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Young Bristol-based producer
Hyetal has been garnering a lot
of attention with his vibrant, me-
lodic productions and has had
recent releases on Soul Mo-
tive, Reduction and Formant, as
well as having a track included on Mary-Anne
Hobbs’ recent ‘Wild Angels’ compilation.
Sam Collenette
TGN: How did you get into DJing/ days on end. John Carpenter has been your proudest moment up to
Producing? made some of my favourite films this point?
and the soundtracks, a lot of which
H: I got my first decks when I was he composed, have left me with H: Getting my music out on vinyl
15. I was and still am a massive an addiction for buying old synths. this year has been a big deal.
hip-hop head. I wanted to be DJ Hip hop wise I properly studied
Premier. DJ Premier, Timbaland, Mantronix TGN: If pushed, which do you pre-
and DJ Shadow, they’ve all been fer, DJing or producing?
TGN: What would you say are your responsible for some of my favou-
main influences? rite records. H: Producing without a doubt.
H: I’m pretty obsessed with nostal- TGN: What attracted you to get TGN: Your track ‘We Should Light
gia. The main stays are things that into making dubstep? A Fire’ features on the new Mary
They say the se-
at Milkweg delivered the kind of the evening proceeded with MC
had a big impact on me as a kid. H: Around 2003 I was getting Anne Hobbs compilation along-
quel is always bet-
bass pumping adrenaline that is duos like Eksman and IC3 making
the DNB scene. I did not however your dnb heart jump out. Whether
Yz Koshiro composed music for bored of hip-hop. I’d heard a bit side a number of other amazing
the Streets of Rage games on the about grime and when the Dizzee producers. How did that come
ter than the first (The
expect this to increase two-fold its your first time or 7th Innovation
Megadrive, I used to play those for Rascal album Boy In Da Corner about?
Godfather Part II, Dark Knight, T2)
on the second night at Marcanti. has definitely all the makings of a
dropped it re-
and for me Innovation in the Dam
Sets that can only be described weekend you will never forget.
ally opened H: Mary Anne has been really sup-
was no exception the second time
as out of this world were resur-
my eyes. After portive for a while now. She got in
round. As expected the first night
rected time and time again as Sharmaine Malik
that I was look- touch and asked if I would be in-
ing for music terested.
with a similar
sound. A com- TGN: What have you got coming
pilation called up in the next few months?
Dubstep tracks
grime came
out on rephlex H: Remixes of Starkey and Dub-
of 2009
but the music kasm and my collaborations with
was actually Shortstuff are the next things
probably closer scheduled release wise. I’m play-
1. Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer
to dubstep. I ing at Rhythm Factory in London
picked that up on December 5th and Muse in
2. Untold - Anaconda
and went from Nottingham December 12th.
3. James Blake - Air and Lack Thereof
there. There’s lots of stuff planned for
4. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
TGN: How
5. Joker - Purple City
would you de- TGN: Who else are you feeling at
6. Kode 9 - Black Sun
scribe your the moment?
7. Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex’d Remix)
H: All the Blunted Robots crew,
8. Rustie - Bad Science
H: Melody driv- Peverelist, Julio Bashmore, Guido,
9. Mount Kimbie - Sketches On Glass
en, electronic, Pariah, Darkstar, The XX, Salem,
10. Brackles - Lizards
bass music. Zomby, New Look, Mount Kimbie,
Untold, Doc Daneeka and loads
TGN: What has more…
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