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2009-2010 Linda Arnold Carlisle Research Grant:
The Impact of Global Downturn on Filipina Factory oW rkers
Dr. Stephen Sills, Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department, is the 2009 recipient of the Linda Carlisle
Research Grant, an award given to a UNCG faculty member to support research or creative activity related
to women’s and gender studies. Within his research on Philippine labor
migration, Sills focuses on female labor migrants, specifically Filipinas
working in Taiwan. By the mid-1990’s, women outnumbered men as
overseas workers. These transnational women laborers have introduced
new gender practices thus challenging the dominant perspectives of the
role of women. Sills has also learned in his research thus far that these
women, despite being highly skilled and educated, have been commodified
and essentialized by an abusive labor system, forced to accept low-status
positions with no advancement opportunities, and end up bearing the
burdens that result from a globalized economy.
The recent global downturn has led to a sudden drop in opportunities for
employment in Taiwan, thus thousands of workers have been sent home
from Taiwan. Once lauded as heroes of the nation, Filipinas who are forced
to return are often thought of as failed migrants. iW th the funds from
the Carlisle Research Grant, Dr. Sills will be able to travel from Taiwan to
the Philippines in January 2010 and interview recent returnees who were
furloughed by Taiwanese employers. Sills hopes to learn how their “failure”
Dr. Stephen Sills at the train
as overseas workers has impacted them and their families and how it may
station in Tainan, Taiwan.
have changed their sense of self. He will also explore their plans for the future and whether it includes continued
trips abroad. Dr. Sills will present his research findings in the spring of 2010.
Sally and Alan Cone Awards
Disciplinary Honors in WGS
WGS majors with a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better

Major Scholarship
who are interested in studying topics in greater depth

Kaitlin Clinnin
Fall 2009
and conducting original research are invited to consider
Spring 2009
Course Scholarships
Disciplinary Honors.
Course Scholarships
Anne Keyworth
Kaitlin Clinnin
Elizabeth McDaniel
Requirements are to maintain a
Christy Haugh
Therese Strohmer
B or better in at least 12 semester
hours of Honors coursework.
Special Projects Awards:
Heather Colleran for her dissertation research on
Six hours must be in WGS, taken
breastfeeding and exercise.
either in 500-level courses or as
Deirdre Hall for her research on professionalization of
contracted Honors courses. Up to
medicine as it is represented in American fiction
3 semester hours may be taken in
between 1880 and 1940. other Honors courses. Coursework
Kimber Heinz for presenting her paper, culminates with a Senior Honors Project in either WGS
“Anti-Oppression Teaching: Negotiating Multiple
493 or Honors 490. Graduates receive a Certificate
Identities and Dominant Discourses in the Queer
of Honors and a transcript noting the Honors award
Classroom” at a conference.

with the title of their Senior Honors Project, providing
Outstanding Work Awards:
additional edge to graduate applications or beginning
Kaitlin Clinnin for her paper “Beyond the Gaze: careers.
Eroticization and Identification with Lara Croft.”
Mayumi Osada for her research and performance
of a piano recital of women composers. For more information, contact Beth aW lker (
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