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Salem Community Patriot
10 - Deccember 11. 2009
Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Area News Group or its advertisers. The Area News Group Thumbs column
should not be used to hurt or defame an individual or business. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Area
News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.
“Thumbs down to channel 23 regarding the lays his life on the line for their own community “Thumbs down a big ‘thumbs down’ to State COUNTRY BACK!”
Christmas Parade. Why wasn’t it televised? The every single day for warming their hands in their Rep Marilinda Garcia for not writing a letter
“Thumbs up. Thank you to Freshwater Farms
only thing I saw on channel 23 was when they pockets or for not looking perfect in a newspaper supporting Ken Wyler from Kingston for the
for their help in obtaining the wreaths for the
were getting organized before the start of the candid photo shot is just beyond disrespectful. special election. She had no trouble taking
Salem Municipal Buildings that the Salem
parade. I know it will be televised at a later date, A true vet of any war would appreciate the support from there. She seems to take help but
Garden Club donates each year.”
but don’t know when. It is difficult to know what presence of their local law enforcement agency does not believe in giving help.”
time it is on as there are very few listings for it. at such a ceremony. They are ‘candid’ photos as
“Thumbs down, a big ‘thumbs down’ to the
“Thumbs up to our Virgin Mother Mary saying
Don’t tell me to go on the Internet as I don’t own no one asks the press to come, and no one asks
PTA of the Fisk school. The Christmas parade
‘yes’ to God, not ‘Now isn’t a good time to have
one or want one.” the press to take pictures.”
was done by only 3 men. Only 3 men. It
this baby, Joseph might leave me, I’ll probably
took them all day Saturday and part of Sunday
“Thumbs down to the person who complained “Thumbs be stoned
morning. The attendance of the children was
about the maintenance of Rockingham Park. down, a to death.’
awful, the parents of the PTA should just resign.
That person must not live in Salem since there is big ‘thumbs
obviously no appreciation of the current situation down, to
of Rockingham Park along with all they do for those who
the community in the face of financial obstacles. talk badly
She didn’t
They do nothing for the school and that parade
was absolutely gorgeous and done by only 3
men and only 2 girls from the Fisk school was
really disgusting. So again ‘thumbs down’ a big
Rockingham donates thousands of dollars to about Salem She accepted
dozens of charities like Boys & Girls Club, Relay Police
Salem Area
‘thumbs down’ to the Salem Fisk PTA.”
God’s word
for Life, Salem Rams, other Salem youth sports officers. and brought
“Thumbs up to Rep. Mary Griffin who was one
and many others along with providing facility Police are
Call Jim at R & J Getty
forth into
of the co-founders of a bill passed by the NH
usage for various charities. What that person human. They this world
legislature in 2000 honoring veterans of Pearl
who sent last week’s ‘thumb’s down’ should are moms,
have written was: ‘Thumbs down to our state dads, sisters, 603-898-7952
our Lord and
Harbor. Dedication of Pearl Harbor Memorial
savior Jesus
Bridge took place December 7 at the state house
representatives who have not been full-throated brothers, and Christ. A true
in representative hall. There are 16 veterans left
in their efforts in getting gaming to Rockingham.’ children. mom loves
in the state of NH who served at Pearl Harbor, 10
Webber, Elliot & DiFruscia are strong advocates They are no different than you or I. Why do her children, born or unborn, unconditionally
were in attendance.”
but the other ten need to prove that they are so many only want to see the bad in our local and would sacrifice her life first before allowing
“Thumbs up to everyone who has decorated
doing everything they can for Rockingham Park police? We have one of the finest agencies the lives of her own children to be taken. A
their homes this Christmas. Your effort is
to survive. I would suggest that the person who around! Maybe when it is your car that is true child of God works for the salvation of
appreciated and enjoyed. Driving around at
wrote last week’s thumb’s down send a Holiday “smashed and grabbed” or it is your daughter all mankind, through ‘God’s word’, not man’s.
night is actually a fun family event and makes me
Card to Rockingham thanking the park for its who is stalked or assaulted and the police give THANK YOU, MOTHER MARY.“
forget a bad commute or trip to the mall. Merry
commitment to the community while contacting you a hand, you too will have a new attitude of
“Thumbs down to the idealistic person who
Christmas to everyone who decorated their house
legislators to get gaming at Rockingham so we what the police should mean to ALL of us.”
compares ‘Rome not being built in a day’ to
- and thank you!”
will have a state of the art facility not one in
“Thumbs down to my girlfriends ex husband Obama’s failure at any politics he’s ever been
need of some upkeep.”
who feels he is entitled to sit on his rear end elected to. Quit regurgitating the liberal talking
“Thumbs down to the “so called” Vietnam Vet and chose to only work 25 hrs a week while she points and following Keith Olberman and other
Thank you for your submissions. All comments,
who put down Salem Police in regards to a photo works full time and is ordered by the State to pay anti-Americans. Rome was not built in a day
thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written
featured in the Patriot on 11-20. Salem’s finest to support his sorry excuse for a man. Why don’t but the twin towers were torn down in an hour
by the Area News staff. Thumbs comments can be
do not attend such events just because the HAVE you put down your joy stick, get off the couch thanks to your liberal policies. We’ve all had
sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at
to. They WANTED to be there. Of an hour-long and either get a second job or find a job that can enough of you and your disgraceful politicians When submitting a
ceremony, that one photo is a 1/2 a second of support your expensive taste’s. WHAT KIND OF and policies. The economy would have fixed
Thumbs comment, please specify that you would like it
what was celebrated...REMEMBERING AND MAN ELECTS TO TAKE CHILD SUPPORT FROM itself if we did nothing. We can’t sustain this
printed in the Salem Edition. No names are necessary.
HONORING OUR VETERANS!! November 20 HIS EX WIFE? … answer: NOT A MAN! Women debt. Get it through your thick skull! GET
Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments
was a very cool and crisp day, and to think that of Salem watch out, this gold digger is searching READY FOR THE REPUBLICANS IN 2010 AND
should be kept to 100 words or less.
someone would “knit-pick” a police officer who now for his next Sugar momma!” THEN 2012 BABY! WE’RE TAKING OUR
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