Mahoney. At wanted someone with a presence and someone who can articulate
this meeting, participants brainstormed about characteristics that they direction. On the personal side, they felt that any superintendent must
would like their next superintendent to have. be trustworthy, honest, dynamic, organized, and a multi-tasker. M
They began by discussing the need for the superintendent to The group decided that they wanted someone who is creative, but
Junk C
send us y
be student-focused and to work on educational matters by using with fiscal restraint, and someone who can manage district needs
our stor
send us your stories
& photos
“Outcome by Objectives” in both special education and academic and wants. There was discussion about ensuring the education was
& photos
areas. excellent, but also remembering the taxpayer, who funds the district.
They then expanded into looking at leadership and said that they A superintendent needs to be someone who can gather resources
wanted a superintendent with effective skills as a leader. Further needed to complete the assignment and do it in a fiscally responsible
We Will Pay Up To $500
discussion confirmed that they were looking for CEO/CFO skills, but manner.
For Some Cars and Trucks!
they wanted to couple that with knowledge in the field. Important to Without a doubt, Cutler’s shoes are going to be difficult to fill.
Murray’s Auto
Martial Arts Program Reduces Stress and Anxiety
55 Hall Rd. Londonderry, NH
of Job Loss or Financial Problems
We Sell Parts
submitted by Granite State American Kenpo Karate • Take five. Taking a short break can help slow your mind long Monday - Saturday 8 am - 5 pm
Kevin Noviello, owner of Granite State American Kenpo Karate, enough to improve your ability to deal with stress later. Please mention this HLN/PWN Ad.drawn by Sarah Pacheco
drawn by Sarah Pacheco
announced a special program to help adults reduce stress and anxiety • Learn to relax or meditate. Studies show that just 10 to 20 minutes
of potential job loss and/or financial problems due to the recession. of quiet reflection or meditation a day can bring relief from chronic
“Most of us have felt stressed at one time or another. When this stress and increase your tolerance to it.
Mike Hogan's
feeling persists day after day, stress becomes chronic. Chronic stress • Give yourself a break. No one is perfect. Striving to be the best in
can take a toll on your careers, quality of life, and bodies, making everything will lead to worry, anxiety, and failure.
you susceptible to a host of illnesses. In fact, you may not realize • Learn to say “no.” Go slower and be honest about
hat you can
Located in the Hudson Village Shoppes
– and what medical researchers are confirming in study after study comfortably do.
– that your stress level is directly linked to your physical well-being. • Be flexible. Make allowances for other people’s opinions
290 Derry Rd., Hudson • Call 595-4507 for details
and be
Seventy-five percent of your visits to the doctor’s office concern prepared to compromise.
stress-related ailments,” said Noviello. • Avoid excessive competition. Excessive competition

can be
Introductory Price
According to Noviello, stress is at an all-time high level among dangerous emotionally and physically—not to mention damaging

adults. Some common sources of stress include financial worries, to your job.
send us
with this
HLN coupon
concerns about job security, heavy workloads and responsibility, • Go easy on criticism. You may expect too much
our stor
Includes official Uniform
job burnout, personality conflicts at work, the demands of work and or others. Try not to feel disappointed or frustrated w
& photos
hen your
Plus 2 Private LessonsParents
family, troubled relationships, as well as care-giving for a sick loved expectations aren’t fulfilled.
one or an aging parent. • Manage your anger. Retreat
Government research shows that one in four people say they’ve before you lose control. Allow
missed work due to work-related stress, which is often a barrier time for you to become cool.
You’ve tried the rest
drawn by Sarah Pacheco
send us your
Now trstorY the besties & photos.
to meeting deadlines, concentrating, and making decisions. You’ll both be better equipped
Productivity and performance decrease as your stress levels increase. to handle the problem
You also may become easily irritated and overwhelmed, and have constructively later.
forget the forecast
drawn by Sarah Pacheco
relationship problems with colleagues. Many people who are over- • Be honest with colleagues.
stressed at work are unable to leave their job-related issues behind at Make it plain that you feel
night or they feel immobilized on the job. Stress can also mean more you’re in a bind. Others
all-weather plus
headaches, backaches, and colds—and more sick days, Noviello probably feel the same. Don’t
added. just complain—make practical
Noviello said, “Whether the stress originates at the office or at suggestions for improvement. Community
home – or a little of both – you take it with you wherever you go. The • Talk with a loved one. Talking
good news is that caring for your mind as well as your body can keep can help you see things more send us your school’
s stories & photos
a r
you healthier, happier, and more productive in all aspects of life. Try clearly, release negative
drawn by Sarah Pacheco
these strategies to better manage stress.” feelings, and obtain emotional
• Treat your body right. Eating right and exercising can increase your support.
tolerance to stress. Mr. Noviello promotes and
• Set realistic goals. Do what’s possible and carry on. strives for the highest standards
• Set and re-set your priorities. Take care of important and difficult of age-appropriate curriculum,
tasks first, and eliminate unessential tasks. leadership training, child safety
• Take one task at a time. Divide large projects into smaller tasks, and security, business integrity,
and make “to-do” lists. and professional ethics.
Feature Safety Benefit
Nokian Tyres’ new Hakkapeliitta
Environment and safety both
R Nordic studless winter tires are
play a key role in the develop-
advanced versions of the highly
ment of Nokian Tyres. Nokian
Tyres uses only low-aromatic,
successful Hakkapelitta RSi. The
purified oils in its production.
new Hakkapeliitta R is designed
Cool Silica
A combination of cool silica
to function in all winter conditions
& Canola Oil
and canola oil creates a and temperature fluctuations while
compound with exceptional
maintaining grip on any road sur-
grip properties
face... ice, snow, wet, dry. Winters
are becoming more unpredictable.
The asymmetrical
The Hakkapeliitta R masters all
inside/outside tread provides
more accurate driving control
winter conditions to maximize your
and efficiantly prevents
Speed categories
Low Rolling
Low rolling resistance saves
fuel and imprives driving
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While Nokian Tyres are known
harsh weather conditions.
for their performance in
Driving on
extreme conditions, they are Nokian Tyres is the world’s first tire manufacturer
Dry Roads
also excellent on dry-roads, to introduce a production method using earth
even at high speeds.
friendly oils.
Stores Open
M-F 6:30 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.
Sat. 6:30 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.
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