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A look back on 2009....
The last decade has been a topsy
turvey rollercoaster of mad and fresh
music genres growing and then
mashing together. With dance music
becoming bigger and more eclec-
tic then ever it means some things
Its virtually impossible to talk
about the history of Drum and
Vol 3
have tried and failed and others have
Bass without mentioning the man
paved the way for many to follow. A
that many would regard as the nice little round up of 09 should re-
‘face’ of the scene and indeed,
fresh us and send us on a happy trip
as faces go there a few that are
as striking. I’m talking, of course,
down memory lane…
about Goldie. It was as a young
graffiti artist that he began to
The year started on a down note up the label’s hugely
show his artistic nature and it was
as January saw the last ever successful Chase
through the late DJ Kemistry and
Ram, Swerve and Renegade and Status L.P ‘More
production pioneers 4Hero that
Hardware nights at The End af- Than A Lot – a proj-
Goldie, aka Clifford Price, was
ter the legendary London club ect that saw the two
first exposed to the early Jungle
closed its doors for the last time young producers sign
output of the early nineties and
after almost 15 years. Shoreditch to Mercury Records
where his ascension to perhaps
club Herbal also ceased to op- and start working with
the most recognisable individual a
erate with no sign of re-opening major American art-
within the scene started. n
any time soon, unlike The End ists such as Rihanna.
which, in a bizarre twist of fate, Friction’s Shogun Au-
Working under various aliases,
re-opened as ‘The Den’. Despite dio label delivered Alix Perez’s
he started to produce and re-
Instra:mental, ASC, Alix Perez,
n these setbacks in the capital’s ‘1984’ – a superbly crafted
lease tracks through labels such
Loxy, Rockwell and D Bridge led
club world, Matter – Fabric’s al- project that should stand out as
as Reinforced Records and soon r
this resurgence of experimenta-
ter ego that opened in late 2008 one of the years finest releases.
delivered the instant classic ‘Ter-
tion perhaps best seen in the
– went from strength to strength Other notable albums include
minator’. It was shortly after this
latter’s massive single ‘Wonder
and currently hosts Andy C’s Digital and Outrage’s ‘Red Let-
that he formed the imprint ‘Met-
Where’. Expect this sound to fea-
Ram nights as well as Hospital- ter’, Rufige Kru’s ‘Memoirs of an
alheadz’ – a label that would go
ture heavily in the first half of next
was ‘Inner City Life’ that proved
Goldie has also been heavily in- ity and FWD. Renegade Hard- Afterlife’, Survival’s début album
on to become one of the funda-
year when Loxy’s Cylon label will
to be the most enduring track off
volved with other artistic pursuits ware successfully relocated to on Exit records and Blumarten’s
mental building blocks of what
start to release the plethora of
Timeless, echoing the album’s
including painting and acting – Area and Swerve moved to the ‘Natural History’.
we call Drum and Bass today.
tracks reportedly signed.
title in its incredible 21 minutes
the latter of which saw him land swanky West End surroundings
The label, which is celebrating
of unedited runtime and it man-
roles in the James Bond film ‘The of Ruby Lo. 2009 was also a year where
its 15th illustrious year, served
It was producers such as Ulte-
aged to sell over 15,000 copies
World Is Not Enough’, Eastenders more unusual and experimental
as the springboard to launch the
rior Motive, Data, Original Sin
and Guy Ritchie’s 2000 follow up It was a vintage year for Drum aspects of the genre saw wider
careers of dozens of major artists
and Jubei that made the biggest
to ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking and Bass in the album depart- appreciation and successes –
including Goldie himself.
names for themselves through-
1998 saw his second album
Barrels’ – ‘Snatch’. More recently ment. Earlier in the year Ed Rush stripped back, minimal, cross-
out 2009 – each of them carv-
‘Saturn Returnz’ hit the shelves
he was in the BBC’s ‘Maestro’ – and Optical saw their fifth studio genre and more musical proj-
However, it was on Pete Tong’s
ing out a sound for themselves
- a reference to the changing
another example of not only his album ‘Travel The Galaxy’ un- ects found a foothold within the
FFRR label that we saw the re-
that they will continue to build on
periods of a persons life and also
global recognition, but also his leashed on their own Virus im- scene and it seemed to establish
lease of his seminal album ‘Time-
the title of a documentary filmed
next year. Catch me here next
ability as a musician. He contin- print – a superb return to form. itself as the sound that perhaps
less’ in 1995, co-produced with
month to get more of an insight
about him. David Bowie and Noel
ues to be heavily involved within The Sub Focus self titled album best represented the last twelve
Moving Shadow’s Rob Playford.
into what 2010 will bring.
Gallagher both guested on the
Drum and Bass - releasing the was released on Ram following months. Artists such as
Rarely has an L.P been so aptly
album. He also continued to work
‘Malice in Wonderland’ and
Fred Trotman
named; its still frequently refer-
under the collaborative alias ‘Ru-
‘Sine Tempus’ albums over the
enced as one of the most im-
fige Kru’ which has featured art-
last two years, as well as running
portant albums in the history of
ists such as Heist, Doc Scott and
Metalheadz, whose ‘15 years of
the scene and went straight in
Technical Itch amongst others.
Metalheadz’ compilation CD is
at number 7 in the UK chart. It
available to buy now.
DnB Listings
Tue 1.12 Movement Bar Rumba 10pm - 3
Christmas and New
Thur 3.12 Mindstep [Xmas Special] Bar 54 9pm - 4
Fri 5.12 We Fear Silence present: Subloaded - 5 Years Corsica Studios 10pm - 5
Sat 5.12 AWOL Indigo O2 9pm - 5
Years Parties:
Wed 9.12 D & B TV Live Xmas Presence East Village 9pm - 2.30
Wed 9.12 Ninja Tune presents... Let The Night Roar Plastic People 9pm - 2
So here we are yet again – that time launch of Original Sin’s
Thur 10.12 54/Commix(Hospital records/ Metalheadz) Bar 54 10pm - 1
of year when we are faced with one first solo album that
Fri 11.12 We Fear Silence - Chew The Fat Meets Wax Cable 10pm - 5
of the most tortuous decisions of I’ll be reviewing next Fri 11.12 Ram Andy C - Sub Focus - Chase n Status Matter O2 10pm - 6
the year. This much is certain – you’ll month.
Sat 12.12 Def : inition Soundclash Xmas Party Hidden 10pm - 6
spend too much, make a fool out of
Sat 12.12 Rollercoaster Xvii-The Nearly Xmas Party Mass 10pm - 6
yourself, lose something important Innovation takes over
and in the end regret ever going out Fire on the last night
Fri 18.12 Electronox 003 Charity Xmas feat 2 Bit Thugs Gramaphone 9pm - 4
in the first place. The question is: of 2009 with Andy C, Fri 18.12 Fidget Xmas Special Russian Bar 9pm - 5
‘WHERE’ will you be doing this. Mampi Swift, Groover-
Fri 18.12 Nicky Blackmarket and Fatman D’s Bday Party That 9pm - 6
ider and Bryan G all
Fri 18.12 Bang Face 71 - Xmas Party The Arches tbc
In the build up to the new year there passing through. The
are several big nights around Christ- SeOne sees Moon-
Sat 19.12 Renegade Hardware Area 9pm - 6
mas. On the 11th of December dance’s 7th annual
Sat 19.12 Grooverider presents Grace The Den & Centro 10pm - 6
Trace’s Dsci4 label hosts its second takeover featuring sev- Mon 21.12 Trigger Fingers...Oi The Rhythm Factory tbc
night at Ghost with Cause 4 Con- eral stages spread
Wed 23.12 Revival - 1st Birthday & Xmas Party East Village 9pm - 3
cern, Optical and Dom and Roland across the entirety of
Sat 26.12 Loud Output 4 Rex Music Arena 9pm - 4
featuring throughout the event. On the huge club which
the 18th Nicky Blackmarket and Fat- will be held in collabo-
Sat 26.12 Boxing Day Orange Reunion The Den & Centro 10pm - 8
man D take over THAT club with a ration with Raindance. Sun 27.12 Roast Christmas Special Roast 10pm - 6
mixture of old school DJs, Dubstep If your feeling a bit
Sun 27.12 Playaz Xmas Special Fabric 10pm - 6
artists and up front beats spread more adventurous you
Mon 28.12 Monday Club Jungle Bells Old Skool Special East Village 9pm - 3
across three arenas. The 19th sees could abandon our
Renegade Hardware’s last party of glorious capital and
Thur 31.12 Innovation : United As One Fire 8pm - Mday
2009 at Area as well as Grace’s get yourself to Bristol,
Zealand for the four day spectacu- Thur 31.12 Get Loaded in the Dark Chase and Status Brixton Academy 8.30pm - 6
Christmas do at The Den (formerly Bournemouth or Manchester which
lar Phat10 which spans the transi-
Thur 31.12 Moondance SEOne 9pm - 6
The End). Fabric opens throughout are all home to some seriously tasty
tion into 2010 with a line up of truly
the coming month with a host of nights. However, If your feeling par-
epic proportions – although it would
nights including a Playaz Xmas spe- ticularly flush this year you could do
probably be wise to sort the tickets
cial on the 27th which will see the a lot worse than jetting over to New
out beforehand.
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