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The Star of last months
news: The BBC.
Seb Roskell

From the mean streets of Brooklyn comes The
Notorious B.O.N.G. Designed by those ‘makers
of the World’s finest’ RED-EYE. Each Bong is
custom made and stands 45cm tall. They are
blown and hand worked giving a seamless
appearance and making each one totally unique.
MOUTHPIECE: Polished anodized aluminium
giving a smooth feeling and good seal.
BLING: Chrome plated copper stamped
charm with a 2mm cubic zirconia embedded.
DIAMOND: The Bling Bong logo has a 5mm
cubic zirconia man made diamond embedded.
DIFFUSER: Anodized aluminium with rubber
bung and six holes for diffusion for a
smoother smoke.
BOWL: Polished anodized aluminium lift
off bowl.
BASE: Polished and chrome plated aluminium
base with lazer etching and rubber bumper ring.
Anti-BNP protesters
Available online from
So the dust of heated public de- lowing deeply and sweating. He’s tance to tackle the BNP head-on,
bate has settled. The assembled wrong and he doesn’t even know it. and in public. They don’t really want
throngs of tenacious, admirable, yet Factually, historically, statistically (I to because we’re coming up to an

hysterical anti-fascism protesters could carry on) wrong. Repeatedly. election. Their PR departments are
have disbanded. Nick Griffins has The BNP would have us believe going to have to go into hyper-drive
been spirited out of the back door that we are broken (as would the to deal with all the doddery old farts
of BBC Television centre by his tabloids) and the anti-fascist pro- getting themselves into a lather,
phalanx of trained bricks, no doubt testers would compare us to post spluttering into their Earl Grey and
bound for one of his constituency war Germany. Ridiculous. I say we giving us all some classic sound
strongholds where he will crawl are privileged. We live in a prosper- bite action.
into a corner to wallow in sweaty ous Britain, not despite immigration The leading issue for me though,
self-pity. but because of it. A free and demo- throughout all this, is nothing to
Did anyone seriously think he was cratic Britain. We strive to bring the do with the BNP, don’t even give
going to be able to incite enough brightest and best from all over the them a second thought. In fact, in
racial hatred to fuel a repeat of the world. We lead the field in the arts the words of my editor - ‘fuck ‘em’.
Brixton riots, or more recently the and our service industries. Despite Journalistic responsibility, our free-
Bradford riots? That he was going a global recession we are still a dom to protest, our freedom of ex-
licensed head shop | lifestyle accessories
to be able to mount any sort of po- force to be reckoned with interna- pression and most importantly our
tent argument for the deportation tionally. In diplomacy we are hotline freedom to exist without fear. These
from legal highs to souvenir seeds,
of everyone other than the indig- important. are all much more important.
enous population of Great Britain? Here are a few points to leave you we sell everything to suit your needs.
Indigenous? Has no one told the The problem with the BNP, as I with something to think about.
BNP that white British are actually mentioned before, isn’t the party The Equality and Human rights
largely descended from French and itself - it’s the uncomfortable truth Commission could have got the
Scandinavians, not post ice age of the people that vote for it. 61% BNP to change its constitution 10%
Neanderthals. We don’t have an of BNP voters are males of the low- barring non-whites years ago. Why
anthropological equivalent to the est paid and least skilled category. didn’t it? Did political forecasters
Aborigines. It was a bit cold here These are people who are disen- seriously not see this coming? If

for that. franchised. Ignored. Hideously they are unlawful constituently how
Make no mistake, the BNP were ut- under-educated (and I mean bor- are they viable for parliament in the
spend over
terly entitled to their invite from the dering on illiterate) and, most im- first place?

BBC to appear. We may not like it. portantly, scared witless at the cur- When Thatcher banned Sinn Fein online
We may find the idea repulsive but rent climate they find themselves in. from the airwaves in the eighties
Griffin was elected in the North- Major Parties continue to ignore the the liberal left (utterly correctly)
west to European parliament in needs of these people. condemned this political censor-
June - he garnered nearly 1 million ship repeatedly and fiercely. They
votes. This isn’t electoral chump The issue is a real need to have a saw the importance in the right to
change. This is a real seismic shift public debate between the three free speech.
and blatantly an after-effect of mass major parties. Over the last year the
disillusionment with labour, the re- Home Office granted two million The BBC has been victimised time
cent expenses scandal and their work visas, with no way of work- and time again for standing for free
reluctance to tackle key vote win- ing out if anyone went back. That’s speech and impartiality - why? All
ning issues, more of which later. pretty shockingly bad governance. of our newspapers now flout their
This is something that’s needs to Schoolboy one might say. I can political support openly. The Sun
Pipes | Bongs | Grinders | Skins | Blunts | Shisha | Snuff | Rolling Machines
be out in the open and given our full understand why people would be may well win the election for Cam-
Scales | Flavoured Skins | Test Kits | Ash Trays | Souvenir Seeds | Stash Tins
attention. worried, and not about the level of eron. Why aren’t we defending the
People talked of journalistic re- immigration, but in the poorness BBC, not attacking it? The BBC Spend £25 online and Receive 10% Discount
sponsibility, that to give the BNP of our governments organisational World Service is the envy of the
this sort of public forum is to give skills. Have the debate out in the world over. Precisely because it
Offer valid from November 5th 2009 to January 31st 2010.
them legitimacy. Who came away open and the BNP would simply doesn’t pick sides. You may not like
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SKUP0001 at
with anything other than disdain disintegrate. freedom of speech but it is a central
and pity for Griffin and his collec- The problem is the big 3 don’t really tenement of democracy. It was Vol-
tion of bitter twisted zealots? Grif- want to have the debate on immi- taire that said, ‘I may not agree with
Bexleyheath Store: 0208 304 0444 or Brighton Store: 01277 601140
fin is their totem. Their poster boy. gration (witness Jack Straw trying what you say, but I will defend to the
Offer valid for all orders placed through the online shop between November 5th 2009 until January
Their acceptable face. He spent to squirm his way out of it on Ques- death your right to say it’.
31st 2010. The promotional code SKUP0001 entered during checkout will entitle the buyer to a 10% discount for all orders
the evening visibly wincing, swal- tion Time) and hence their reluc-
placed worth over £25.00 GBP. Registered Company address: Uk Skunkworks, 52 Avenue Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7
4EG, VAT Registration number: 942 8844 895, Registered Company number: 05152399, Registered in England and Wales
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