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the london style
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The last year has been an interesting one for fashion. Since fashion is as much about lifestyle as it is design, the power
of what we wear to inject some Va Va Voom into our day has been embraced by the British nation. Nia Aronoffsky
Brand new and exclusive to Contagious To celebrate the launch of the range we are
Clubwear we introduce the new currently offering an exclusive 10% off discount
Fashion in 2009 continued to wit- blue to much bolder hot pinks, or- ment. Understandable. All practi-
cyber sequin range. across the range to The Guestlist Network read-
ness discounted retailers such as ange, mango, tangerine and lime. cal/functional reasoning aside, no
This range has been designed ers just go to
Primark be a must for the new mon- Who said that we didn’t have a Brit- matter how you wear them - socks/
especially to dazzle and delight and type in
ey-savvy dresser. Keen to remain ish summer? English Garden and no socks/under long trousers (in
so you know you will rock the GLN09 on checkout
looking up-to-the-minute but minus exotic floral prints were also pop- theory, half-concealed means only
dance floor in our super sexy
the guilt associated with painful ping up all over the shop 50% of the ugliness) - these rub-
super sparkly little numbers. Also available at contagious Clubwear DMC
prices, as shopping in the value ber hooves can never look good.
The Cyber sequin Range T-shirts for the guys, a full and extensive range
sector fully lost its former stigma Catsuit/Jumpsuits - The last year EVER. :p
is now available on our of designs and colours, turn heads this festive
and became democratized to the has seen this all-in-one really take
website in Neo, Uber and season with a design from DMC.
point of de rigueur status. off. Most popular wore silk, satin Empire-Waistline Dresses - the
and crepe styles. Short or long, maternity dress but for non-preg-
Remember with
That’s why I ♥ fashion. It so or as formal or informal as you like. nant women. Make them go away.
Contagious Clubwear
screams ‘No r e c e s s i o n ! ’ Coming from some- one that Please. Thank you.
you can dress to
0845 54 35 933
Despite its own industry-spe-
cific casualties over the past Gladiator Sandals - the ones that
year (condolences go out go half way up your leg (the minimal
to Luella, you will be ankle ones I can just about
missed), whether tolerate). This
you love it/hate it or view was fully
claim indifference, sanctioned after
one cannot deny catching sight
that it continues to of a ‘fashionista’
stick two-fingers donning a pair
up to the down- whilst out and
turn and carry on about in the West
regardless. The End. They were heeled
Guestlist Network (and she couldn’t walk in
takes a look at how it them properly which probably
did just that with its worst didn’t help), formed of that squishy
and best trends of 2009: plastic material akin to those jelly tot
tried this, I take heart sandals you wore when you were
from the fact that I wasn’t the only like 5, and half her calf was bulging
BEST TRENDSOF 2009 one getting almost naked in public out of the gappy strap things as if
toilets. crying to get out of their brace-like
Leather - A longstanding wardrobe bondage. All I could think was “Oh,
staple , leather got taken to a whole honey, no.” No No No.
different level this year with every- STUPIDEST TRENDS OF 2009
thing from pants, skirts, shorts, Harem Pants a.k.a. Hammer (as in
vest, you name it. Effects ranged Shutter Sunglasses - as seen on the MC) Pants - where to begin?
from used leather pieces for a clas- Kanye West in the ‘Stronger’ video. These trousers sag from your bum,
sic vintage-inspired look, to the Seriously, what are those? I kinda AND from your crotch AND have
rock-chic and fetish camp. get them as nu-rave accessories, tight-like skinny ankles.
but even then I’m inclined to ask I get it, they’re comfortable right?
Statement Shoulders - This sum- what’ the heck is wrong with a nice They also look like you’ve crapped
mer’s sexiest body part. Exagger- regular pair of sunglasses? in them. One could also argue that
ated, squared off, puffed up, bat- They may be the work of a French they are functional (see blurb on
wing or padded. In your face and high-end glasses designer by the Crocs above).
fierce. name of Alain Mikli but that’s super- Why?
fluous detail. In a word, ridiculous. Because you could go off and do all
Metal Embellishment - Channel- your Christmas shopping and put
ing the rock gods of old, flashes Crocs - like Dutch clogs, but in what you’ve bought in the crotch of
of silver were here there and ev- plastic, with punched out marble- those things and never run the risk
erywhere. Rivets, zips, studs, you sized holes all over them. of anything falling out the bottom.
name it, these were on shoulders, My ex-boyfriend (chef) used to don “U Can’t Touch This”... my advice
sleeves, adorning motifs and espe- a pair for working in the kitchen. would be just “Don’t Touch This”.
cially on leather. He also had a practical justification,
as in he wanted to retain all 10 of
Florals, Prints and Colours - Rang- his well-formed toes in what was/
ing from soft pinks, rose and slate is a potentially hazardous environ-
Autumn 2009
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