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albums of the month
Entrepreneur / Editor
Samson Hill
Your very own king of raving
since back in the day! A real
In the last few weeks we’ve had scared of potatoes and hair.”
ideas-man, Mr. Positive is the
2. Mr Hudson
quite a few mad parties and noth-
man to know if you want to have - Straight No Chaser
a wicked (& free!) night out!
ing brings around a mad party like Russels bird was preparing
Kanye West’s protegé has come
Kid Cudi
Halloween. For some reason the an out fit with a twist for the night.
out with an album which is very
- Man on the Moon
excuse of getting dressed up to the “TONIGHT I’M GONNA BE
British in its sound, vocals, and
Sales Queen
nines and spook people for a laugh SOMETHING OBNOXIOUS...
electronic beats. It shows a sheer
This debut release
brings out something develish in besides myself of course.” Katy
The biggest and happiest smile,
eclecticism throughout and real en-
us. We’ve taken a look at some of Perry tweets.
she always brings the sunshine thusiasm. It all feels very genuine
from Kid Cudi shows him
in your day! taking hip-hop into a dif-
our favorite celebs tweets to see
and he shows a real intelligence in
what they’ve been getting up to “Halloween was scary” Obvi-
Your 3 most favourite things…
his songwriting. A real star to look ferent stratosphere with
during the ghoulish season, and if ously Alesha Dixon and Mr Brand
Travelling to beautiful countries, out for.
shopping and my daughter
some minimalist electro
anything went bump in the night. weren’t at the same party then. Kensy.
hip-hop beats.
We all know that Russel Brand Tim Westwood shows some
probably loves a bit of a party and love a sends a big “shout to all my Club listings / MD
It takes listeners on an
almost definitely getting dressed ladies out there trickin tonite!”
emotional rollercoaster
up, but this is one man who’s cer-
1/2 Swiss, 1/2 Italian and the
Queen of Electro & Minimal!
ride through his imagi-
tainly not afraid of the dark. “Skel- We love a big holla! Cheers native mind. He has a
etons and pumpkins aren’t actu- Tim. So if want to send us some
Your 3 favourite things…
ally scary, just bone scaffold and love, give a tweet to
Sun, Passoa Orange & House
sound of his own and it
a vegetable. You might as well be @guestlistdotnet
looks like he’s going to
take it really far.
Indie Content Manager 3. Whitney Houston
Our beautiful Indie queen is
5. Master Shortie
going to bring you all the top
- I Look to You
- A.D.H.D.
updates and news of the genre
This is Whitney’s long awaited bum and you can feel the emotion edgy image she’s already cut out for
Master Shortie is a funky fresh new
comeback album which has been from her. Let’s hope she stays in the herself on recent tracks like Distur-
artist and this debut release keeps
Your 3 most favourite things… years in the making after a lot of per- game now! bia and Russian Roulette, enlisting
Music, fashion and food
up with this bouncy energy. He
sonal troubles which we all know the help of such people as Jay-Z,
boasts a perfectly functional flow
about. It’s good to hear her voice 4. Rihanna Kanye West, Pharrell and Justin
full of zest, and a poppy, electro-
Hello friends, How are you? I hope that your pages you are sure to find all that you need
Design Team
again, even though it’s not as good - Rated R Timberlake to name a few. There’s
tinged line in retro hip-hop. The al-
October was filled with as many great vibes to make this November special!
Manuel Cirja - Art Director/ Con-
as it used to be. It’s a balanced set This much anticipated release from no reason why this album shouldn’t
bum uses a lot of authentic claps,
cept design
of songs which she does well with. Rihanna promises to be a crack- keep Rihanna as one of the hottest
as ours! We have been up to our usual We catch up with Mr C, DJ Qbert, we have
James Mcnellan - Designer
kick drums and guitar heroics.
tricks, you may have seen mad charts and stupid advice that I im-
Michael Medaglia - Designer
She puts her heart out on this al- ing one. She’ll be sticking with the female artists in music right now.
A breath of fresh air!
us swinging around in plore you not to take! We also
Swerve @ Ruby Lo with start dealing with some is- Assistant Editors
DJ Fabio and friends. (Fi- sues and explore the won-
William Benn
nally we have it so the bar Kicking off the ders of London while listen-
Esther King
Weird News Stories
never closes on us ;) You
Head Intern
know how we do on every
party season
ing to our crazy playlist! Not
forgetting all the flyers AND Pauline Marcellin
Wednesday! Other big
We have been up
our new listings for all the
parties were Renegade
Hardware, Hospital-
to our usual tricks, you
best parties coming up and
Berry Salisbury
ity, True Playaz, Breaking
may have seen us swing-
much much more! Whew
Hannah Goodman
Science, Replay and you
ing around in Swerve @
Gemma Hurst
may have seen us at Dead
Ruby Lo with DJ Fabio
Keep this paper with you be-
Prez @ Koko… If you
and friends. (Finally we
cause you can use it every
time you need to de-stress!
Martha Cooper-Thorn
didn’t catch these amaz-
have it so the bar never
! ;) RJ
ing artists with something closes on us ;) You know Now you have in your hands
Samson Hill
to say then you missed how we do on every the ultimate guide to going
Kameran Asaadi
something special. We
Joe Le Groove
Bloody Good Unhappy Meals Father, Gun and
out and having fun in Lon-
Sam Collenette
Work Detective… Holy Spirit
should know we brought don, no more excuses! The William Benn
them here last time. Of Guestlist Network in your life
Carlos Hurworth
Here’s something to get your When Kelvin Baines decided
course there is no party like a Guestlist Net- this November in 3 words : fun fun fun !!!
Thomas O’brien
When an armed robber walks
work party so you better get prepared for
Nia Aronoffsky
teeth into: an Australian has been to auction his record-breaking into a bank looking for cash the last
Kamran Assadi
convicted of armed robbery after collection of 7,500 Happy Meal thing you expect them to find is God.
Miami 2010 more info inside. Wow! Did we Ninette Osei Wilson
his DNA was matched to blood toys on e-bay he hoped to recoup But this is exactly what happened
really party that hard! Well it doesn’t stop.
Michael Cimino
in a leech found at the scene of nearly £10,000, but he was left when Gregory Smith tried to hold
November looks set to kick off the winter Editor
Catherine Balavage the crime. DNA samples from more than a little disappointed. up a bank in Indianapolis. Mid-way
party season in style and over these next The Guestlist network
Rose Cooper-Thorne the leech were taken back in The expected McFlurry of interest through his attempted robbery Smith
Bling Crosby
2001, but it wasn’t until Peter never materialised and instead his broke down and began crying, and
Charlene Davies
Alec Canon was charged with valued collection failed to attract
Alexa Downing
before long was praying to the man
Sophie Eggleton
drug offences in 2008 that police even a single bid. upstairs for forgiveness. But God
Sarah Kante
managed to make the connection. The experience may have left moves in mysterious ways, and despite
Hannah Nedas
Canon subsequently admitted some with a chip on their shoul- discussing religion at length with one
Seb Roskell
the charges and pleaded guilty der, but Kelvin has refused to employee his soul searching didn’t
DJ Skitz to the robbery, and can now look become disheartened. He has stop him stealing her phone before he
Tom Turnbull forward to many happy years in now decided to hold onto the col- left. He did however turn himself in to
Emma Waight
prison. (Locked away in a blood lection, claiming it will be a super the authorities after his mother saw the
cell, presumably…) size ‘investment’ for his small fries. CCTV footage on TV. Ahh, bless…
Casey Baker
Charlene Davies
Top Ten Reasons to Get a New Boyfriend
1. The last wasn’t good enough. 2. He was getting more expensive then your hampster. 3. Give someone
else a piece of your sweet lovin’. 4. More presents for christmas. 5. Theres always that other guy on fa-
Peter Berg
cebook you liked. 6. Bettering mankind one boyfriend at a time. 7. The old one gave you a toothbrush for
your birthday. 8. Your hairdresser told you too. 9. You forgot the old ones name. 10. Change of season...
change of boyfriend
Top Ten Reasons to Get a New Girlfriend
1. It is always better at the beginning. 2. You might get some nicer food. 3. She might wear matching
underwear. 4. A change is as good as rest. 5. You accidently called her by your mothers name last night
6. The next one could be your wife. 7. Your bored. 8. You need excitement in your life and cheating is not
nice. 9. Cus this can’t be the last girl your ever gonna be with. 10. Life is short
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