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House Events NYE
Joe Le Gro
NYE Liaison / Nye Funkagenda / Kim Fai / Miss Divine Pacha 8.00pm - 5.00
NYE Nye 2010 Cafe 1001 8.00pm - nxt day
OP 1
0 C
NYE Urban Nerds & ATG NYE Warehouse Party Secret Location 9.00pm - 5.30
NYE Magda & Heartthrob pres. Marv ‘N’ J’s T-Bar 9.00pm - 6.00
Memories and thoughts of ´09
NYE Secretsundaze NYE with Delano Smith, Wbeeza The Camp 9.00pm - 6.00
NYE Barbarella: Queen Of The Discotheque Hoxton Pony 9.00pm - 6.00
NYE Ministry Of Sound Live at O2 Arena O2 9.00pm - 6.00
NYE Horse Meat Disco V Dfa Cargo 9.00pm - 6.00
NYE Lasermagnetic & Voices Pres. NYE Sosho 9.00pm - 6.00
NYE Heavyweight House Nye & 2nd Birthday Party Area 9.00pm - 6.00
2009 has been on fire for music cardo Villalobos, Craig Richards, was allowed to have
NYE Eastern Electrics Secret location 9.00pm - 7.00
and we have seen the continued Doc Martin, Ivan Smagge, Mathew an opening and clos-
NYE Cocoon Nye Sven Väth, Cassy & André Galluzzi Matter 9.00pm - 7.00
onslaught from many German pro- Johnson, Fred Everything and many ing party only (booo!)
NYE The Gallery New Years Eve Special Ministry of Sound 9.00pm - 8.00
ducers who of recent have been more. Judy and the rest of the Fab- but over all there is
NYE Fabriclive Fabric 9.00pm - 9.00
leading the way. One of those pro- ric team didn’t let the public know only one Ibiza and we
NYE Smartie Partie Theatre Of Dreams Scala 10.00pm - 7.00
ducers is Nick Curly the DJ set times which I think was still love it even if the
NYE Muak & Egg - Nye Masquerade Ball Egg 10.00pm - 11.00
If you claim to love House and a good thing to do. Everyone has authorities are clamp-
NYE Get Loaded in the dark O2 Academy 8.30pm - 6.00
Techno don’t know who Nick Curly their favourite DJs but the whole ing down on clubs
is then I suggest its time to do some celebration was not about one par- and clubbers alike.
audio research. ticular DJ it was about Fabric the in- I always wondered
Jamie Jones has finally dropped his stitution and a 10 year bench mark when Armand Van
debut artist album entitled Don’t for what has done for the UK and Helden would be
You Remember The Future. dance music full stop. back with another
Jamie has been Djing for over a At the Top 100 Djs poll this year chart topping hit and
decade and has jumped leaps Armin Van Burren took the number he does so in the
and bounds since his first release one spot once again, Tiesto was form of a track called
in 2006. He has had a string of re- second and David Guetta in at Anyway by Duck
leases on labels like Freak n’ Chic, number 3. I don’t listen to Trance Sauce (Armand Van
Poker Flat and Crosstown Rebels. but there are no surprises really in Helden and A-Track),
the top 10 in recent years. its not something
2009 also saw Fabric celebrate Ibiza continues to morph into the I would play but
House Listings
its 10th Anniversary with a 30 unknown with major clubs not hit- once again it takes a 70’s groove
in Malta
hour non stop party, with a line up ting their usual weekly capacity and and does it in a clever manor. The
in “Popeye Village” where the origi-
I have just come off of tour
to make any audio anorak cry, Ri- having to close some rooms. DC 10 Mighty Pushca threw another party
nal movie was shot. What a party
supporting Calvin Harris,
that was, 700 people outdoors
I must say his DJ sets
with a full Funktion 1 system and
will catch many people
the ever so cool and sexy Maltese
off guard, many people
Thur 3.12 Night Slugs presents Fantastic 4 East Village 9pm - 2
Lightbox 10pm - 6
crowd gave me a night/gig that I
thought it would be very
Sat 12.11 Halo
Thur 3.12 Movida Corona Int’l Grand Finale Ministry of Sound 10pm - 3
Cable 10pm - 7
will never forget. You can check
cheesy but cheezy its
Sat 12.11 Zombie Soundsystem presents Mathew Jonson
Thur 3.12 T B/ss - Sukh Knight & Scandalous Unltd T-Bar 10pm - 3
Matter 10pm - 7
the video on Youtube (Pushca*
NOT. He obviously throws
Sat 12.11 Kinki Malinki
Thur 3.12 WePlayMusic Russian Bar 10pm - 5
Bar 54 10pm - 7
Presents - Ship Ahoy at Popeye Vil-
a few of the hits that have
Sat 12.11 Polarise
Fri 4.12 Tempo Tantrum - 9th Birthday Fluid 7pm - 4
Secret E1 Location 10pm - 7
lage). That was my third gig in Malta
made him who he is but a
Sat 12.11 La Influencia 4th Birthday
Fri 4.12 Unwind Last Days of Decadence 8pm - 2.30
The Den 10pm - 8
which was so much better than the
lot of it is banging under-
Sat 12.11 Smartie Partie Xmas Special
first EP
Fri 4.12 Double Trouble Party The Dolphin 9pm - 4
Plastic People 10pm - 4
first when I got arrested for 0.1 of
ground music…the sur-
Sat 12.11 Lost present Spacebase
is out in Jan… I have joined another
Fri 4.12 Peach The Fridge 9pm - 6
Ministry of Sound 11pm - 7
cannabis which wasn’t mine!!! I can
prise of 2009 for me.
Sat 12.11 Wonderland
agency (Organised DJs) with the
Fri 4.12 Soul Shakers The White House 9pm - 5
PAramount Bar 11pm - 8
laugh now but I assure you it was
Jaded afterhours (Sunday morning)
Sat 12.11 Superfreq E’Special Christmas Masked Ball
likes of Doc Martin, Phil Weeks,
Fri 4.12 Nervous Nitelife East Village 10pm - 3.30
Cafe 1001 12am - 4
not funny at the time.
grows from strength to strength
Sat 12.11 Holic
Rob Mello, Darren Roach to name
Fri 4.12 Rack Your Brains The Doors 10pm - 4.30
Aquarium 3.30pm - 10
Mark Knight continues his quest
and threw an awesome party for
Sat 13.12 D-Late Afthrs - Fabrizio Maurizi
a few. Gave many of you a taste of
Fri 4.12 Tutti Frutti - The Forbidden Fruit Pacha 10 - 5
Public Life 11am - 6
with the Toolroom & Leaders Of
their 5th birthday (that I missed!)
Sat 13.12 Genius Xmas Party
my documentary called The 3rd 8,
Fri 4.12 Dumb¦found:08 - Dinky & Matthew Styles The Camp 10pm - 6
T-BAr 8pm - 3
The New School labels. Myself
.Fuse continues to be the Sun-
Sat 13.12 T Bar - Shoplifter Trus’Me, Craig & Jamie
where you get to see the lives of DJs
Fri 4.12 Freak’N’Chic Showcase Bar 54 10pm - 8
Fabric 11pm - 6
and The 3RD8 team filmed the al-
day daytime party choice for most
Sat 13.12 Wetyourself: Official Time Warp After Party
and producers on the road, in the
Fri 4.12 Babies Events Winter Wonderland Festival Lightbox tbc
T-Bar 10pm - 3
bum launch and I must say I heard
clubbers on a Sunday in Shored-
Wed 16.12 T Bar - Kompakt Jennifer Cardini & Melon
club and the in between moments.
Sat 5.12 Foreplay Corbet Place 6pm - 11.30
Hidden 9pm - 3
2 hours of his eight hour set and it
itch, Fuse’s home 93 Feet East is
Thur 17.12 Socialism
More info in next months edition of
Sat 5.12 Alex Neri,sophie Belluska and Luciano Esse Mansion 8pm - 6
T-Bar 10pm - 3
was slammin in the main room, just
upgrading their sound system for
Thur 17.12 T Bar - Mj Cole, Blakey & D Code
The Guestlist Network. Watch out
Sat 5.12 Neu - with Dan Berkson and James What Gramaphone 9pm - 3
Russian Bar 10pm - 5
goes to show you what hard work,
2010 which is always a plus as too
Thur 17.12 Smallville Records Meets This Is Not Happening
for the full launch and parties going
Sat 5.12 Prologue with Norman Jay & Guests East Village 9pm - 4
Last Days of Decandence 8pm - 2
dedication and a solid team behind
many establishments over look the
Fri 18.12 Unwind Xmas Party
off in Miami and around Europe.
Sat 5.12 Freitag feat Saytek Live - Full Live Performance Russian Bar 9pm - 5
Pushca 10pm - 3
you can do.
fact that people are there to listen
Fri 18.12 El Bordello
This year has had so many gig/tour
Sat 5.12 Menomale by Night Fluid 9pm - 5
Dex 8pm - 8
I also had to remind myself this year
to the music..
Fri 18.12 Blasphemie ‘christmas Party’
cancelations for many of us DJ’s
Sat 5.12 Lasermagnetic Pres. Spacemachine Sosho 9pm - 6
The White House 8pm - 5.30
how much I hate Ryan Air, after
The ever so cool Sandeman and Mr
Fri 18.12 We Are London
along with the daily trails and tribu-
Sat 5.12 Plush Dafunk Christmas Party with Freemasons Pacha 10pm - 5
Public Life 9pm - 2.30
flying on the bastard airline many
Dickie continue the Thursday nights
Fri 18.12 Not Long Now
lations of general life….either way
Sat 5.12 In Bed with Space ‘Winter Wonderland’ That 10pm - 5
T-Bar 9pm - 4.
times and having my luggage, Cd’s
entitled Heroes & Villains @ the
Fri 18.12 T Bar - High Horse Steffi & Tama Sumo
I’m just grateful for what I have…
Sat 5.12 Simmer 1st Birthday - Shonky & Lee Foss The Brickhouse 10pm - late
The Camp 10pm - 4
&Vinyl stolen on more than three
award winning Hoxton Pony with
Fri 18.12 The Devil Made Me Do It...
Bring on 2010!!!!
Sat 5.12 Need2Soul The Camp 10pm - 6
Pacha 10pm - 5
occasions they then step it up a
awesome line ups for the future and
Fri 18.12 Just Beats Xmas Party
Big shout to all my friends/Djs/pro-
Sat 5.12 Ripped feat Napt & H2 Lightbox 10pm - 6
Plan B 10pm - 6
gear by making me miss two flights
past guests such as Mark Henning,
Fri 18.12 Deadly Rhythm featuring Skream, Joker & Pinch
ducers who have has all contribut-
Sat 5.12 House Rules with Sandy Rivera Plan B 10pm - 6
Matter 10pm - 6
within 4 months because of their
Nekes & Damien Schwartz . This
Fri 18.12 Stanton Sessions Dj Yoda & Grandmaster Flash
ed to the paper… Big Love xx
Sat 5.12 Flesh Late Night Party Cafè 1001 10pm - 7
Bar 54 10pm - 6
computer system not being able to
month they have Hector and Simon
Fri 18.12 Nature Or Nurture
Peace and love to all you readers,
Sat 5.12 Shake It feat Layo & Bushwacka Warehouse 10pm - 7
Cable 10pm - 6
find me on their records. I should
Baker etc…Finally I have launched
Fri 18.12 This Is Underground
“you make it happen, cause no-
Sat 5.12 Faithless Matter 10pm - 7
The Doors 10pm - 5
make it my NY resolution to not fly
me new imprint Brake Horse Re-
Fri 18.12 Fiasko
body is going do it for you”. JLG
Sat 5.12 Korokoro -5 Years Dirt Crew Recordings Bar 54 10pm - 7
Secret Location - Brixton 11pm - 5
with them, but I reckon that’ll get
cords with another two pals....the
Fri 18.12 World Unknown Gold Blood,AndyBlake&Joe Hart
Sat 5.12 Tape Platinum 10pm - 7
Sat 19.12 Pre2fab Charterhouse Bar 7pm - 12
Sat 5.12 Key of Life Egg 10pm - 10
Sat 19.12 Spin Out V Dropout V This Is Not A Rave The Horse and Groom 8pm - 4
Sat 5.12 Viva Music Ministry of Sound 11pm - 7
Sat 19.12 Guru-Vu Christmas Party Hoxton Pony 8pm - 4
Sat 5.12 Dirtybird ‘bird Brain’ - Calude Von Stroke Fabric 11pm - 8
GLN Top 5 DJ’s to look out for in 2010
Sat 19.12 Dj’s Bassam, Neverdogs, Rob Marmot The Driver 8pm - tbc
Sat 5.12 Matinee London - La Noche Roja Cable 11pm - 8
Sat 19.12 Star Stangled with Doc Martin East Village 9pm - 4
Sat 5.12 Breakfast Egg 4am - 12
Everyone Loves a PR Girl
Sat 19.12 Get Diverted Xmas Party feat Shur-I-Kan Dex 9pm - 6
Sat 5.12 Supercool Public Life 11am - 8
Sat 19.12 12 Days Of T Bar - 2020 Vision & Ralph Lawson T-Bar 10pm - 4
Sat 5.12 You Are We Corbet Place 2pm - 11
Mar-T Seb Zito
British talent that’s causing a fuss
Sat 19.12 Pure Pacha with Ian Carey Pacha 10pm - 5
Sat 5.12 T D/nce presents: Pete’s 50th with Vera T-Bar 6pm - 2
Sat 19.12 Pure Filth Elektro - Christmas Special Fridge 10pm - 6
The Amnesia legend has finally con- Smashing the East London club
globally. He seems to be every-
Sat 5.12 B:low Plan B 10pm - 6
Sat 19.12 Colony - End Of Year Special Rhythm Factory 10pm - 6
ceded to let us hear and see more scene more times than we’ve had
where at the moment and headlin-
Mon 7.12 Fiasko The Doors 10pm - 5
Sat 19.12 Let It Wiggle Christmas Party Jamm 10pm - 6
of him on our rain sodden shores. hot dinners, Zito took his deep
ing a few very good parties.
Wed 9.12 Data Transmission Xmas Party Star of Bethnal Green 9pm - 2
Sat 19.12 Meow Babalou 10pm - 6
Due to leave a final mark on London and driving sound to the Balearic
But it’s not stopping here; GLN’s
Wed 9.12 12 Days Of T Bar - Weatherall & Smagghe T-Bar 10pm - 3
Sat 19.12 Positronic with James Zabiela Matter 10pm - 7
clubbing, catch Mar-T playing shores with the infamous London
prediction is that 2010 really is the
Thu 10.12 12 Days Of T Bar - Dan Ghenacia & Varoslav T-Bar 10pm - 3
Sat 19.12 Product Bar 54 10pm - 8
at the Boxing day Amnesia party at Sunday party, Fuse.
year for Mark Storie.
Fri 11.12 Kai-Zen presents Tred Benedic Inigo Bar 7pm - 4
Sat 19.12 Swings N Roundabouts Christmas Party Kanio The Doors 10pm - tbc
the Egg. We look forward to watching him
Fri 11.12 Ctrl_alt_del Christmas Party Bl;ack Lotus Karate Club 9pm - 6
Sat 19.12 Winter Wonderland with Doc Martin & Larry Tee Egg 10pm - vlate
set the standards even higher for
Fri 11.12 T Bar - Baise Main Danton Eeprom T-Bar 10pm - 4
Sat 19.12 Dzeta N’ Basile Christmas Party The White House 11pm - 5
deep tech house Dj’s all over Lon-
Fri 11.12 Incognito Xmas Extravaganza The Doors 10pm - 4.30
Sat 19.12 Subliminal Sessions Ministry of Sound 11pm - 7
One of London’s home grown DJ’s
Fri 11.12 Wax’D: Opening Party The Castle 10pm - 5
Sun 20.12 Supercool Xmas Party Public Life 11am - 8
Well, what’s not to say about this
is once again on the prowl this year,
Fri 11.12 Bleep43 - Surgeon, Dj Pete, Patrice Scott, Nwaq Corsica Studios 10pm - 6
Sun 20.12 T Bar - Kubicle Wolf Lamb & Residents T-Bar 8pm - 3
Mexican magic man!? He’s re-
setting up parties with all sorts of
Fri 11.12 Chew the Fat Xmas Party Cable tbc
Sat 26.12 Deepunder presents Minimal Hospital Showcase Aquarium 9pm - 10
leased tons of musical juiciness Mark Storie
musical goodness, 6am Sunday
Sat 12.11 Nouveau with Kanio B2b Cozzy D Public Life 7pm - 2
Sat 26.12 Amnesia Ibiza & People From Ibiza Boxing Day Egg 10pm - 6
for our ears this year through his Although this genius has graced
parties at cable, hotel parties over-
Sat 12.11 Mooch The Horse and Groom 8pm - 4
Sat 26.12 Balance Xmas Party with Sims, Masters, Ruskin The Rhythm Factory 10pm - 6
label, OKO Recordings which is the industry decks for a long time,
looking London and of course his
Sat 12.11 Guru-Vu with Alex Arnout The Hoxton Pony 8pm - 4
Sun 27.12 Cadenza Showcase Secret Warehouse - EC2 10pm - 6
due to release some bigger than he seems to be making an even
baby, Cerca Trova
Sat 12.11 The 12 Days Of T Bar - Phonica 6th Birthday T-Bar 9pm - 6
Sun 27.12 Dirty London present Dennis Ferrer Matter 10pm - 7
big tracks in 2010 with some major bigger impression this year.
Sat 12.11 Ibiza Republik London Egg 10pm - 6
Sun 27.12 Naked Zoo Egg tbc
names and major sounds ooo im The Toolroom Knights man is an-
excited just thinking about it! other of the crème del a crème of
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