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The rise of the London
things to look
forward to in 2010
showbiz persona!

Breaking news:
Banging parties, better
Everything´s pretty
guestlists’ and even bigger bills!
It seems that London is the place
good really
to be and to be seen.
William Benn
As the nights get colder and
Shocking, isn’t it? Well I’m sorry
darker London continues to get
to have to break from tradition but
hotter and hotter. With loads
The Guestlist Network isn’t like
of massive parties going on it
those other free papers that you
15 years of Metalheadz
seems there’s never been so
see about. No.
many happy shiny 24 hour party
At this paper we are all about
@ The Arches, London Bridge
people out and about. With the
good news. That’s right – GOOD
champagne corks popping and
NEWS. You won’t find depress- The pioneering drum and bass record Bridge (where they’ll be doing 4 parties
fashion and fame booming in the
ing stories in here about how you
country´s capital. We’ve seen the
label - founded in 1993 by Doc Scott and a year from now on). The line up includes
can’t afford toothpaste because
red carpet laid down for many Lloyds TSB bet your savings on
Goldie - has been home to some of drum Goldie, Fabio, Randall, Storm, Com-
a premier in the last month, and
ng ou
t for th
e sun
mmer the Grand National, or how poli- and bass’ brightest talent. The Metal- mix, Spectrasoul, Jubei, Lenzman, Spor,
with the red carpet comes the ticians thought it was alright to Look at these fools ! They´re happy as Larry!
headz back catalogue features almost Marc Mac, Jumping Jack Frost, Breakage
steal your children because “ev-
Show me the money!
eryone else was doing it”.
most celebrated up-and-coming If you’re looking for stories about
every major figure in the genre, with artists and Flight, with MC support from Rage,
musicians, reviews of the latest the latest killer disease which you
such as Photek, Dillinja, Adam F, Source Moose, Fozz. Please get in touch for more
London has just seen a massive
After an absolutely killer year of great Bestival fantastic- The Guestlist Network is about scorching “choons” and gener- can catch just by reading about it
Direct, Ed Rush & Optical. Metalheadz are info or guestlist…
spending spree by some of the
ness, true Bestivalians faith is restored by the fact that the one thing: putting a smile on your ally plenty of stuff designed to then you have come to the wrong
biggest names on the megas-
sun does still shine on the Isle of Wight. The smile will be irresponsibly beautiful faces. make you chuckle, grin and even place. The Guestlist Network is
celebrating their 15th Birthday on Friday contact
tar list. With the premier of 50
on our face all the way to Bestival 2010 as the memory lives (perhaps) whistle that annoyingly the good newspaper, which is November 20th at The Arches in London
Cents new film (which he is only
on. We’re guessing themes already…Is ‘video gaming’ too That’s why we’re jam packed catchy pop tune you only heard good news for everyone!
a co-star in) came the massive
obscure? with listings for free and wonder- half of before you left your house
after party, and boy did they party
ful events, interviews with the
this morning.
hard. For one of the first times
ever a star of the production
All the stars want to live in London in houses just like this Miami WMC 2010
dished out his own dosh for his
As ever party of the year is gonna be the Winter Music
fellow crew mates and party peo-
Conference in Miami. We go every year along with the worlds
ple. And when Mr 50 Cent does
appreciation of our lovely London lot of celebrities have always been
best DJ’s and this year is gonna be extra special because
something he does it properly.
town. Seems some of the highest interested in buying in London,
Top 5
we’re going with 100 Guestlist Networkers. Sunshine, sexy
hot new tracks
Fiddy put a whopping £75,000
rolling mega stars are getting in as not only a home but a sound
people, amazing music and parties all night and day.
behind the bar at Alto in Soho,
on a piece of the action. investment. Can you imagine
Reasons to
To join the party visit
being shown around by an estate
Big beautiful homes for the rich agent then finding out that the loo
Stand up at
and famous. that you could end up sitting on is Work
Jay Z already bought his beautiful actually owned by the P Diddy!!! Pukkelpop
Beyonce a flat here in London.
To get your boss off your Pukkelwhat?! I hear you cry! It means ‘to burst a zit’ in
When he bought this gift for his Mr Cent coming to a Sainsburys
back Belgian but don’t worry we’re talking about the Belgian festi-
- Russian Roulette
wife in one her favourite areas near you.
val. I’m sure quite a few of you have heard of it (or even been!)
of London (Chelsea) everyone Now Fiddy has released a state-
2) To get rich
but if you haven’t, it’s a wicked place to go on holiday. Hot hot Seductive, depress-
was whispering about all the big ment saying he’s so besotted with hot, great big music, loads of cold beer and especially impor-
ing and catchy are just
parties that would go down in that the place that he’s planning to tant to all you credit crunch car crash victims - it’s cheap!
three words to describe
a-list luxe pad. Other red carpet spend no less then £5,000,000
3) To burn calories (the
glamsters who have taken a liking on a pad here. I can see it now
sheer effort of stand- Rihanna’s new single from
to London living include P. Diddy Guestlist Networkers - 50 Cent
ing upright is enough to
(owning a property priced at and Danny Dyer becoming best
double the metabolic rate. Summer
her album ‘Rated R’. Writ-
ten by Ne-Yo, this shows a
around £25million!!!!) and Gwen mates and hitting the west end
Result!) Of course, where would we be with out it…not at Besti-
much darker, experimental
Steffani (£4million). London is bar scene as a bad boy duo!
val or Pukkelpop that’s for sure. 2009’s late-in-the-year sum-
getting big hype from a lot of Maybe 50 Cent’s massive invest-
4) To bring vibes (and
mer has meant the cheeks of The Guestlist Network are still
side to her music and
wealthy stars who are contribut- ment is gonna single-handedly
even have a skeaky skank)
slightly warm with the glow of the sun. Even with Christmas
shows her growth as an
ing to it´s ever increasing glam defeat the credit crunch and carry
rearing its cheeky face, our heads are still too intoxicated with artist. This slow-burning
popularity. this country back in to the warmth 5) To show off your outfit
the hazy summer vibe to think of little else.
ballad talks about the
proving he’s cheap only by name.
of a centrally heated, 3 bedroom
emotions you go through
This gesture of extravagance
Although it’s not the first time maisonette for the winter.
seems to capture the current
celebs have been keen to invest HAZAR FOR FIDDY!
Great Vibes
whilst playing a deadly
game of Russian roulette.
climate for the hot American
in English property. Apparently
Remember everyone, things might look a bit down A surefire hit!
according to top estate agents a
sometimes but we all know that all you need is to be happy,
a little bit happy. The Guestlist Network is looking forward to
classic keyboard synths. It starts 4. Dizzee Rascal
meeting even more of you lovely people over the next year.
off slow, and in the end, becomes - Dirtee Cash
Can’t wait for the good times you guys! 2. Master Shortie
a mad club banger! Definitely one The fourth single from his new
- Bringing It Back
to get your glow sticks out to! album has Dizzee rapping in his
This up and coming British rapper
trademark flow, warning of the
treats us to an electronic dance
dangers of spending all your mon-
throwback to the 1980s for his
ey. It samples the 1990s Stevie V
new single. Reminiscing about
track ‘Money Talks’ to great effect
such 80s programmes like ‘Dirty
with Dizzee detailing the gritty real-
Dancing’ and ‘Thundercats’, he
ity of living in East London.
literally brings it back for a new
generation. A great track by a star
5. Kano
in the making!
- Rock N Rolla
This new single from Kano sees
3. Calvin Harris
him taking his flow into Autotune
- Flashback
dance territory to great effect.
This new single from Calvin Harris
It’s a new direction for him and it
takes us back to the early 1990s
suits him. It’s a banging track with
dance scene with a great dance
electronic keyboards, synths and a
beat, a catchy hook and some
machine gun drum beat.
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