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Plump DJs Q&A
Big Tunes of 09
Joe Le Groove picks the brains of two breaks masters
Well for a 15 years of Metalheadz party, those who did
not show must have had a good dam reason. From clas-
sics to favourites, this night was a steamer that can only
The Guestlist Network
be classed in a league of its own.
has a little chat with these What else would you expect from the godparents of
two gentleman. Some may Drum & Bass? From the
don these guys the grand
moment I entered to the
daddies of Breaks, they
- Why Don’t You
moment I left I was musi-
continue on the up and up
cally satisfied.
in a genre that others may
Let’s just say it took a
criticise to be slowing down.
This beautiful house friend to get me off the
But oh no, nothings stopping
track samples the vocals of
dancefloor!. To be hon-
them as thell tell us all about
Peggy Lee’s “Why Don’t You
est, no matter what venue
you put Metalheadz in
being recieved in America
Do Right” to great effect.
it will be on top of my
and up and coming projects.
It scatters through various nights to go to. Goldie,
It´s enough to make you genres of music like jazz in
Fabio, Randall, John B,
wonder if it´s been a decade its percussion and soul in its
Frost and Storm you
since their first release or
vocals to create an astound-
headz rock!!!
just a couple of weeks!
ing musical journey in one
Plump DJs
It becomes its own unique
style. An astonishing party
Why do you think that you guys
‘Plump DJs Live’ is a little confusing
Bare jokez and ting
have been so consistant over the
and we are unsure of the level of
years with your production and
“It felt like
support there would be for such
What do you call a cheese which doesn’t belong Two cannibals meet in the forest. One says:
an act. Our 4 deck DJ show has
We have a good team and we work
progressed in leaps and bounds
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs breakdown and the searing vocals. bouncy track. The vocals work so well
to you? Nacho Cheese! “Haven’t seen you around for a while.”
“No” said Fred. “I’ve been on holiday.”
hard. Andy and myself have done noth-
we’d bought
over the last year and we hope that
- Heads Will Roll here dipping in and out of the song
What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot “But you’ve lost an arm and a leg, what hap-
ing but Plump for over 10 years now.
it will stand up soon in a live arena.
This sensational treat of disco indie 4. Fake Blood whilst still making the most of the up-
We create in our studio during the
Watch this space...
from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is so sim- - I Think I Like It tempo beats. The way the track keeps Sky have won the rights to show the World Fred looked gloomly and said “That’s the last time
week and play the music we make on
20,000 people
ple in its vocal ability. It grabs the at- This dose of electronic dance is a great evolving and changing direction Origami Championship. I’ll go self catering.”
the weekend.
What have Plump Djs got in
tention of the listener with its bravado through the various types of percus-
The only problem is there putting it on paper view.
a drink”
store for 2010?
and its light hazy dance edge. The sion used here is just astonishing. A
Hear about the transvestite who was keen on a
You guys from day one have been
We are launching a record label
percussion gets your toes tapping magnificent slice of electro-breaks!
Taxi driver: Could you look out and see if my side night on the town. He wanted to eat, drink and be
making phat tunes but why are you
called Grand Hotel which we will
and helps build it up to a crescendo
indicators are working? Mary!
Passenger: Yes, no, yes, no, yes…
called the Plump DJs?
use to showcase new talent and
of euphoria, power and feistiness. A 5. Rihanna
We were inspired by top shelf porn mag
Plump productions. We will also be
real catchy bout of indie goodness! - Russian Roulette
called Plumpers. It’s a mag for those who
hosting Grand Hotel events in Lon-
Seductive, melancholy and haunting
like the larger woman. We discovered the
don, around the UK and Worldwide.
3. La Roux are just three words to describe this
magazine by accident after returning from
We are getting back on the remix
- In For the Kill (Skream Remix) song. Written by Ne-Yo, this shows
Glastonbury. We could not get the images
tip having just completed tracks
This colossal No.1 success from La a much darker, experimental side to
out of our head and the word ‘plump’ was
for Dave Spoon and Deadmau5. We
Roux gets a dubstep makeover in the her music and shows her growth as
locked in forever.
will be touring Australia in Feb for
form of this Skream remix. It’s a fitting an artist. This slow-burning ballad
good vibrations and are still riding
remix, the type that takes the original includes some real poignant vocals
What is our most memorable mo-
high after completing our Global
song into an exciting and modern from the Good Girl Gone Bad.
ment djing?
Underground mix.
field. The highlights of it are its heavy
Playing to 20,000 people in Sydney at
bass, the old school drum and bass
the Field Day New Years Day Festival,
You guys produce electronic
in 2001. It felt like we’d bought 20,000
music but a lot of it has soul
people a drink when we dropped our
After wining many awards and
and a much deeper meaning
productions ‘The Gate’ and ‘Scram’ in
making timeless hits is it hard rein-
then just percussion. Where
the setting Aussie sun.
venting your sound?
No not at all. We do not reinvent our
does this come from?
Here at LMZ-UK we like to make you smile, we provide you with
We were both brought up on a
Weird News Stories
What do you think of the state of
sound as a conscious effort. Our sound
mixed diet of Motown, Soul and
all the gifts and gadgets that keep you entertained throughout
clubbing at the moment particu-
develops as a by-product of our quest
Rock and Roll as kids. As teenagers
the day. With a wide variety of products we aim to cater to
larly in the Breaks scene?
to make fresh and exciting new music.
- Hip Hop, as Students - Rave and
It is impossible to generailse about the
It’s such a great feeling to be given an
Indie Music. Our diverse musical
people who enjoy the simple pursuits such as a game of cards
state of clubbing Worldwide for the
award for doing something you love. We
history is one reason for a certain
scenes are as varied and specific as the
are lucky lads.
with friends, to those who enjoy keeping up with the latest tech-
depth in our current productions.
cultures and history of each country.
nological gizmos, and everyone in-between. Whether you're a
We have been lucky enough to perform
What other DJ/Producers do you re-
If you where porn stars what
for the first time in the USA and Canada
spect in the music scene? Carl Cox,
man or a woman, old or young, even cat or dog, we have some-
would your stage names be?
this year and have witnessed great
James Zabelia, Stanton Wariors, Adam
Hammy Nutkins Rascal Page.
thing for you! This alone makes us the perfect buying solution for
support for our music at all of our
Freeland, Meat Katie, Miles Dyson,
shows. Our diary for next year is filling
Chemical Brothers, Loops of Fury and
those "hard to shop" for people!
Nike or Addidas?
up healthily. From where we are sitting
Martin Hortger.
Whatever we can get in a size 13
200 people pass
clubland is as varied and colourful as
Have you guys ever thought about go-
ing down the live band route?
every day with BSM
Ketch Me If You Cutting Edge Walt the F**k??
5 CR
Christmas may be just around Valentino LoSauro is like Swindon has become the first
the corner but one mother and Freddy Krueger meets The Salon. town ever to be twinned with Walt
daughter will be celebrating a But his dreamlike haircuts won’t Disney World. The town beat off
Cringy chat up lines that Whip these bad boys out at the 4. How does Bob Marley like his
little less than usual this year. The haunt your nightmares, so why the stiff competition from others on an
will be a laugh even if it helps Christmas party and you’ll doughnuts?
sauce of their troubles? The aptly comparison? epic shortlist which included Black-
with nothing else! be the coolest guy in the room. Wi’ Jammin
named “Ketchup Bandits”, who The secret lies in his patented pool, Aberdeen, Chester, Milton
Our Top 5 Christmas cracker
stole £4,600 as they left a bank ‘Clawz’ – claw-like razors on his fin- Keynes and Wigan. The accolade
1. Do you have any Raisins? Jokes.... 5. What does Bob Marley say to
in Oxford. gers controlled individually - which was won in part due to 20-year-old
Enter guestlist into the coupon box at checkout to receive FREE
How about a Date his friends when he buys dough-
Far from conventional in their LoSauro claims to have snipped Rebecca Warren’s film highlighting
2. You smell. Want to take a 1. What’s a specimen? nuts?
methods the criminals distracted haircutting times by up to half. Swindon’s beautiful features, includ-
Call 0845 855 0165
delivery on all orders over £50 shower together? An Italian astronaut Hope you
the family by spraying them with Valentino does however admit that ing the infamous ‘Magic Round-
3. (to be said at the office copying like Jammin
Tomato Sauce before snatching “customers are a bit apprehensive about’ - a motorist’s deathtrap
machine) 2. On which side do chickens have too.
their Christmas kitty from out of at first when they see my smiling consisting of five mini-roundabouts
‘Repoducing eh? Can I help?’ the most feathers?
their hands. face with my razor sharp fingers”. in a circle. Warren admitted she
Calls may be recorded and/or monitored.
4. Pardon me, but what pick up The outside.
Let’s just hope the police ketchup Perhaps we should have taken that was shocked when she heard the
line works best with you?
with them soon so they can put Freddy comparison a little more good news but exclaimed that it was
5. Hey babe, how about you and 3. What’s furry and minty?
them where they deserve to be: seriously… “fantastic” once she realised no-one *Calculated using 2007 pass statistics and standard test centre opening days.
me going clubbing; and I dont A polo bear.
be-Heinz bars… was taking the Mickey. The British School of Motoring Limited, Registered Office: Building 2610, The Quadrant, Aztec West Business Park, Bristol BS32 4TR.
mean baby seals!!
Lines open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.
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