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Lionel Sinclair,DABCH MCA Hyp
DO YOU want to lose weight?
DO YOU want to feel better about yourself? Japandroids live at White Heat
DO YOU want to stop comfort eating or bingeing?
DO YOU want a new relationship with food? Japandroids’ loud, drums be loud. A brilliant album going Who knew Canadian guys ing around like a young Mick
infused album Post Nothing is from making you want to tap were so Shoreditch? Playing for Jagger, Brian King yelled and
If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, then working with the noisy garage rock album your feet (Rockers East Vancou- the first time in Europe, Japan- shouted while David Prowse
hypnosis can provide a safe and drug free way to resolve that would have pissed your ver, Young Hearts spark fire) to droids were loud and unstop- drummed us deaf.
your weight issues. Everyone knows that diets don’t work. parents off if you were still liv- making you want to jump and pable. Fitting in White Heat Playing songs from their brilliant
Sure – you can lose weight, but once the diet stops, back ing with them. This drums/guitar maybe, only maybe get a little perfectly with their skinny jeans Post Nothing album as well as
goes the weight. Research has shown that yo-yo dieters duo makes noise for ten, and aggressive (Sovereignity), Post- rolled up to the ankle, the duo their new single, Japandroids
generally put on more than they have lost within a year after with influences like The Stooges Nothing is definitely the album looked good, sounded good were the band to check out this
the end of a diet. Hypnosis helps you to lose weight easily (particularly on Heart Sweats to get if you feel the rock scene and certainly gave the packed month. They will hopefully come
by using the power of your subconscious mind. I am able and Crazy/Forever), those Ca- at the moment is too pop, too venue an exemplary gig. Danc- back to London as soon as our
to help you replace the negative eating habits that you have nadians know exactly how to lovely and too quiet.
developed and replace them with new and more positive
choices. With these new choices, comes the commitment
and motivtion to change.
Discovery of the Month:
You will also want to increase your exercise, which helps
Lee and Willbee,
to accelerate your weight loss and also tone your body. If
ìNorth Carolinaî
For more events visit
you are struggling with weight loss, hypnosis can provide (Lost In The Woods)
you with the motivation and determination to change your
old relationship with food. It enables you to achieve your
Lee and Willbee, are Lee Chame-
goals and you will, with my help, re-educate your own sub-
leon, and Markus Willbee and the
conscious mind, which is the part that created the old eating
2 of them alongside producer Pat-
habits and allows you to choose what you want to eat. Per-
rick Roche have created a delicate
manent weight loss occurs only when it becomes a lifestyle
and rich tapestry of heartfelt lush-
change. Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals in a safe
ness. Combining country, folk, rock,
and easy way. I must emphasise that my weight loss con-
electronic with beautifully written
trol method is not a diet, but creating new eating habits that
songs of despair, hopelessness,
you are comfortable to live with and once you have reached
love, and faith all this is underpinned
your goal target weight loss, you will be able to maintain it.
with some truly spellbinding vocals,
You know the reasons for maintaining a healthy weight which
gorgeous harmonies and the sort of
comes with the added bonus of not only looking and feeling
songs you want to play to everyone
better, but promotes general good health.
you know. It all adds to render ìNorth
Carolinaî their recently released de-
but album a most pleasurable and
Album of the Month: The Drums
gratifying experience.
´Summertime´ EP (Moshi Moshi)
The Drums first hit a monster tain innocent charm, confidently
wave with the insanely (some deliver "Summertime" a 7 track
might say stoopidly) catchy ìLets EP of essential sing-a-long radio
Go Surfingî an addictive slice of pleasing surfer indie-rock and
sun drenched Beach Boys type pop of the highest order. In equal
pop with itís whistle-while-you- measures each track diversely
work refrains. As a follow up and displays an exciting shower-fresh
a prelude to a fully loaded album brand of feel good sonics that is
release earmarked for 2010 this completely and utterly invigorat-
newly formed band with a cer- ing.
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