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Upcoming Spring Semester Offers
Diverse Special Topics Seminar Courses
WGS 450-01: Gender, Crime, and Deviance - Professor: Gwen Hunnicutt
This class will explore the key questions in the scholarly literature on gender, crime, and deviance. We will be
primarily concerned with how gender socialization, gender roles, and institutions affect males’ and females’
offending, deviant behavior and patterns of victimization. We will consult the literature on masculinity and
crime, approaching criminal behavior as a distinctly “gendered” phenomenon. We will consider the victimization
of females, how it differs from males, and the gendered restructuring of the “self” after males and females are
victimized. We will explore deviant behaviors along gendered lines, including teen pregnancy and reproduction,
political rebellion, the sexual double standard and drug use.
WGS 450-02: Race, Gender, and Performance: Enactments of (Un)freedom - Professor: Sarah Cervenak
Race and gender are inextricably tied to performance. The way one moves and acts in the world is shaped by
the complex intersections of race, gender, and desire. In this course, we will think about the history of a relation
between race, gender and performance, particularly as it concerns the enactment of and resistance to (neo)
colonial, patriarchal control and captivity. So too, we will think about the contradictions and complexities of Black
performances (in particular) as they negotiate questions of freedom and desire on the one hand and captivity
and incarceration on the other. We will explore the roles that performance and visual culture play in racialized,
gendered captivity and resistance and what new forms of freedom become possible through performance.
WGS 450-03: French Feminisms - Professor: Cybelle McFadden
This course will trace the development of feminism in France and consider points of intersection between
feminist theory and female artistic expression. We will analyze how different female authors, theorists, and
filmmakers have denied or affirmed a sexual specificity in their writing or art. Students will gain a historical
and cultural understanding of different French feminisms, as well as understand the theoretical underpinnings
of gender, sexuality, race, class, and the body in French and Francophone contexts.
WGS 450-04: Francophone Cinema - Professor: Cybelle McFadden
This course will analyze the multiple mappings of race, gender, class, and sexuality in contemporary
Francophone Cinema. We will identify social, economic, political, and cultural forces at play both in the
productions of the films and in the content. We will examine intricacies of colonialism, independence,
and post-colonialism and discuss the ongoing flows between North and West Africa and France. We will
also consider representations of French citizens of African descent and analyze their relationship to the
homeland. Finally, we will consider how these films and their circulation may change perceptions of
Africa both from within and outside the continent.
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