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Students Are Involved!
Student Internship Highlights
Noelle Aviña is working from Greensboro for an organization based out of Chicago called
PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment). Founder, Angela Rose, started the
organization in 2001. PAVE’s mission is to shatter the silence of sexual violence. Noelle’s role
in PAVE is to compile research and develop a program for children ages 10-14 to help educate
them about sexual violence. Noelle is a WGS MA candidate with a concentration in Gender
and Violence.
Shona Fenner, MA candidate, is interning this semester at the Women’s Resource Center
of Greensboro. Their mission is to help women in the area (ages 18+) to be self-reliant by
assessing their needs and providing a source for information about community resources and
programs. Shona is a general agency intern and assists wherever and whenever help is needed.
More specifically, she helps with advertising the programs offered, prepares and sets up for
workshops, and works the front desk.
Keri Graham, MA candidate, is interning at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington
where she is co-teaching an Introduction to Women’s Studies class. This semester she has been
lecturing and leading writing workshops. Outside of the classroom she is working with students
developing research interests, and she is also working with the Director of the Women’s Studies
program in curriculum planning and professional development.
Liz McDaniel is interning at the YWCA of Greensboro, which has served the Greensboro
community for over one hundred years. Liz primarily works with the Teen Parent Mentor
Program by assisting with the planning and facilitation of various weekly programs. She is also
doing research and advocacy work on ensuring the rights of pregnant and parenting students in
Guilford County Schools. Liz is an MA candidate with a concentration in Feminist Pedagogies.
Outstanding Undergraduates to Present
at Virginia Tech Conference in April
WGS majors, Erin Andrews and Kai Clinnin will
present papers at the Virginia Tech “Gender, Bodies,
and Technology” conference, hosted by its Women’s
and Gender Studies program. The conference grows
out of a new, interdisciplinary research initiative at
Virginia Tech which brings together scholars from
Computer Science, Education, English, Science
and Technology Studies, Sociology, Theater Arts,
Visual Arts, and Women’s and Gender Studies.
Erin Andrew’s work is about the role of the body
in contemporary feminist theory, with particular
attention to the role of Donna Harraway, professor
During the summer of 2009, Anne Keyworth worked in
and chair of the History of Consciousness Program
a HIV clinic in Ghana, Africa. She is pictured here with
at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in
her mother, host sister, and host nieces in the village of
shaping this discourse. Kai Clinnin’s work focuses
Oyarifa, where she lived with her host family.Anne is
on male gender blending in the virtual community
a junior majoring in Community Health Education and
“Second Life” and the problematic hierarchies that
Women’s and Gender Studies. this practice enforces.
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