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The Music
I smoked my
cigarette and
headed back
is very common and just the
down to the
thought of blushing can cause
discomfort and embarrassment.
room. The band are

waiting so I style it out and
You can learn how to stop blush-
we get started. You know,
ing. The fear factor that is as-
we sound really good. Don’t
sociated with this complaint can
know why we aren’t signed
be overcome and the more you
yet. Then, twang, a string
learn to be relaxed around it, then
breaks. No drama. They sell
it will start to diminish. The more
strings here so we go out to
relaxed and comfortable you start
reception. Actually they got
to feel, the less it will intrude in
lots of stuff for sale here and
your life. The more control and
not just the bits you’d break
confidence you learn will allow it
in a rehearsal. Broken string
to become a thing of the past.
sorted and we play some

more, then take a break. On
An important part in learning how
the way upstairs again I’m
to stop this automatic body pro-
waylaid by the fridge in re-
cess is to distance yourself from
ception containing cold soft
the behaviour that it is associated
drinks and chocolate.
with. It may sound strange, but
Upstairs the drummer tells
you need to stop worrying about
me about a little problem
blushing and learn not to care if
he has. He also tells me he
you blush. The first thing to do is
won’t be able to take his kit
to become relaxed, and if you feel
to our next gig. So, when
yourself becoming hot and both-
we go downstairs I ask the
ered, take some deep breaths
guy on reception if they
and breath out slowly, relax your
know where we can hire
shoulders, think about something
one. Wouldn’t you know
it. He can, and for an extra

charge he can deliver it
You need to retrain your own
too. Need any amps? Vocal
mind to react in a different way
p.a.? What more can I say
in situations that have caused
about this place. Rehears-
you to blush in the past. A self
als, equipment sales, equip-
help exercise is to imagine a situ-
ment hire, recording studio.
ation when you have felt under
The more you accept that blush- think people are thinking about
Did I mention the recording
pressure and felt you are being
ing is a part of your life for now, you. It will almost certainly be
judged, and in the corner of that
but it can be dealt with, the less wrong.
We finished rehearsing and
negative picture, create a new
importance it will have. However I have taught many people to al-
paid up but before I left, the
image of the way you wish to be
the more you focus on it, ie give ter their subconscious responses
guy said “Tell all your friends
in that situation. Feeling calm,
it strength, the more power you to blushing and embarrassment.
about us and tell them if
relaxed and in control, then, let
allow it. Remember this is something you
they bring in the advert with
that smaller picture get bigger
learnt to do and this is also some-
this story I’ll give them 10%
and bigger, obliterating your old
So - thing you can also learn to undo.
off any service we provide.”
image. Do this exercise regularly
Don’t focus on it
That strikes me as a good
to help calm yourself and forget
Be calm Lionel Sinclair at Therapy City
deal. Where’s my Guestlist
about the blushing.
Get on with the job in hand

Also do not worry about what you
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