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he Decade in Hip-
Aggi Dukes
The Aggi Dukes EP offers listeners a they all will, then they’ll take photo’s
slice of the latest craze in what I like and post them on facebook and every-
TGN take a look back at the albums of the last ten years
by Oshi
to call ‘Happy happy joy joy Grime’. one will say how buff everyone looks
The sort of thing that you can imagine and Lizzie will be all like ‘UNTAG ME
on being heard in bar/club everybody UNTAG ME!!’ and everyone will laugh
drunkenly skips to the dance floor to and will think to ourselves how glad
sing along, throw their arms in the air we are grime and electro met.
and show off their pit fur. Admittedly it will probably be one of
All the girls will be throwing their drinks the remixes you’ll be bouncing to,
around giggling about how they’re ac- there’s three on the EP and they’re all
tually dancing to a song about drink- alright. But to be totally honest I think
ing and dancing. the gem of the release is actually the b-
side. With a slightly more modest tone
Aggi says ‘Ladies strike a pose’ and and few more garage style bleeps and
as if playing an old childhood game squeaks it’s got a bit of a charm to it.
TGN: You always have to be on your thought we would ever take it this
toes for the battles you go into, what’s far.....N-dubz are the biggest urban/
your most embarrassing battle experi- pop group in the UK and i´m respected
ence? as one of the best battlers in the UK...
SAINT: When I first started battling TGN: When was the first moment you
some guy tried to slap me on stage felt the impact of fame?
during a battle, that was quite hard to SAINT: When I went on a 24 bus to
take infront of 3000 people ´the West End with my mum... about 10
TGN: What was your favorite ever kids came running to the top deck and
battle? started scraming are you SAINT?...that
SAINT: The Urban Music Festival was a proud moment for me as my mum
2004, I beat Professor Green and a lot was there to witness it first hand...
of other well known battlers to become TGN: What are you looking forward to
the uk champion infront of 32,000 peo- in the future?
ple including Jay-Z who I got to meet SAINT: My single being released with
after....he told me i´m the best he had N-dubz...A collabaration with Sway...a
seen in the uk.....that helped my confin- massive street banger ft. Ghetto and
dence a lot... Tinie Temper.....
TGN: You go way back with N Dubz TGN: What’s your favorite sandwich
and now your both touring together, filling?
when you where at school did you ever SAINT: Me in between Beyonce &
imagine anything like this? Shakira! with a cup of tea on the side!
SAINT: nah......we would rap together
and smoke behind the school gates
Wow.. . When I started
from Masada and Progidy -H.N.I.C. The recording studio in New York City. underground wordsworth had the mirror Kweli - Ear Drum, Pharoahe Monch - Desire and had dreams of success but never
Black Eyed Peas Bridged The Gap, pre Nas God’s Son comes out. A more per- music album. and Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.
thinking about the decade Fergie of course. Eminem’s second album sonal album. Jay-Z drops The Blueprint MF Doom released MM..Food.
in Hip Hop, I wondered if
The Marshall Mathers LP is a huge hit even- 2: The Gift & the Curse. The streets get
tually becoming one of the best-selling rap Gangster & A Gentleman by Styles P. Talib
Late Registration came from Kanye West. 2008
it could have been as in-
Wanna Battle? Let’s Go! by Ninette Osie Wilson
albums of all-time. Jay-Z continues his reign Kweli drops Quality. Eminem stars in the
Then Be from Common, The Game gave Nas Untitled. One of my albums of the de-
us The Documentary. Lil Wayne dropped cade. If you haven’t heard it. Do not wait
teresting as the 90s and
as a top mainstream MC in hip-hop with film 8 Mile. The film is a runaway success
Clashoff, an MC battling site is a positive isford the founder boldly states. If you who knows what the New Year will hold
Dynasty: Roc-La-Familia. Nelly debuts with having the 2nd-largest opening of any dra-
Tha Carter II. After Taxes was Sheek’s con- too long before taking it in. Young Jeezy
arena where if you think you have skills, believe that you’ve got skills and want to for the unique concept. My advice is get
thought no probably not.
Country Grammar. The album is a monster
tribution to the Lox’s solo efforts while Lil’ gave us The Recession, which an unbiased
matic film Lose Yourself is nominated for an
you can set up a profile to get battling see people acknowledge your talent, get actively involved if you want a chance
hit and prove that hip-hop has moved further Oscar. Signed to Em’s Shady/Aftermath
Kim brought The Naked Truth. The Massa- Jeezy dubbed “hands down the best album
with other members. “There’s only one involved. Clashoff has even caught the in revamping the UK Hip-Hop scene.
You remember banging Dr Dre 2001 from
away from bi-coastal domination. Shunning Label, New York-based rapper 50 Cent
cre by 50 Cent landed and for the real rap of the year”. The Roots were ‘Rising Down’.
way to the top –” Mr Reg- attention of Channel U and MTV Base so
1999 and bringing in the decade in a big
fame and the spotlight, acclaimed MC/ releases the single ‘Wanksta.’ The song
heads The Black Rob Report by Black Rob Our own Estelle started to do her thing real
way. Well after looking back at the decade
singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill goes into self- explodes onto radio and the singles’ chart
and All or Nothing by Fat Joe came out of big with Shine. We were also blessed with
in Hip Hop since 2000, I realise it´s actually
imposed seclusion and Outkast launch the leaving the public salivating for an album
NYC. Slum Village was the Self titled album Q-Tip and The Renaissance.
been full of some great albums and pivotal
classic Stankonia. and creating the most buzz a debut rapper
they brought us for 2005.
events. A very interesting decade for Hip
has seen in over a decade. Talib Kweli & Hi-
2006 MC K’naan L- Troubador, which features
Hop indeed. Like life itself, some highs and
Tek released Reflection Eternal. Scarface
J Dilla lost his life. Damian “JR Gong” Marley, Chubb Rock,
Derek B - R.I.P
some lows. Here at the guestlist we prefer
While shooting a video in the Bahamas,
drops The Fix and GZA - Legend of the Liq-
Ghostface gave us Fishscale and Jay-Z and Mos Def. In his own words, “My job is
to keep our eye on the positive but here is
hip-hop/soul star Aaliyah dies in a plane
 
uid Sword. Wow.
dropped Kingdom Come. Below ground to write what I see/So a visual stenographer
our take on some of the most important
crash. She was only 22 years old.
On Sunday the 15th Novem-
AZ came with The Format while Rhymefest is what I be.” In April Jadakiss dropped The
events of the last decade.
Jay Z drops The Blueprint. He tried to take 2003
ber 2009 Derek B was tragi-
on Nas in one of raps biggest beefs. Nas 50 Cent’s smashes his way on in the game
dropped the Blue Collar album. Nas said last kiss, over in Miami in June Ace Hood
cally taken from us following a
drops Stillmatic with one big tune “Ether” with Get Rich or Die Tryin. I was was Miami
Hip Hop is Dead. The Roots gave us Game was blowing up with the album Ruthless.
heart attack at just 44 years
Superstar Latino rapper Big Pun dies of
and obviously dropping the best battle and every car was pumping it. Big hip hop
Theory. E-40 dropped My Ghetto Report Kanye West flipped his style and dropped
old. Derek B was - for those
heart attack at only 29 years old.
rap tune of all time (ok joint 1st place with moment, Jay-Z drops The Black Album.
Card and brought Hyphy to the masses. 808s and Heartbreak. Jay dropped the
who don’t know - a talented
The Wu era. They gave us the highly antici-
third installment of the Blueprint series.
and brilliant artist who helped
Tupac’s Hit em up) finishes the battle for Royce da 5’9” Build & Destroy: The Lost
Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury and Lupe Fiasco
pated The W. Killah Priest released View
All in all there is a lot to go back and lis-
to open the gates for a num-
good. Hi-Tek goes solo with the first of 3 Sessions Part 1. Outkast release Speak-
- Food & Liquor were also worth a listen.
Hi-Teknology albums and erboxxx/the Love Below, a two-disc set
The Dead Prez Presents M-1 Confidential ten to! Let us see what 2010 has in store.
ber of UK hip hop artists.
the hoods favourite rap- that uniquely splits the two MCs, (Big Boi
album meant a lot to me as we were on tour It should be interesting with Beanie Segal
per Jadakiss drops Kiss
in 2006 but it also had no difficulty making being signed by 50 Cent and now him go-
He started out DJing in Lon-
and Andre 3000, respectively) into two
tha Game Goodbye. separate albums. (becoming one of the
the album of the year list. Public Enemy with ing at Jay Z. Will Jay Z get taken down a
don at just 15 and he quickly
Puff Daddy is acquit- best-selling albums of all-time) and goes on
Paris dropped Rebirth of a Nation. Another peg or two by them road rappers? ... and
made a name for himself, join-
ted of assault charges. to win the Grammy for Album of the Year,
one with a message. Snoop Dogg gave us who is going to jump up for that top spot?
ing local pirate radio stations
Shyne is found guilty and only the second hip-hop release to win the
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Watch out for 50 as he is gathering a Hip
Kiss FM and LWR and even
sentenced to ten years in award. Dizzee Rascal brings out Boy in da
Hop army under his wings. To compete
starting his own, WBLS.
prison. Puffy announces Corner. Ludacris drops Chicken & Beer.
with the last decade we´re going to have
Kanye West thought it time for Graduation,

that he is changing his
to see some big things (or make them hap-
Jay-Z was an American Gangster. Devin the
He later went on to become
name to P. Diddy.
2004 pen). I am ready.
the first ever UK hip hop art-
internationally renowned hip hop stars
Kanye West makes his way into our lives
Dude was Waiting to Inhale and DJ Jazzy
Are you?
ist to appear on Top of the Pops and
Eric B and Rakim.
with Jesus Walks and the College Drop-
Jeff came back with Return of the Magnifi-
achieved mainstream pop success
He will be greatly missed by those who
 
Legendary DJ Jam Mas-
out. Nas Street’s Disciple hits the streets.
cent. Method Man, CL Smooth and Dave
with “Goodgroove” and “Bad Young
knew him and loved him, but his music
ter Jay of Run DMC is
Jadakiss gives us The Kiss Of Death. Mad-
Ghetto help make The album a triumphant
Brother”, which hit the charts at num-
and his legacy will always be there for
 
murdered outside of a
villain released Madvillainy and also on the
comeback. Other big albums were Talib
ber 16 in 1988. Following this chart
people to look to for inspiration. With-
success he released his first and only
out Derek, UK hip hop may not have
album Bullet From a Gun.
produced some of the young talent it
 
Following his successful rap career
he became a record producer and  
remixer working with other UK rapper
RIP Derek, one “Bad Young Brother”
legends the Cookie Crew, as well as
with a good heart.
 
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