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Pyramiddd (FKA Starfucker)
Eastern Eye
Balti House

Samson Hill talks to Pyramiddd
A Swedish phenomenon
Fully Air Conditioned Fully Licensed
bought over by a mother

to please.”
of a crazy toddler who
European road
Now taking
wanted all the slipping
TGN: How did Starfucker
show has come
come about and of course I
and sliding to stop.
to an end but be-
have to ask this how did you
The cute little socks are
first come by the band name
nice and warm and can

fore they saunter
of starfucker.
be thrown in the wash-
Our Chef

off back to Port-
PYMDDD: Josh: “I started over
3 years ago I would turn up to
ing machine.


Don’t worry they’re
land Oregon US events around our town with a
of Brick Lane


of A, I manage to
tape recorder and a set of drums.
Curry Festival
not just for toddlers;

People seemed to like what I was
they come in adult
whisk Josh and
doing so I decided to get some
sizes too. YAY!
Ryan away for a lit-
other members to give the show
Open 7 days a week plus bank holidays
All major credit cards accepted
tle chat, put a few
a little more of a presence on
stage. We had absolutely no as-
questions their
pirations beyond having a good 020 7247 8643

way in the hope
time at house parties put on by
friends. Hence the Starfucker
63a Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
that they can pro-
it was coined as a joke and it
vide us with a little
stuck as we traveled about town.
Things snowballed fairly quickly.
insight as to what At this point we enlisted Kiel who
makes ‘em tick.
is an ace drummer and that al-
lowed me to incorporate more in-
struments which gave our sound
more texture.”
Bartholomew Harte Solicitors is a boutique media and entertainment law firm.

TGN: Well we can see why
some may not have
Our areas of expertise include:

found Starfucker an - Music - Publishing
- Film - Sport
TGN: Hello Pyramiddd. Can
endearing enough
- Broadcasting - Information Technology  
you introduce yourselves and
name for a band
- Internet - Intellectual Property
acquaint us to who does what
with music such

in the band?
as yours. What’s
To arrange a meeting, please call +44 (0)20 7681 0596 or email
PYMDDD: “Hi I’m Ryan, Back-
with the name

ing Vocals/Guitar/Keeyboards
change have !
– Josh: Lead Vocals/, Guitar/
you not heard

Keyboards/Percussion – Shawn
of Fucked Up or
name. It was for fun. We have you can share with us?
– bass Guitar/Percussion. We
Fuck Buttons?
TGN: Both musically and
always had a close relationship PYMDDD: Yeah it has been ex-
have an assortment of other in-
(They both break
personally who and what
with our followers so we decided citing times from what started,
struments that we all randomly
into raptures of
are some of your biggest
to include them in the process of as a joke project has become
share using”
laughter) Changing
influences behind your
the name is something
sound? changing it. So they would not get somewhat of a career. Our songs
we’ve been thinking
PYMDDD: Ryan: “We all like p’d off we ran a contest for them evolved from ideas I have had for
TGN: This is your first time to choose our new name once sometime and before I new it we
touring UK how is going so
about since we first start-
a lot of Hip Hop, I’m really into
Pyramiddd was suggested we accrued enough material that
far and how do you feel you
ed touring outside our town,
Brian Eno. Eno’s music has a lot
s something we quickly decided to go with that more and more people started to
have been received?
because our booking agent and
of density and i
strive to achieve with sound and as it fitted the ideas we had for get into.
PYMDDD: Josh: “We have toured
our friends were like, “Dude, it
s t a n t
this provides us with our moods our art.” Then someone alerted There has certainly been no-end
extensively in the States and so
would probably help a lot if you
t h r o u g h o u t
whilst Hip Hop’s use of beats and us to the fact there were at least of finger pointing, head shaking,
we have built up a bit of a follow-
changed your name.” We were
our output so far. We use Alan
samples gives us a party” five Pyramids so we just tagged feet dancing, and merry making
ing. I started making music as a
like yeah we know, but as we
Watts quite a bit. He is sort of a
an extra two D’s at the end. Who since Pyramiddd sauntered on +44 (0) 20 7231 1118
bit of fun we like to party as a re-
started to get more popular gain-
Buddhist philosopher he’s some-
TGN: So what’s the story knows we may squeeze on an- to the scene and although it has
lease from the everyday stresses
ing fans Nationwide it became
body who’s famous for bringing
behind the band name Pyra- other D or take one off in a few been a rollercoaster of trials and
of life. So this European tour has
more difficult.
Eastern philosophy to the West
and he’s just a really charismatic
middd and can we draw any months”. errors I get the feeling we are in
been a bit of a challenge but we significance to the 3 D’s? for plenty surprises and everyone
have enjoyed it. France and Am-
TGN: Is there an overall mes-
and colorful lecturer. We listen
PYMDDD: Josh: “I definitely TNG: The whole album sounds like a surprise right?
sterdam were really good, we
sage behind some of the
to him when we’re on the road.
wasn’t expecting anything like the like you had a lot of fun mak- “Medicine” 7” by Pyramiddd -
enjoyed those shows but here in
songs or indeed the album as
We found his lectures enlighten-
success we’ve already got at all. ing it? Are there any memo- Rough Trade Shop Exclusive out
the UK the crowds seem to be a
a whole?
ing and he has a great speaking
It was something to do for fun— ries you have from your time now. IF YOU ARE A BUDDING COMEDIAN...
bit more reserved and not as easy
PYMDDD: Self-therapy and
growing from within one self is a
to the point of picking a stoopid in the creative process that
...or want to improve your presentation & com-

munication skills then check out The Comedy

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for our latest courses in
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