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Salem Community Patriot
8 - December 11, 2009
Well Care
healthy body, mind, and spirit.
Healthy Tips to Minimize the Effects of Holiday Stresses
submitted by Dr. Holly Ruocco, DC changes in spinal balance, leading to spinal • head, at least up to ear level. This is important
Holiday stresses can increase health risks. The misalignments (known as subluxations) and to support and protect the head and neck in the
International Chiropractors
Association (IC
A) has malfunction in the entire body. unfortunate event of a sudden stop.
issued helpful holiday hints and recommendations The ICA has prepared several helpful tips: • Get enough rest. Many health problems that
to ward off health problems over the holidays. • When lifting packages, firewood, or your frozen occur with the holidays are simply due to
Overeating was of particular interest as it holiday turkey and other heavy items, lift with fatigue. By simply getting adequate rest, you
related to physical stress placed on the spine.

your legs, not y
our back. When lifting, hold
healthy body, mind, and spirit.
can help prevent structural strain, emotional
According to the release, “A bulging stomach objects close to your body; rather than flexing and cognitive imbalance, and general health
can put pressure on your body support systems, forward, maintain a slight arch in your lower problems.
including your spine and spinal nerves. Every back and bend at the knees before standing up The Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce
extra pound in the abdominal region could put with the object. That way, the lifting is done Health Resources committee looks forward to
10 pounds more stress on the lower back. This primarily with the strong muscles of the legs bringing you pertinent and timely information
stress can last a short time, such as just after eating supporting the load. about a variety of wellness issues each month.
a heavy meal or lifting a package improperly. • When cooking or standing for an extended When traveling by car or plane, place a pillow We hope you have found these articles to be
It may also become chronic, as heavy eating period, elevate one foot with a foot rest or or folded towel behind the small of the back a valuable tool when making your health-care
during the holidays may lead to weight gain, and stacked books, about six inches from the floor. to help maintain the arch in your lower back choices. We wish you a happy, healthy, and safe
carrying extra pounds can put added strain on the Alternately elevating each foot relieves tired and support the rest of the body properly. This holiday and hope you enjoy a prosperous new
supporting structures of the spine and nervous back and leg muscles – similar to the function relieves the discs and joint structures of the year full of joy and wellness.
system.” the foot rest serves for customers standing at a spine from unnecessary pressure. Source:
The release also notes that additional weight counter – and helps prevent bad posture habits • In addition to fastening your seat belt for car
can force the pelvis and torso to shift and cause that can lead to abnormal spinal curvatures. trips, adjust the headrest to align with your
Program Aids Those with Neurological Disorders and Traumas
submitted by Laurie Lavoie, MSOTR/L Salem, she is able to walk and move her left arm again. Today, fingers to coordinate movements – by twisting the stem from the
she is walking with her outpatient therapists on the uneven terrain apple. In addition, she is working on her balance while bending
Julie is a 35-year-old mother of two. Looking at her now, you
of an apple orchard in NH. Julie is taking part in the community to pick up apples from the ground, crouching to pick apples
would never know that she had a stroke four months ago—a
out-trip program offered by the NRH outpatient department. from low branches, and carrying a 10 pound bag of apples while
stroke that left her paralyzed on the left side. After many weeks
This trip takes the place of one of Julie’s traditional, gym-based running up a hill. “I was wondering if I was going to be able to
of intense therapy at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) in
therapies for the week. The focus for today’s session is to fine- do anything like this again. I was nervous to get back out into
tune her ability to use her left arm during the community after having had my stroke. Doing this today has
functional tasks, such as reaching up to pick given me the confidence to know that I can do it, even if I have to
an apple from a branch. She is also working run after my kids at the same time!”
on her fine motor skills – the ability for her
Well Care
The outpatient department at Northeast
Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem has a team of
Inc. |
’s Guide).
physical, occupational, and speech therapists

who work closely with patients in identifying

Now offers the
their community goals. Once these goals are
An advanced functional electrical stimulation

ct is right for you.
established, the team plans a trip to work on
Advertise in the Area News Group’s
(FES) system that sends low-level electrical these with the patient in the actual community
New Special Section Promoting
impulses to the nerve in your leg, stimulating
environment. These community out-trips take the
healthy body, mind, and spirit.
muscles to lift your foot.
place of traditional gym/office-based therapies
The L300 uses FES to produce (also available in the NESS L300 User
and allow the therapists to assess how the patient
The Hudson~Litchfield News, Pelham~Windham News
movements that help people with
functions in a non-controlled environment.
and the Salem Patriot are directly mailed newspapers
circulating 37,000 copies to over 72,000 readers
The information learned on these trips can
foot drop walk and lead a more
Runs Second Week
in homes weekly.
help the therapists to adjust their treatments for
active life.
of Each Month
call 880-1516 to reserve your space . Consult with a qualifi ed physician to determine if this produ
sessions with these patients in the clinic. More
Are you an appropriate candidate for
importantly, these trips help patients to gain the
the L300? Have questions? Want more
confidence needed to return to the community
information? Call Northeast Rehab at
activities they once enjoyed, despite their
(603) 893-2900 ext. 3055.
Adverse Reactions and Precautions are available on-line at www
"Wishing you
If you or someone you know has been | Rx Only | Individual results vary
diagnosed with a neurological disorder or
NESS®, NESS L300™, Intelli-Gait™, Intelli-Sense Gait Sensor™, Bioness®, the Bioness Logo and LiveOn™ are trademarks of Bioness www Contraindications,
all of
experienced a neurological trauma such as
stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury, you may
32 Stiles Road, Suite 208
be able to understand the physical and mental
the Blessings
Salem, NH 03079
challenges that our community can present.
These challenges often lead to avoidance of
of the
the experience altogether; something that can
add to the overwhelming sense of loss and can
lead to medical complications, such as anxiety
Holiday Season"
We treat the whole family and depression. Call Northeast Rehabilitation
Cosmetic and esthetic dentistry
Hospital at 893-2900 and let our outstanding
from the residents Dentures, partial dentures,
team of therapists help. The program worked for
Julie and for others just like her; it can work for
and staff
crowns, bridges, veneers,
bonding, implants
you and/or your loved one.
of Salemhaven
New patients always welcome
State of the art new dental

Digital x-rays
The most current up to date
er 29 Years
of Excellence
Most insurance accepted
Team dentist for
For more info on our services such as hospice,
All major credit cards accepted
the Lowell Spinners
Financing available
Health care provider for
rehab or long term care or to schedule a tour, the Lowell Devils Hockey Team
Independent Lifestyle with 24 Hr Supervision
please call Stephanie Micklon at 893-5586
Please visit our website;
Home Like Atmosphere with Private Rooms Activities & Outings • Transportation Arrangements
“Brighten your Smile
Medication Supervision • Warm, Caring Staff
for the Holidays”
Affordable Retirement Living
Free home tooth
ed time only
Head of Operative Dentistry at
(603) 434-8827 (603) 434-9110
Patricia & James Flynn
Rehab & Nursing Center
whitening, $450 value,
35 North Lowell Rd., , Windham, NH
Convenient to Rtes. 111 & I93
23 Geremonty Drive Salem, NH
for any new patient who
School of
offer for a limit Dental Medicine
schedules an exam x-rays and cleaning
Family owned and operated since 1984
an E


Just one of the reasons you’ll want to
join our community.
Creating Strong Bonds of Respect and Affection.
At Windham Terrace, you and your loved ones are part of
our family! Whether it’s relaxing in the company of other
residents, participating in activities or just enjoying your
surroundings… No cooking, No laundry, No worries!
Use it.
We offer medication management, 24-hour assistance,
transportation, delicious menu options, housekeeping
Don’t lose it.
Grandma Will Thank You!
and laundry services. Memory care apartments and
short-term stays are also available.
If you participate in a Healthcare
Here is a list of vision-related
Town of Salem
Savings Account (HAS), “Flex Plan” or
Expenses that may qualify for
Post Office
To schedule a tour, call Lynda Brislin
“Cafeteria Plan” through your company
Store 24
or visit
benefits program, time may be
Eye Health Examination • Contact Lenses
running out. Some plans require the
Laser Vision Correction • Eyeglasses
Kelley Library
money you contributed to be spent
Computer Eyeglasses • Prescription Sunglasses
by December 31, or you risk losing it.
River Bank
Note: Check with your plan administrator to determine the specific requirements of your plan. Please let our office know about your major B+H Oil Convenience
medical or vision plan coverage when you call for an appointment. We’ll help you get all the benefits you have coming to you.
Boys & Girls Club
Acuity Eyecare & Optical Boutique Senior Center
3 Church Road • Windham, NH 03087 223 Main Street, Salem NH 03079 •
Our Salem Office:
(603) 505-4672 Hours: T- F 8:30am - 5:30PM, Sat 8:00am - noon
68 Stiles Rd.
(603) 893-8628 Most insurances accepted, outside prescriptions welcome
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Acuity Eyecare
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223 Main Street, Salem NH 03079
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