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Enter Shikari
A Decade of Indie
by Marc Burford
“Kid A” this crazy change of direc-
tion for Radiohead scared a lot of
hardcore fans of the band. After
their previous album “OK Com-
puter” which reached no 1 in the
uk album charts. The public were
expecting something amazing
and with 10 tantilinzing tracks of
intense listening, they delivered it.
With songs like “Optimisictic” and
“Idioteque” this pioneering album
really proved that Raidohead had
some Beef.
and Elbow? Yep Elbow and their
album “Asleep In The Back”. Defi-
nitely the bands hidden Gem. A
lot of people only know this band
for their recent success with “One
Day Like This”. So if you are one of
those people make sure you check
this album out after reading. This
it had sunk in that we’d sold out dream snow?
album was the first release for the way. The simple guitar and soft vo- for a Mercury music prize, this al-
Enter Shikari are
one of the biggest venues all by ES: I don’t know. We’re all sort of
band and Guy Garvie the lead cals on this record are outstanding, bum brought something new to our
currently on tour with
ourselves. It was a mad night. Of saying this is like the final frontier.
singer seems to smoothly float his dim the lights, open a bottle of red ears.
course it’s not there any more We might as well hang up our coats
vocals over each track setting the and relax. This album has hits such
The Prodigy. This
hahaha. We’ve got a few new tunes
mood perfectly for this album. as “Cannonball” and “The Blower
month Oshi managed
O: A big shame. Any advice to new coming out February next year then Daughter”. As soon as the sound
More rock than indie but its gong
to catch these guys artists coming up now? a whole lot of touring. We’d like for hits your ears your not stuck!
in the list! “Paramore” this female
during their busy
ES: I would say first of all just prac- things to just carry on and keep
fronted band put out an album
tice so much because first impres- making music.
called “Riot!”. It took the nation by
busy schedule to
sions are everything these days.
2004 storm when this hit the radio and
find out what’s going
Don’t take it to a live arena til you O: If you were doing anything else
Interpol with their album“Antics” didn’t take long to go platinum.
know exactly what you’re doing. what would it be?
which sold 350,000 in the first 4 Riot! produced 4 singles: “Misery
Just take any gigs your offered. You ES: Fuck knows!! Hahaha. That’s
months. The first time we really saw Business”, “Hallelujah”, “crush-
never know who’s going to be in the a really worrying thought. I went to
the band get ample coverage, but crushcrush” and “That’s What You
Oshi: So, Enter Shikari, where on audience or what’s going to hap- Uni for a year and did music tech. I
well deserved. The New York lads Get”.
earth did you get that name from? pen. Just give it your all basically. always liked the idea of being a pro-
struck a new chord amongst the
Enter Shikari: We first heard of ducer so maybe I’d sort of wiggle
indie scene in the uk by touring for
Enter Shakari because my uncle O: Do you ever see the same peo- my way back into that.
nearly 18 months to promote the
“Foals” an Oxford band have made
had a boat and that’s what he ple at different gigs along the tour,
an impression on 2008 yet another
called it. It means hunter. Then the like hardcore fans that follow you O: Wicked, I heard that you guys
band to branch out to a new kind
name kind of stuck. around? are amazing live, so just building on
When you think of Scotland you
2005 of indie. This 4 piece phonomenom
ES: Yeah Yeah. It’s quite good ac- the reputation you’ve got at the mo-
picture Haggis, Kilts and Whisky.
November 2004 a band called released an album titled “Antidotes”
O: You guys burnt a piano in one tually we’ve got a whole little com- ment. I hear the crowds are going
Not 3 young gentlemen making
“Death Cab for Cutie” stepped up which hit number 3 In the UK album
of your videos…who’s piano was munity of kids. Like we had this mental.
melodic guitar driven music. Well
their game by making a big leap to charts showing the world that indie
that!? group of ten kids who came out for ES: Yeah it’s been great. This year
that’s what happend in 2002 by a
sign to major label. In turn proved to is still bigger than ever.
ES: It was our producers, we 3 days of this tour. They were all re- has just been getting better and
band called “Biffy Clyro” these tal-
be the making of the band, this al-
where there at Bonfire night and ally safe and really cool guys. We better.
ented boys produced an awesome
lowed them to create what can only
he had this old piano; it was going try and make friends with the guys
album called “Blackend Sky”. This
be described as one of the greatest
Enter Shikari sneek in this year with
to cost him £100 to get rid of it! It that come out like that. O: So what makes you a typical
was the product of 3 years of re-
albums in music so far.
their album “Common Dreads” this
band have managed to pull out all
was un-tunable so we thought fuck rock group?
lentless touring around the uk prior
2006 the stops when it comes to influ-
it, lets burn it, so we did! O: How is it touring with rave veter- ES: I don’t know. Hey guys… (a
to the release.
“Fur and Gold” what a weird com- ences. They seem to have a little
A Bar, with one of the widest selction ans Prodigy? shout comes from the background)
O: You have been described as ES: Its absolutely mad. It’s a thrill for drinking Jagmeister and wearing
bination, but that’s what Natasha bit of everything in there from Dub
120-124 CURTAIN RD of world beers in the area
post hardcore ... what would you us because The Prodigy have been sunglasses in doors!
The nation just didn’t see it coming
Khan the lady behind “Bat for Lash- step to Metal. On listening to the
call your genre? a huge influence on our music. We
but this was the year that Damien
es” called her first album. 2006 album “Juggauts” and “No Sleep
ES: Generally we try to avoid label- always sort of joked in the early O: And what makes you not a typi-
Rice made his debut album called
saw a lot of good releases in the
A Restaurant, serving quality value
tonight” they hook you in. Second
ing ourselves at all. If you do that it days ‘What do you want to achieve cal rock group?
“O”. Definatly what the doctor or-
UK music scene. However Fur and time round you will be turning this
for money breakfast, freshly prepared

limits yourself. People start to ex- with the band?’ and we always said ES: Umm, we still live at home with
derd, Who needs an apple day any-
Gold sticks out, being nominated up as loud as it will go.
daily lunch menu and an evening menu
020 7426 5103/169
of “pub food with character, skill and
pect a certain style of music. We that going on tour with The Prodigy our mums. Yeah we live at home
listen to all different types of music would be pretty wicked. When it when we’re not on tour.

genres so we just try and say we came through we where absolutely
twitter: play music. stomped. It’s been great. The Prod- O: So where can we catch you in A Live Music Venue, hosting regular igy guys are getting on a bit now so London guys?

monthly gigs plus DJ events
O: So what are the influences for there not so heavy at the parties, ES: We’ve got the UK tour in Febru-
myspace: your sound? so we’ve been DJing at a lot of the ary. I presume there are still tickets ES: All sorts. This is always a stom- after parties. We’ve been getting a for that. London date is at Hammer-

A place for you and your mates to
pa of a question! This morning we lot of their rider which is a big up smith Apollo. We’ve got a special
hangout and chill. Eat, drink and dance
were listening to Radiohead in the side (cheeky laughter) we’ve been Christmas show in Hatfield, it’s
inside and smoke outside in their bus. Ummm… all sorts of Drum and enjoying that very much. actually at my old Uni, they’ve got a
massive covered and heated area .....
Bass and Dubstep. Rage Against venue there called Forum which is
the Machine. All sorts of under- O: So you’re the new nut cases on meant to be amazing.
ground UK hardcore funk bands. tour… We’re gonna get all out mates
ES: I guess so. down and have live bands and DJs
“Trendy East End Cafe Bar” according O: Is it true your Fabio and Groove it should be a really wicked night.
to the Independent.....
fans? O: You look like your having fun
“a rock ‘n’ soul den in the heart of
ES: Yeah indeed, we listen to the onstage & you were born to be O: Cool so you’re bringing it home
show. there… Do you all get really wired for Christmas.
Shoreditch” say Time Out
on energy drinks to get you through ES: Yes man.
“If you love music and drinks you gotta
O: I hear you are doing things in- it?
go!” say The Guestlist Network. dependently. Were you the second ES: Hahaha. Sometimes. When
band ever to sell out the Astoria? the tour schedule gets a bit gruel- If you’ve never seen or heard Enter
ES: Yeah I remember when that ing you do what ever you need to Shikari please go to this link and
happened it was absolutely mad. do to get yourselves up. But I tend watch this video. It fucking blew us
When that happened our manager to stay clear of energy drinks. away!!!
got us all little framed posters of
the night and champagne and stuff. O: You look like you are well on the
It was only then on the night that way to success... What are your
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