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Government needs to commit
Q: What is the cause
in order to fight the UK’s youth
of crime amongst the
nation´s youth ?
crime problem by Seb Roskell
In April 2003,
over 43,000 guns were
surrendered in England Susan Gosling
and Wales and 3393 in 31, Legal Aid, Islington
Scotland during a firearms
“Youth crime in the UK is mostly
centred around the poorer and
more disadvantaged areas
While the youth crime
of larger cities - there should
rates of other European
be more state run facilities
nations are experiencing
for these young people to get
little change (some of them
off the streets and into pro-
even enjoying a decline),
grammes that teach them vo-
the UK’s youth crime
cational skills.”
figures have increased by
more than a third in the
past 3 years.
The amount of children grow-
ing up to struggle with unplanned
pregnancies and unexpected
children, is also a warning that
the government is falling down
when it comes to sex education
and reforms that dangerously
Stephen Quainton
encourage low-income couples
29, Bar Manager, Camden
into having children. A lack of
¨People find it very easy to
education on Sex and Health, as
blame various causes and influ-
well as family planning – impera-
ences such as cheap alcohol,

have seen a rise (there was contro- crime they are involved in, it is hard free from the demographic you
tive in limiting unplanned pregnan-
media violence, poor school-
With sharp
versy earlier this year in relation to to understand just what can bring were born into (i.e. children born
cies - in underfunded schools
ing and low police presence.
rises in knife crime
a manipulation of government fig- the country’s youth to be where they in to poor families are most likely to exacerbate the situation further The authorities have to improve
ures released that suggested there are today. Youths and children are be poor when they are older, and still - the Guardian reported late the education and welfare in-
and other gang was a decline in youth crime, later joining gangs at increasingly alarm- vice-versa for the rich) the educa- last year that the only requirement fastructure.¨
related violence
exposed as not taking into account ing rates, and the average age is tion system seems to be failing Brit-
for Sex and Health education is a
– both within
penalty notices for disorder relating continuing to drop; gun crimes are ain’s young. Most recently, figures
small unit as part of the science
to minor offences and anti-social more frequently being committed reported that literacy and numeracy
alleged gangs and
curriculum. The same report also
behaviour, which were decidedly by under 18’s and more and more levels in prisons in the UK were at
stated that even the curriculum
towards the general
significant) the biggest rises have youths are using and selling drugs their lowest ever.
civilian population
been seen in relation to crimes re- at much higher rates than the rest
that is recommended to British
lating to violence. of Europe. Unfortunately, for many of the
schools is vastly inadequate when
– recently, youth UK’s young, their struggle within an
it comes to educating children
crime has been a
In recent years the murder rate in Many of those who end up com- education system that is falling short
about their health. It’s an unfor-
poignant issue for
the country has been said to have mitting and promoting crime suffer of its essential targets offers them
tunate cycle that perpetuates an
tripled, while the government has a lack of education. Be it at home, little hope for a successful future in
endless struggle.
many in London continued to scramble for ideas on amongst friends, at school or uni- an increasingly demanding society.
and the UK as a
policy to reduce youth crime and versity, the values we place on so- What’s more is the fact that most
Darko Atijas
its related problems, often coining ciety and ourselves, as well as our of the schools in poorer areas are
the phrase “broken Britain” when role within these structures, have a acknowledged by the government
¨London may be one
25, consultant Kensington
Carlos Hurworth referring to the country’s problems, lot to do with how and what we are as failing and many of the children of the hardest cities in
“A combination of a lack of
and blaming their peers and oppo- taught, and the methods through enrolled in these schools will be in-
role models, misappropriated
sition for the alarming figures and which we learn them. comparably disadvantaged by what
the world to break free
values, POVERTY, misunder-
failures. the government statistics show
from the demographic
standing (due to broken eng-
While all youth crime statistics
While London may be one of the as extremely poor results - and at
you were born into¨
lish), MISEDUCATION, and
Almost irrespective of the type of hardest cities in the world to break GCSE level only.
general lack of vitamin D”.
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