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Let The Right One In ...
DVD review
Four strangers whose real names novate by jumping into uncharted
we never learn (save for one) make waters – they certainly know how
their way across America toward to go all-in with style when they
Your 2nd chance to catch this brilliant modern vampire tale
Set against the
an arbitrary California destination, finally do commit. The blood runs
killing zombies – lots of zombies – thick from the get-go, the entrails on DVD
backdrop of profes-
sional baseball and
along the way. They also work their are splattered from wall-to-wall, and bearing many hallmarks
way out of a jam or two, make as- the camerawork, in particular the
sorted pop culture references, in- surprisingly gorgeous slow-motion
Swedish direc-
of a classic sports story,
Sugar skillfully sidesteps
evitably become friends, have some sequences are genuinely impres-
tor Tomas Alfred-
cliché to tell a far more
gruesome and destructive fun, ran- sive.
domly meet a major film star, have
son’s brilliant,
universal story. That of
some more wacky high-jinks and This Halloween, skip “Saw” and all
visually stunning
the immigrant leaving his Baseball “farm system” - a nice,
friends and family behind folksy moniker for something
a couple of the protagonists might the other self-serious horror-genre
Let The Right One
to seek a better life in a that has more in common with
even share a nice smooch at the crap spraying its way across Lon-
end. don’s cinema screens and take the
In tells the story of
strange and largely un- the sweat shops where Sugar’s
detour to “Zombieland.”
a lonely 12-year-
sympathetic new world. mother spends her days than a
nurturing, instructional develop-
So basically, there’s no plot, we’re
old boy living on a
Peter Berg
ment league.
not given a whole lot of reasons to Peter Berg
care about a set of fairly generic
snowy, lifeless es-
Miguel “Sugar” Santos is a This deliberately low-key, un-
characters and things just sort of…
tate block in rural
twenty-year-old Dominican showy film is driven by outstand-
pitching phenomenon, rising ing performances, impressive
Sweden, and the
up the ranks of the professional cinematography, and an ending
But here’s the thing about all those
dangerous, life-
baseball system from a private that manages to be both uplifting
would-be complaints: no one makes
altering friendship
academy in the Dominican and honest. A rare feat in the
Republic to the USA’s minor world of sports cinema.
or comes to a film called “Zom-
he forges with a
leagues. Sugar’s expressive That said, I wouldn’t have minded
bieland” for original plotting and
narrative complexity. Nuance and
mysterious neigh-
eyes tell the audience every- an inspirational Kevin Costner
subtlety are out the window, and
thing his English can’t as he wit- cameo or an old school baller
nesses a procession of fellow ghost or two running around the
as the film’s lead, Columbus (Jesse Dominican friends get chewed
cornfields. But I guess you can’t
Eisenberg, channeling his nebbish

eter Berg
up by the Major League have everything…
neuroses as usual), says when he
finally learns to live dangerously and
Oskar leads a bleak Groundhog
Playing with her food again?
undo his seatbelt, it’s “freeing.”
Day-type existence until a young
girl, Eli, moves in next door. Eli the loneliness of childhood, the
I’m not saying I want all my films to
spends her days locked inside a pain caused by divorce, and
break free of the shackles that are
boarded up room, only coming how it can be both the scariest
out at night to meet Oskar in the
Layered Scripting and Rich Charac-
and most empowering thing
terization, but for this film, I’ll readily
estate courtyard… or occasion- you’ll ever experience when you
Have a avourite
make an exception. “Zombieland”
ally to sink her teeth into some finally find that special some-
vampire film?
LISTEN UP! Over the the next Network team!!! We go every year but it’s the
simply offers non-stop, ludicrous
late night eats when her guardian one. Let The Right One In is a
6 months we will be giving one It’s so easy to be in with a first time we are taking you!
entertainment by embracing one
fails to bring home dinner. must see for anyone not quite
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lucky reader of The Guestlist chance! Just visit check it out on page 13 it’s go-
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Guestlist website
Network the chance to win a and join the ing to be MASSIVE!!
propriately unkillable zombie genre:
A wonderful, engrossing mix of the final word on vampire youth. and bitch about
free ticket for a trip of a lifetime group then publish the main
macabre laughs.
fairy tale and horror. The film is I’ve given up on my girlfriend,
other people’s
as much about vampires and but perhaps there’s hope for
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Sure, “Shaun of the Dead” did it
the supernatural as it is about the rest of you.
first and there are those who will
undoubtedly remain loyal to its
uniquely British charms. But while
the big studios are admittedly play-
ing catch-up yet again – Hollywood
is rarely the first to take a risk or in-
The X Factor. Quality musical programming
Oct. 23rd Oct. 30th Oct. 30th Nov. 6th Nov. 27th Dec. 11th
Fantastic Mr. Michael Jack- An Education. The Informant. So- New Moon. More Where The Wild
Fox. Retro film son’s This Is It. Sumptuous 1960s derbergh’s brilliant sexy vampires? I’m Things Are. Loving
version of the Dahl Pretty sure this re- Oxford and London corporate satire star- pitching my sweat- adaptation of the
The reality of reality TV, truths were all thinking but not saying
classic. ally is it. romance. ring Matt Damon. pants tent already. children’s classic.

I’m not going to
could make the X factor about us bud Simon’s Bugatti and a punch
(it’d be funnier. Watching those 4 in the face. Poor Leona.
bash the X Factor (well
bicker is like watching pampered rather actually see two pop Mup-
not that hard). I’m just
Gerbils squabbling at a running pets with impossibly bequaffed
a little unclear on it’s
wheel and probably just as intel- hair and red armchair upholstery
ligent).. romper suites do a little jig and shit
purpose and would like
themselves while trying to hit the
to make a few sug-
So every episode a new panel high note in another Boylife song?
gestions. I don’t watch
of judges picked at random from Actually I might pay to see the
the audience. Next week it’s eventual finalist soil themselves in
it the first auditions
retired Civil servant Gordon who their final performance as long as
because I don’t like
has a penchant for Phil Collins they’re suitably vacuous and it’s
seeing the mentally ill,
and a soft spot for Celine Dion not a result of a torturous judge
dismantling a welder called Pete imposed eating regime which in-
chronically underedu-
over his slightly dismaying version volves excessive cabbage binging
cated or the horrifically
of ‘Ooops I did it again’. I’d watch and a tea colonic.
deluded being belittled
that. If I was really bored and I I read today through my daily con-
didn’t have washing up to do. stitutional with the tabloids that Is this really the television of the
or laughed at.
the public isn’t even voting for masses? If such a thing even
When they get to the point where the ‘best’ singers anymore. Is this has to exist are we that far away
Seb Roskell
the contestants aren’t one, because the public has realized from the gladiatorial arena or
It’s very easy to giggle nervously mental, and two, shite (depend- that products of the X factor have the Victorian freak show? We
as some hopeless and utterly ing on your definition) you could about the same shelf life as ched- could rebel. We could dump it
talentless goon belts out yet (He does that to cover the stretch exploitative bits? Why not start wheel in the wicked steptwat the dar and it doesn’t really matter in droves. It’s Saturday night.
another version of ‘I Will walk 500 marks, the grout job and his after you’ve cut the tone death two plastic princesses and their which one wins it anyway? Rather than spending 15 hours
miles’. (Why do people pick that bodged bog brush plug job. He ac- pub scratch and halfway house fairy godfather for the important welded to your sofa sucking back
song anyway)? While snarling tually quite likes The Proclaimers). bait. You or I could do the judg- bits. It’d cost less and that would Or is it because we’re all going Jaffa cakes, getting pissed on
sex toy in ill-fitting trousers Simon ing. Never mind the pop poodle mean that the eventual winner to musical purgatory in the back Blossom Hill, kicking the dog and
Cowell hides his face behind his But is this really entertainment? beauty contest and that lovely would get slightly more than a 6 of a pink stretch limo for crimes squawking at the box you could
perfectly taloned fingers. Why do they show those little gnome called Louis. We month record deal, a ride in best against culture and that we’d just go out.
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