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Continued FroM Pg. 13
Choose the menu, buy ingredients,
about your setbacks can make you feel better.
Mention you are looking for a second job to
prepare the meal, MISS YOUR
make some extra money and most people will
OWN PARTY, do the dishes.
get the idea about your situation pretty quickly.
And by saying, your immediate goals out loud, CALL DALLY’S CATERING
it’s like sending a request to the Universe! Be and Enjoy an Evening of
selective about who you reach out to, though, Good Food & Good Company
and tell only those people you can trust, whether
that be a neighbor, family member or someone
in your church.
Debbie Patterson IDS, IRIS, WFCP
An already fragile marriage can break up when
• Decorating Plans • Color Consultations
there are financial difficulties. So, let go of
• Design • Shutters, Shades
blaming your spouse or defending yourself or
Consultations & Blinds
trying to be right about ‘who got us into this
• One Day Room • Furniture &
Make Overs Reupholstery
[financial] mess.’ Accept you both made choices
• Custom Window • Fine Carpeting, Stone
alone that led to your situation together; then Treatments & Wood Flooring
focus on your highest good as a partnership. it’s
also important to set aside quality time with each
(951) 6) 698-9-9610
other in which you agree not to discuss or argue
about problems or solutions, even if that just
means a 15-minute walk around the block.
kids n’ sYnC
if you are stressed out about money problems,
your kids are likely feeling the pressure, too.
Reassure them Mom and Dad are working on
From the simplest of
the problem and that everything will be okay.
have family meetings, try to be consistent about
to the most
what you can afford, and only make promises to sophisticatedpalate
your children you know you can keep. if you are
We have menu options
positive about change, your kids will be, also.
for every budget.
no sMaLL Praise
Get active by focusing on possible solutions
to your problem and listing your options. Set
Enjoy 5% Savings on your fi rst
small, short-term goals such as deciding to
booking by mentioning this ad.
call four business contacts a day. then do it!
Praise yourself for making the effort and moving
Dally’s Catering also offers a 5% Referral
Commission. Call for details.
forward. And remind yourself you can dream
another dream! UTS
michele germain, LcsW,
Lmft, cbt, is a north
san diego psychotherapist,
speaker and author of “the
Jill Principle,” a guide for
women undergoing divorce
and relationship breakups.
for more information, visit
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