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Looking Back at the Decade
Kanika Findley-Chin
As the first decade of the new millennium comes to a close, I’m still pinching myself its been 10 years already, we at the Guestlist Network thought
we’d ponder how we’ve consumed our way through the Noughties. We’re a fickle bunch. Like a swarm of ravenous locusts we’ll jump on the latest
sure thing ingesting it with gusto and when we’ve had our fill toss it aside like yesterdays rubbish. So as we speed toward an increasingly digital age
what have we been spending our pounds on.
Having a world of consumerism at
In the Noughties nearly everyone
you’re fingertips can be danger-
My good ol’ buddy t’Internet has
and their gran had a shot at 15
ous. Stuffing items into a make
helped me through many a conun-
minutes of Stardom. Big Bruv
believe shopping basket doesn’t
drum, clearing up some silly fac-
and friends allowed us to gorge
feel quite real until you receive said
tual based disagreement with a
purchases and subsequent bank
mate (cough Wikipedia) or simply
statements outlining your splurge.
entertaining me when I was bored
That said you can get your hands
(cough Youtube). I could wax po-

on pretty much anything legal or
etic until the cows came home but
otherwise on the net. No longer
whether you agree or not you’d
the virtual high street for the lazy
have to admit in the noughties

Big Bruv and
friends allowed us to
or agoraphobic, the freedom and
gorge ourselves on
cyberspace has transformed
the instant gratification of buying unhealthy levels of
the way we access information,
online appeals to all of us. Noth- Eco-fashion and Ethical living is
communicate et al. Whether it’s
ing is more vexing than Oxford not just for hippies. Organic, Fair-
voyeurism and tele-
Skyping your cousin in Oz, Face-
Street on a chockablock Satur- trade or harvested in the light of
visual treats such as
booking your friend in France or
day afternoon and I know I’m not a full moon by a flaxen haired vir-
online gaming, frittering away your
the only one who’s fought not to gin…It’s all very now darling.
what not to do with
hard earned cash, the Informa-
unleash their inner sociopath and Ok, it’s easy to be a tad cynical
an empty wine bot-
tion super highway is a veritable
As it has been the decade of im-
head butt the next slow coach but with population pressures and
juggernaut that shows no signs
age obsession least we forget the
tourist who gets in the way. many other environmental issues
tle when your every
of stopping. Via Broadband and
rise of the Metrosexual. Now I’ll be
a lot of us are concerned with how
Wi-Fi we’re hyperlinked to our
straight, I like a guy who moisturis- movement is being
and where we get our goods. For
international brethren making six
es because ashy, dinosaur dermis
example ethical clothes may still streamed live
degrees of separation a whole lot
is not the way I role. Quite frankly
be made from scratchy wool or re-
anything that encourages more
cycled bottle tops but now they’re

men to familiarise themselves with ourselves on unhealthy
bright, colourful and luxurious.
Forget how we functioned with-
the joys of regular cleanliness and
Vintage and charity shopping has ”

levels of
voyeurism and televisual treats
out mobiles, how in God’s green
a little maintenance can’t be bad such as what not to do with an
become en vogue for the masses.
earth did we develop into tech-
no? Clearly the more unfortunate empty wine bottle when your ev-
Although its popularity probably
nologically advanced societies
sex have always been vain so
ery movement is being streamed
has less to do with sustainability
without the Internet!? Answers on
and so’s deep down but guyliner, live. As such it’s been quite the self
and more with wearing something
a postcard please.
moob surgery, highlights and fake indulgent decade too, spawning
tanc… ome on chaps surely it’s
How could I round up the old, pretty and different from your
a broad array of shock docs and
about what’s
Noughties without mentioning the bog standard high street number.
Reality TV; many along the lines
on the inside.
fiscal calamity which has blighted In contrast we all know some
of me and my new face/ body/
our lives of late. In times of finan- purveyors of cheap throw away
vagina. Marvellous inventions like
cial hardship we batten down the fashion have less then perfect
Sky Plus or 4oD have ensured
hatches and prioritise the essen- employment records but it hasn’t
we haven’t missed a thing. Rivet-
tials: Sex, Food and Video games! stopped most flocking down to
ing usually, scripted and contrived
Sales of all three have shot up like Primarni.
sometimes, entertaining by and
aw… ell you know.
large, yes.
In between the redundancies and
staycations we’ve had to become
inventive and economical with our
time and what better way to warm
Competition time!
those long nights of the financial
winter eh? Partial to a spot of Fru- • To win one of the cutest fluffiest microbes
galitarian myself and I have been
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partaken in my fair share of free
LINK “” \t
stuff recently, from nights out to
exhibitions etc. Admittedly though
“_blank” and tell us
not far enough compared to those
what the animation of the flu virus is holding.
Freeganism guys. The ultimate Is it
anti-consumerists who bin raid,
skills swap and salvage there way
a) A matchstick
through life. A bit extreme?
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b) A thermometer
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