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Bazzarr Xmas Pressies
If you’re looking for something a bit more personal and a bit more quirky
New York City for Free
then what better place to find it then at a good ole market. These are great
places not only to find gifts but also to have a great day out and meet some lovely stallholders (bloody interesting people who are passionate
about what they do and the stuff they’re bringing us).
Art Camberwell SW9
Music Brick Lane E1 Home Brick Lane E1
Amongst the many Christ- a twist; an Arts Bazaar at agree- graphic pieces as well as hand
mas Markets that’ll be popping able prices. printed greetings cards, second
J u s t
up over the coming month is Showcasing an eclectic range of hand art books means this is the
next-door is
the South London Arts Bazaar independent artists, whose work perfect place to come not just
the T Rooms.
hosted by Arts en’ all, from Fri- will stimulate the senses and ex- for your arty mate but also those
Walking in
day 18th - 24th Dec 2009. They cite your eyes. people who’d like to pimp out
you feel as
are presenting an exhibition with Selling large to small art/photo- there pad with pretty pieces of
though your
unique work.
You can go down
into a secret
for evening viewing
little pirate
of diverse and af-
cave littered Marrakech:
fordable art, set in
with timeless
the beautiful South
and beautiful
London ‘Red Gate Down at Brick Lane´s Old Truman Brew-
booty. A gold-
Gallery’ from 6.30- ery there’s food, drink, a beautiful vibe and loads
en glow shines from a stall to the right of the myth of the East
1am on Fri 18th of lovely stuff that we really, really want. Here
room and attracts you to its treasure trove.
Dec. Enjoy a glass amongst all pretty vintage clothes and fresh
Morocco still projects a powerful myth of middle
of wine, a cocktail fashion talent you find the source of the funky
Adorned with gold lame and wreaths of
eastern exoticism and romanticism. Pink, dusty
or some mulled beats being blasted into the room. The stall is
dainty dried flowers, lit up with various vin-
wine, yum yum yum run by Chris and Syndi, a couple that have been
tage or handmade lamps and offering the buildings under a cobalt blue sky, hues of terra-
and take in the work making sweet music together for a decade (hee-
most peculiar little gems.
cotta and green olive trees all jostling alongside
which you can actu- hee!). They’re residents at the Market Place (a
From colourful, African print, handmade
ally afford to buy! club not another place to shop!) and DJ under
bed quilts to your favorite old skool board acrobats and snakecharmers is all part of the
With more than eight million people living within the city limits and
the name ManVsWife. They’re passionate about
games and everything in-between.
heady Marrakech experience.
Michael Cimino
bringing the public the best of British jazz/soul/
almost 19 million people in the metropolitan area, New York City
hiphop/latin.CDs cost between £6 - £11 so
On talking to Martin, the magpie who runs
The labyrinthine Medina and the aroma of of the cultural part of Marrakech.
the stall, I was told that that day they had
pungent spices will take your breath away, Shopping in Marrakech is an experience
is the ultimate metropolis.
there’s something for every pocket. When asked
what 5 CDs they’d grab from their table in some
partied with their antique stuffed parrot who
a real assault on the senses. The light in not to be missed, however bartering is the
had gone to a good home. We both won-
Marrakech is warm, dusty and smokey and name of the game here and you should ex-
It boasts a gritty appeal that’s missing in by donation every Wednesday. ing all the free things in town, but window
sort of emergency that meant that only 5 CDs
dered at what sort of a home Polly would
the vivid African colours float and sway pect to pay at least 70 percent of the ask-
many other big American cities and it has During winter the Pond at Bryant Park (the- shopping lets you keep your wallet in your
can survive (not a fire, fires are scary) they chose
have gone to and what sort of purpose he’ll
with the theatrical backdrop that makes ing price, so haggle away and return with
a vibrant atmosphere fuelled by the millions is the city’s only pocket while seeing why shopaholics love
serve. Probably real pirates collecting stuff
this city ignite with passion and spirit. some of the most divine wares you can
of people who live and work in the city. free admission ice-skating rink, although this city.
•BroadCite Volume 3
for their own treasure trove.
Marrakech has benefited from a huge fi- find. For the interior designer inspired, you
Despite its reputation as an expensive city, you’ll need to rent skates for $12 if you New York’s best bargain is the Staten Is-
•Stange Breaks – Mr Thing
Martin runs the stall every weekend and
nancial investment from the government will be able to buy high quality carpets and
there is a lot happening in New York that is don’t have your own pair. land Ferry, which provides a free alterna-
•New Morning – Sabrina Malhairos
hand makes a lot of art and home wares for
and is now very much part of the travel- Kilims and an array of beautiful fabrics for
absolutely free. Grand Central Terminal is arguably the tive to pricey sightseeing cruises. The ferry
•Emanative – Space
it. Each piece is completely unique.
lers trail, it still has the allure and mystery you to turn your urban London abode into
grandest railway station in the United sails between St George on Staten Island
•We Wah 45s – We Wah 10
of days gone by when playwrights, actors, a Fez fairytale.
FREE MUSIC AND THEATRE States and you don’t need to buy a train and Whitehall Street at the southernmost
My faves are the almost
musicians and the bohemian set would
BAMcafé ( at the Brooklyn Acad- ticket to admire the impressive building. tip of Manhattan, sailing past Ellis Island
gothic black figurines,
hang out here, seduced by the subdued
emy of Music has free performances of and the Statue of Liberty en route. It
made from the recycled
hedonism and sensual energy that to ooz-
jazz, R&B, pop and world music every offers excellent views of Lower Man-
body ports of old ceramic
es out of every pore. Winston Churchill,
Friday and Saturday night. hattan and Jersey City as well as Ellis
Resolutions that you are
statuettes. Think Sids
French fashion icons, movie stars all were
Where to stay
Shakespeare in the Park has a regular Island and the Statue of Liberty.
workshop in Toy Story
captured by the mix of Islamic, Arab, Af-
programme of free Shakespeare pro- You can unwind in the park after you
going to break:
Cafe arabe is a small riad
meets the luxury and dec-
rican and Berber cultures and Joe Orton
ductions performed in Central Park. Al- have done all the free things in the city.
guest house, very elegant and
adence of Selfridges.
the talented British playwright enjoyed
though admission is free, you still need Central Park, the city’s most famous
superb italian dining, run by Paolo
Prices at the stall start
a promiscuous frenzied jaunt here in the
to get a ticket from Delacorte Theater in park, spanning the expanse between
1. Stop pressing snooze on the parties (and publish it on face-
who knows everything you need
from as little as 50p (have
Central Park or the Public Theater (pub- Harlem and Midtown Manhattan. The
alarm clock every morning book!)
to know about Morocco, its close
a rummage through their The Shakespeare in the park features lots of recreation areas
to the medina. La Mamounia hotel,
2. Stop partying all the time 7. Shower everyday
sticker box, you’ll find it
If beach clubs are more your idea of heav-
Park season runs from June to August. including cycling and walking tracks, a
recently re-furbed this is splendid
3. Give up smoking 8. Stop chatting on the internet
hard making your mind
en then Nikki Beach close to La Palmerie
swimming pool, two ice-skating rinks,
and top notch, drink in the Church-
4. Go on a diet on working time
up) so you can fill the
wont dissapoint. Here you can party till the
FREE MUSEUMS an outdoor theatre and a zoo. It is the
hill bar before heading off to dinner.
5. Drink less to remember your 9. Stop giving your partner your stockings as well as
very early hours to some of the best DJs
The American Folk Art Museum (folkart- most visited city park in the United has many types of
parties credit card under the tree. around, the crowd is predomanently euro- is free on Friday nights States and you can easily spend a day
accommodation avaliable.
pean with some of the most sophisticated
5.30pm-7.30pm. This isn’t just free here, although it is best to keep out of
6. Stop taking bad photos in 10. Stop making lists…
scene people from Morocco. Marrakech´s
admission, but includes free live music the park after dark. Other parks include
Pauline Marcellin
How to get there
rich history is a delight to discover. The
too. The station’s main concourse is the most Bryant Park, Union Square and Wash-
royal palace is one of the most incredible
Royal air maroc fly daily
Entry to the Guggenheim Museum well-known part of the building consisting ington Square Park in Greenwich Village
buildings and although the city is very easy
Easy jet from gatwick
( is by donation 5.45pm- of a cavernous space with an enormous where you can often listen to amateur mu-
to navigate on foot and by taxi, a guide can
Ryan air from luton
7.45pm on Saturday evenings. American flag and an opulent astronomical sicians who gather around the fountain.
be one of the best ways to get the most out
The Museum of Modern Art (www.moma. ceiling. You can read more reviews and make on-
org) has free admission 4pm-8pm on Fri- Shopping in a big city like New York may line bookings for hostels in New York City
day evenings. not fit into your itinerary if you’re just do- at
The Studio Museum of Harlem (studiomu- has free admission every Sun-
Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
day afternoon.
Travelling cheap, but want
Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 20 - Mar 20 Mar 21 - Apr 20 Apr 21 - May 21 May 22 - Jun 22 Jun 23 - Jul 23 FREE WALKING TOURS
The past brings with it a You are not alone, I am December is a time for You are tired of predictability U is gonna read dis Today is a day for sharing.
Several neighbourhood groups operate
conflict. World War II to be here with you. It doesn’t matter friends. Come to think of it and ready to take a gamble. sentence. I knews dat coz I is Take all of your wealth and dis-
free walking tours. These include the Union
to stay somewhere nice?
exact. You remember World if you’re black or white - don’t it’s always time for Friends. Halfsies on any winnings, okay? sycik. tribute it equally amongst the
Square Partnership’s free 90-minute walk-
War II don’t you? You do? blame it on the sunshine. Billie Bloody E4 repeats. Don’t forget who gave you the masses. Don’t you feel better
ing tour of Union Square (unionsquarenyc. Then find your hostel on BUG. We have has been around since 1997,
Damn you’re old. Jean is not my lover. advice. now? Ha, ha – course not you
org/walk.html) and surrounding streets.
which makes us the web’s original hostel review site.
stupid communist!

BUG only has hostels – other ‘hostel’ websites are full of fancy
Stretch your legs and get close to one of
hotels that you can’t afford.
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
New York’s most famous landmarks – the
Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge has a raised

BUG is independent – other websites have hostels write their own
Jul 24 - Aug 23 Aug 24 - sep 23 Sep 24 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 22 Nov 23 - Dec 21 Dec 22 - Jan 20
pedestrian walkway in the centre of the
description. On BUG you get the truth: honest reviews and ratings
Neptune blah. Blah blah You will blink every time Run, Forrest, run. As you walk around today My mum said that she The orbiting Androm-
bridge that is accessible from the end
written by BUG’s own staff of hostel inspectors plus thousands of
stars and planets blah. Blah I something interesting hap- you may notice that you feel always knew I was going to eda has been following your
of Centre Street on the Manhattan side.
will reveal all blah blah. Blah pens. Everyone will say “Sh*t lighter and less weighed down grow up to be a fortune teller thoughts this month. Have
It takes around half an hour to walk the
reviews written by travellers just like yourself.
blah we accept credit cards did you see that??!!” and you by everything around you. This and I was like “Wow, I guess you noticed? Quick, there she The central point of Marrakech is Jemaa el fna, the huge square where all the evening
and cheques blah. will reply “Yeah!”. But you is because you left your bag you’re psychic too, huh?”. You goes! No, that was a mouse. activity takes place. It can only be described as surreal and pure escapism with its carni-
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden ( is No booking fee
didn’t see it. You blinked and on the train. will find this anecdote funny. valesque and theatrical atmosphere. At at the north end of the square you will find winding
free Mon-Fri until 2 March 2010.
you know it. allyways to the souks, which appear to be chaotic but are deceptivley compact.
Entry to the Bronx Zoo ( is
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