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Music complex. Built for sound
Killa Kela Amplified!
Album Launch
It was a cold rainy
the air conditioner and the pa
was checked while I was there.
night. The kind of night “If you need anything I’m at the 30th September, Hoxton Square Bar

50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct NOV 16TH

Lil’ Wayne – Rebirth DEC 15TH
you wouldn’t throw your
desk, just ask” the guy said. I
and Kitchen by Tom Turnbull
pet cat out into.
had to sit down.
It started as an itch and end-
The long anticipated new album from The long anticipated wait of Weezy’s new album has been marked
ed like an open sore!
Fiddy is coming soon! I was under the by a front page of the man himself on The Rolling Stone magazine.
I’m not used to being treated like a
The guitarist in my band had Killa Kela, once a shining
impression that he was taking a long Can’t get any bigger than that! Lil’ Wayne has also been named as #2
human being in these places. I look
found a new place to rehearse light of British hip hop, and
vacation in the Bahamas hitting up the on MTV’s hottest MC’s in the game. The new album features ‘Prom
around. SM58s, decent drumkit and
in Deptford, south east London - along with Rahzel and Ken-
Pina Colada’s. Then, I heard ‘Crime Queen’ and ‘Hot Revolver’. The title of #2 may just be knocked up a
amps. Something’s not right. Then it
and that’s where I was headed. I ny Muhammed - one of the
Wave’. There is a six minute long movie notch to Number 1 once this drops! This isn’t all Lil’ Wayne has been
hit me. My feet aren’t sticking to the
found the place just off Deptford world’s premier beat-box-
music video to accompany the hot track. working on the lab. To mark Halloween this year, Weezy launched a
carpet. I needed a cigarette.
Broadway, a black fronted build- ers, is now just a shadow of
The video alone had a release date of new mixtape on Young Money’s website http://www.weareyoungmon-
ing. It looked ominous. I go back out to reception where his former self.
the 26th October. Why does the video where you can download it for FREE!
a sign says “Smokers, please use
The moment Kela walked
have a separate release date? Because
I buzzed and waited. The door the roof terrace”. The guy tells me on stage I couldn’t help but
the shit is hot! The single itself ‘Crime
unlocked and I went in. A cheery where to go. I tackle the stairs and think of Chris Morris’s por-
Wave’ does not have a release date yet
greeting took me by surprise. walk into a large room with pool trayal of Shoreditch’s finest
but, I suspect that 50 Cent wants to tantalize us before throwing it out

Drake – Thank Me Later FEB 2010
I told the person behind the table, football table, comfy chairs plonker, Nathan Barley. He
as a proper single. Another track off the album features Ne-Yo, ‘Baby by
counter what I was there for and and a big television. Outside is a has the same smug nature,
Me’. Kelly Rowland blesses the video with a home maker role with Fiddy.
Following the last mixtape, ‘So Far Gone’ and a leg injury,
not only was I taken to the room large flat roof with some shelter the same desperately ‘cool’
If these two tunes are a solid basis to go by, the album promises head
Drake is working on the next album. Guests that are said to
but I was shown how to work against the rain. To be continued. persona and the same reek-
De La Soul. The tunes from the al-
bangers for the winter.
be involved in the new hip hop fusion of greatness are The
ing unlikeability. bum were at best mediocre and at
Dream, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Young Jeezy…literally the
Army Navy
Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s a worst, cringe-worthy. The ‘covers’ of
list goes on and on. Jay said it on ‘A Star is Born’ Blueprint 3.
very talented man. I can’t beatbox others were only marginally better.
“Drake’s up next. See what he do wit it…” He’s doing it well
Clipse – Til the Casket Drops DEC 8TH
for sh*t and have respect for any- I’ve heard “Put Your Hands Up For
big! ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Successful’ were certified bangers!
one who can. And he most cer- Detriot” one too many times already;
I wasn’t too sure about the rapping and R&B flow but, it does
This newbie isn’t set to drop for awhile
tainly can. However, there’s a big I could live without hearing the quasi-
work. Feb 2010 is a way off so, let’s sit tight and see what
Sarah Kante
but, it just means that there is more
difference between being able to beatbox remix. I can only speculate
Drake is going to do with it!
time to put together some change for
beatbox and being able to entertain as to why he’s fallen so far: Is it a case this set. I haven’t heard anything from
same. it gives you an idea of what it might (the movie) and we were trying to a crowd with it. It’s a solitary game, of ‘too much, too young’? Possibly. Clipse in a long while. The twins’ last
Heading down to
Ben: That’s a fair play, but the Lib- be like, even for a punkier song, you figure out when to get the record so much of the onus is on one per- Did he believe the hype? Probably. album was way back in 2006 so, it’s
Rick Ross – Teflon Don SPRING 2010
Pure Groove record
ertines are just incredible. But the can tell on acoustic guitar. And then out. They have millions to spend son; being a likeable chap is para- Did ‘The Lifestyle’ get the better of been a long time coming! ‘I’m Good’
store to check the first
fact is we do, collectively, listen to a we go into rehearsal space and on publicity, and we have very mount. It’s on this count that he fails him? On this evidence, almost defi- sees them neatly back into the rap Rick Ross sets the topic for spring 2010: Criminality. The alias of
lot of British music. We grew up on start banging it out. Sometimes it little. So we thought we were go- so miserably. This, of course, could nitely. Still, at least his bird is a buff game. A bit of production from Phar- ‘Teflon Don’ is used to pay homage to the infamous John Gotti –
gig of the evening. An
Teenage Fanclub, Suede… Actual- will come together like that, some ing to release it at the exact same be overlooked if the standard of his ting, and I suppose that’s what re- rell on this joint and a few others on the boss of the crime family Gambino. It is reported that another
unexpected early arrival
ly, Justin could fill in that question. songs it will be like oh, this is so fast time, because they were promoting music had remained high. Sadly it ally matters…I left disappointed and the album will definitely ensure suc- function of the album is to make a stand against 50 Cent’s most
found me having a ciga-
Justin just came back from the bar and it will make sense and certain it, people were going to hear the hasn’t. It was easy to forget (for me slightly irritated. I was determined cess. It’s an unsaid rule! There is even recent allegations in their ongoing feud. Let’s hope it’s a promi-
rette outside the shop.
where he was in deep conversation songs we will work on for a long, song, see the movie, hear about us at least, not for him: like I said, we’re to look at the positives of the show a remix of this track that features the ‘Bawse’ Mr. Rick Ross. The album nent stand in this beef otherwise we may not hear a close to it
Soon, joined by Louie
with a fellow drinker. long time, months and months be- and it’s extra promotion. Because talking smugness personified) this but when the lights came on and the sees guest appearances from Kanye West, Keri Hilson and Cam’ron. anytime soon…
Ben: We’re doing multitasking. Eat- fore it clicks together. And then we it’s our own label, we were able is the same man who’s performed night was over, I found very few. Production is varied too which has helping hands from The Neptunes,
and Doug, both relaxed ing, drinking and talking. The Liber- come back to it. You know, some to say here is our timeline, and we with Prince, Pharrell Williams and
Shame. DJ Khalil and Sean C.
and smiling, I have a
tines, you know… days, we might not be in the feel for got it mapped out, we don’t have to
good feeling about
Justin: Not really an influence. I lis- that song and then, it’s just layering deal with anyone telling us when to
these guys. We soon
ten to them , but… so you get to a certain point when get it out.
you add harmonies, you add cer-
settle in the upstairs
S: And your influences in general? tain parts that weren’t there, it’s just S: And you also have freedom when
Interview with Scratch Royalty -
pub of Buffalo Bar….
building, building, building. it comes to creativity.
Justin: A lot of English music. Grow-
ing up I listened to a lot of English S: You guys really give something Justin: That’s right. We’re not about
bands. I was really into The Smiths, to the audience on stage, so the to let some arrogant guy tell us
DJ Qbert
Without any connections to the and my friend gave me a stolen cas- audience just responds. how to fucking make our songs.
US army, Army Navy is the band sette of The Queen is Dead, when I Through our label, we want to have
to watch, the band to listen to, and was in 7th or 6th grade. Justin: Right, we try to get this sort as much control as possible. You
Anyone who has an appreciation for Hip Hop, turntable mad-
yes, the band to follow. Louie A stolen cassette? You were of layered and pretty record, and know, there is millions of bands and
hanging out with the wrong kids. you don’t want the live performance everything is so fickle, by the time
ness and talented, boundary-bashing DJs will be familiar with
Justin: No, he stole a bunch of to be the record, we want to have a band is popular, if you don’t hear
Sarah: How did you guys meet? cassettes from a record store. the energy. something new from them, the peo- the old-skool scratch master.
He was this hip hop kid, he had ple will move on to the next band.
Doug: I met these guys on Craig- a Talking Heads’ tape and The S: Yeah, like the broken drums… (in
slist, it’s a website. Queen is Dead. I hated the Talk- reference to the Pure Groove show S: Hence the October/February
couldn’t believe that I had made
won and it’s always a hard deci-
Ben: There is an other one too you ing Heads’ tape but The Queen is earlier that evening) timeline?
After he head-
it that far in the world’s most
sion to make, but lots of great DJs
have, it’s called Gumtree. Dead, I listened to it for ever. And lined a “Super
prestigious DJ competition!
who didn’t enter shoulda entered
I met Justin first, through a friend of then, Suede, especially the first 2 Justin: Exactly. You know, we work Justin: Exactly. Obviously we want
this year. Hopefully that one sp
a friend, he passed me his demos records, even though I like the other really hard to sound tight, so that to have as strong a record as pos-
Jam” medley of the
Any words of wisdom
cial DJ will enter the next one. for the young budding
and I had been working with a drum- ones too, Stone Roses, Jesus and when we go to a show, we can sort sible, so if we don’t feel like we’re
best DJs past and
You were asked to retire
from the Championships
DJs out there watching
mer for a while, so I brought him in, Mary Chains; Teenage Fanclub is of let it loose and fucking have the there, we’ll push it back. But I think present at the DMC in 1993 after winning it
What sums up quintes- the DMCs from afar and
and then he had worked with Louie one of my favourite bands. Every energy and have that connection we have enough great songs to
before, so he brought in Louie. And record of theirs is good, no matter with the audience. make it a strong record.
World Champion-
three years in a row, and
sential London for you
dreaming of one day
then, he got really rich and famous, what.
ship’s in London
because your track record
in terms of the DJ music
claiming the accolade
kind of, as a screenwriter, and had S: What about the second record By which time, some friends of the in September, The
was intimidating the other
scene here and how it is
that is being crowned
viewed elsewhere around
to leave our band because… S: What is your writing process? you were talking about at the Pure band walked into the pub, and the
Doug: Not Louie. Groove store; when is it coming interview came to an end. Which
Guestlist Network’s
teams - what does the
competition mean to you
the world?
the DJ World Champi-
Louie: We wish. Justin: I write the songs on acoustic out? is not a problem as the guys were
Nia Aronoffsky
on a personal level and
Ben: We’d be staying in a much guitar, the melodies, and the lyrics kind enough to put up with me for got the lowdown
how your career has pro-
The UK is an automatic place
bigger flat if we had made as much are always coming at the end; even Justin: Well, we’re probably going the whole evening, and I got more
for great bands to be found in
money as Josh did. certain songs that we are playing to release the first record in the UK from drinking beers with them that
on the world-re-
almost any genre... I mean, like
Ben: Exactly. Actually, that drum- and working on for the record right in October. We will come back over I could ever have from a recorded
nowned competi-
Competition makes you wanna
the Beatles, Zepplin, Hendrix’s
rt Printing
mer, Josh had known Doug too, so now aren’t completely done. But I to work on that. The American one questions/answers chat. The live tion, and talked be better than the next man, and
band, etc. The energy there is ...The 8 command-
he suggested Doug. usually write it on acoustic guitar, is still going, so the main idea was energy Justin was talking about at
mainly about good music and not
Doug: After I told him too. record it and put it on the computer to get that record out and start tour- the pub was greatly demonstrated
technique from the
most important, it makes you be-
ments of scratching
too much commercialism!
according to DJ Qbert:
Ben: Oh really? That’s funny, I didn’t and email it to these guys, even if ing and then start working on new when they took up the Buffalo Bar
man dubbed The
come better than you previously
were before... Ever since I discov-
know that. it’s just a part of the song I’m work- material. We have a producer and stage. It was a real treat to see Jimi Hendrix of the ered this, I continually imagine I’m
Is there anyone in par- 1. Follow your inner ear, see the
5. Swing it/make it funky “It ain’t no thing if it ain’t got that swing” - old
ing on. Then we take it to practice, he’s excited about it and we want them having so much fun on stage;
S: Your sound is not a sound I and the idea, the rhythm, the feel, to work on it, we have a bunch of they just made you want to throw
in a DJ battle for the rest of my life
ticular you are finding
sound and color in your 3rd eye
jazz saying.
and I’m having a great time learn-
inspiring/one to watch-
& say it before you play it.
6. Play the turntable like a musical instrument/ be dynamic/ change
would associate with American you know… new material, you know, so we’ve some crazy moves and jump up
music. You remind me of the early already started recording. Hope- and down. They also made me
This year marked the 25th
ing to grow with my art! out for, London-based or
2. Practice, practice, practice,
rhythms, pitches & tempos etc.
50 x 1 colour shi
Libertines. S: You basically just jam it at prac- fully, the second record will be re- want to smile, as their music is not
anniversary of the DMC In your opinion, did the
elsewhere in the world of
then practice again. But don’t
7. Make it rhyme like poetry and realize space is a sound too as zero
only £175
tice? And it comes to a song? leased in February, that’d be great, only catchy, it has a playful, youthful
World DJ Championships - right DJs win on the night
be hard on yourself & always
is a number. The balances and opposites live together and come full
be gentle.
circle. “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so
Louie: Too many of their songs because it’ll be fast. We’ll see if we feel which mean you just can’t get what is your most strik- this year? Were there some
Besides all the top names, I just 3. Learn to stay fit so you
that the necessary may speak” ~ Hans Hofmann
sound the same. Justin: Yeah, and every one just write can make it happened. enough. They won me over without ing/show-stopping DMC surprises that you noted,
got really impressed the most by have a clear mind for cosmic
8. Continue to grow in wisdom / always be open to learn new tech-
Ben: The Libertines are fucking their own bits around just the simple The thing about having our own la- trying. So, baby Libertines? No,
emory? or was word on the under-
these guys as of lately: DJ Vajra, inspiration!
niques, ideas, combos/study musicians & music theory. Knowledge is
awesome. Louie doesn’t under- melody. I think it’s a really nice way bel is that it’s up to us; we don’t re- fully grown Army Navy.
stand Libertines. of doing it because I just give the ally have to follow anything. We had
Probably winning 1st place in
ground simply confirmed?
Rafik, & Woody from the UK! 4. Use your emotion and the
Also some guys in Japan have skratch will follow, so let go &
Louie: I like the Libertines. But I do bones. It’s usually me singing gib- the first record done and we got on
the US DMC 1991 Chicago! I
A few of the top guys I voted for been tearing it up hard core! have fun with your soul.
think most of their songs sound the berish lyrics on acoustic guitar but the soundtrack of Nick and Norah
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