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Little People with
VFW Remembers
‘Hearts of Mountains’ Pearl Harbor
Nicole (middle with the Santa Hat) leads the way, giving the thumbs-up for her dad and his soldier friends serving in Iraq
by Doug Robinson
The fi rst-grade students of Griffi n Memorial
Paris’ dad, Spc. Christopher Prunier is assigned to
School are making a big difference this holiday
the 1st Engineer Battalion, 111th Sapper Company.
season by creating specialized care packages for
He, along with his battalion, are responsible for the
our troops serving in Iraq.
dismantling of the Improvised Explosive Devices
“Paris Pruniers’s dad is serving our country
(IEDs) which have been set by the enemy to kill
and fi ghting the in the war over in Iraq, and the
Americans. Each day, Paris’ dad ventures out in
Honor Guard from the Derry Veterans of Foreign War
children thought it would be a great idea to send
search of the IEDs and deactivates the bombs
to Paris’ dad, as well as to his soldier friends, care
before they detonate on any American soldiers.
by Len Lathrop
packages this Christmas to show their appreciation
He, and his battalion, enter into enemy territory,
Members of the Hudson VFW Post 5791 assembled at
for what they are doing” commented Paris’ fi rst-
and create safe roadways for fellow soldiers to
11 a.m. to honor those who endured the attack on the
grade teacher, Mrs. Johnstone.
United States at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The
Paris’ dad was called to serve in the war
“An IED can be almost anything with any type
Japanese had left 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes, and
approximately six weeks ago, recalled Paris’
of material and initiator. It is a ‘homemade’
a crippled Pacifi c Fleet that included eight damaged or
mom, Nicole Prunier. “In a recent letter, my
device that is designed to cause death or injury
destroyed battleships.
husband, Chris, asked if we could send to him
by using explosives alone or in combination with
Assistant Commander Mark Taylor read a salute to
some supplies, which are not available in Iraq,”
toxic chemicals, biological toxins, or radiological
those who served at Pearl Harbor and Chaplain Mike
continued Nicole. “Mrs. Johnstone has been great
material. IEDs can be produced in varying sizes,
Mondoux offered a prayer to those who made the
and the kids have been unbelievable, as they have
functioning methods, containers, and delivery
ultimate sacrifi ce.
gone out and acquired a lot of needed supplies for
methods. IEDs can utilize commercial or military
my husband and the soldiers with whom he fi ghts.”
explosives, homemade explosives, or military Hudson VFW Assistant Commander Mark
As a project for the previous month, the 17
ordnance and ordnance components.” Taylor reads the salute; Chaplain Mike
students in Mrs. Johnstone’s class have received
Hanging on the wall in the class was written, Mondoux off ers a prayer
donations of gum, deodorant, games such as Uno,
“Good Morning Soldiers. Today is the day we
checkers, and chess, pretzels, books, games, candy,
will send presents and smiles to Paris’ dad and his
vitamins, granola bars, red licorice, playing cards,
soldier friends in Iraq.” As the children sat below
beef jerky, shaving cream, pens, Tic Tacs, nuts, air
the sign, they all gave a thumbs-up as their way of
fresheners, toothpaste, toothbrushes, baby powder,
saying “thank you” to the soldiers.
Alvirne Student Wins
shampoo, conditioner, Cracker Jack, and even
“These children are full of dreams,” commented
artifi cial Christmas decorations. The donations
Mrs. Johnstone, “and they know that the holidays
of supplies ran the complete length of the fi rst
are about giving. What they have accomplished
Manchester Superstar Show
graders’ classroom as it was stacked on the desks,
here shows that they have the hearts of mountains.”
ready for boxing and shipping.
submitted by Dave Lecraw
Introducing the 2009
Samantha moved through
Manchester Superstar
Being Thankful
to the Top 15, singing
innerW , Samantha
“Refl ections” by Christina
Migneault! Hudson’s very
Aguilera, and then to the
own Samantha Migneault
Top 11 with Sara Bareilles’
at Early Start Children’s Center
took home the trophy as the
“Gravity.” In the semifi nals,
2009 Manchester Superstar
Samantha sang “Hero” by
inner! W This is a singing
Mariah Carey, which landed
competition, much like
her in the fi nale with fi ve
American Idol, held by the
other contestants. At the
Manchester Community
fi nale on November 23,
Cable station, MCAM TV23,
the panel of judges now
and hosted by Donna
Samantha Migneault
consisted of eight—the three
Jackson and George Cox.
original and fi ve new guest
Not only did Samantha take
judges. Each contestant
home the trophy, but she also won the $1,000
was required to sing two songs: a song picked
cash prize sponsored by Kas-Bar Reality Inc.,
for them by the judges and a song of their
and will be recording an original song, written
choice. Samantha was given “Independence
by Mr. Cox, in Boston, MA, where she will
Day” by Martina McBride and chose the song
be featured in a music video to be shown on
“Love You, I Do” from the musical Dream
MCAM TV23 sometime next year. Samantha
Girls. Her performance blew everyone away
also impressed a talent agent that was on the
and secured her place as the winner! Go
panel of judges who showed great interest in
to or http://vimeo.
working with her. The talent agent loved her
com/7826990 to watch her fi nale performances.
performance and stage presence, and said that
Samantha’s list of accomplishments for 2009
Samantha “has great potential and talent” and
doesn’t end there! She is a freshman at Alvirne
“a sparkle in her eyes.”
High School, where she is a proud member of
Her journey began on August 29, where she
the B Naturals select mixed choir.
and several dozen other hopefuls auditioned
Samantha also recently auditioned for, and
before a panel of three judges—Bethany Moore,
made it into, the NH Classical All State’s Mixed
Bernie Del Llano, and the Gekko. Samantha
Choir and the NH Jazz All State’s Honors
blew the judges away with her a cappella
Chorus, in which she ranked the number-one
version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and
soprano in the state!
submitted b
y Sar
ah Lacaillade
“On My Own,” granting her a spot as one of the
Ms. Landra’s Kindergarten class presented a Thanksgiving Show to their families the day before 41 contestants. In the next couple of rounds,

All enjoyed listening to songs and poems. The children’s hard work was much
appreciated by all. What a wonderful way to begin the holiday!
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