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Pelham - Windham News
December 11, 2009 - 9
Season’s Greetings
Think savings and safety for holiday cheer this year
This year’s holiday shopping reports suggest
that competitive bargain-hunting is the domi-
Season’s Greetings
nant trend among families who have spent the
4 Lesson Intro $60.00
year making only purchases of necessity. But
if cost is the only concern for these spend-
Gift Certificates
ing-savvy “frugalistas,” it could mean they
Music & Voice lessons compromise safety.
Rosita Lee Music Center
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Na-
tional Fire Protection Association (NFPA) want
136 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH
to remind consumers to think about savings
and safety to enjoy true peace of mind this
season. With the NFPA
reporting that December
t our
and January are the peak
months for the overall


number of home fires,
deaths, and injuries,
safety is an issue than
can often be overlooked
the B
with detrimental conse-
• Fresh & Silk Centerpieces
For families, money
• Wreaths & Swags
savings can come in the
form of reusing old deco-
Fresh Cut
• Ornaments • Decorations
mean representative samples have been tested to UL’s rigorous
rations or shopping at thrift stores and deep
safety standards and found to be free of foreseeable safety hazards.
• Boxwood Trees • Poinsettias discounters. It is also a time of year when more
Examine packaging: Parents should thoroughly examine new
•Tabletop Trees • Village & Soy Candles
celebrating and cooking is done in the home.
products, especially if they have young children at home. Pay par-
But if not done carefully, seemingly cheerful
• Mole Hollow Candles
ticular attention to products in boxes or packages that do not offer
activities could quickly put a damper on holi-
• Nativity Sets
a brand name and manufacturer’s information.
Gifts for
day spirits. Old products like light strings can
Great • Gifts for the Gardener
New England
become worn after years of use. If not carefully
For a safe home:
• Great Men’s Gifts
evaluated, items like these can pose a risk of
A fresh tree is key: “If the needles are not fresh, there is a greater
fire or electric shock.
• Spa Products
risk of fire,” says Lorraine Carli, vice president of communications
“Decorating the tree, lighting the menorah,
• Webkinz •Hammond’s Candies
of NFPA. “While Christmas tree fires are rare, a person dies in one
and other holiday traditions are what every
of every 18 reported, so it’s clear they can be deadly.” Ask your tree
• Kidorable Coats & Boots
family wants to remember,” says John Drengen-
lot attendant to make a fresh cut to the base of the tree and place it
• Eco Friendly Ice melt
berg, director of consumer safety at UL. “Un-
in water as soon as you get home. Position the tree in a tree stand
fortunately, all can be a fire hazard or cause an
• Thermawood (Better than cordwood)
that holds at least one gallon of water and check moisture level
electric shock or injury, so families should take
daily. Dispose of your tree after approximately four weeks.
a few minutes to think about the most precious
Handedmade Holiday Wreaths
Light it right: Carefully inspect each electrical decoration – new
gift of all when celebrating with loved ones:
or old – before plugging it in. Look for cracked sockets or frayed,
from 10" to 60"
exposed wires that could become a shock or fire hazard. Replace
Custom Made to Order Also!
damaged items with new decorations.
For safe and thrifty gifts:
WiOulr Ot-Prwun f Kissing Balls
Holiday lights—indoor or outdoor? Indoor-use only light strings
Shop at retailers you know and trust: Some
are marked with UL’s green holographic label. Indoor or outdoor-
Balsam, Laurel, Boxwood,White Pine
products found at deep-discount stores may
use light strings are marked with UL’s red holographic label.
pose potential safety hazards, especially if they
do not bear a recognized safety certification
We cut, wrap with netting,
To keep the whole family safe:
4' to 12'
& tie trees upon request!
mark, such as the UL Mark (the letters “UL”
Exercise candle care: If you have children and pets, place can-
inside a circle). Products that bear this mark 175 Lowell Rd, Rt. 3A, Hudson
dles out of reach and away from heavy traffic areas in your home.
Never leave a room with candles lit.
Stand by your pan: Cooking is the leading cause of home fires.
Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking, frying, or broiling.
Practice makes the holiday perfect: Use the holiday season as an

opportunity to practice a fire escape plan with your children. Every
family member should know at least two ways to get out of each
room in the home.
Gift donations: If you plan to give to those in need, think safety.
Consider donating toys your children no longer play with—but
which are in good condition for second-hand use. Before donating
toys with electrical components, make sure they do not have frayed
or bare wires/cords as they can potentially cause fire or shock
For more information on holiday decorating and gift-giving safety
tips, visit or
- Courtesy of ARAcontent
Order Early
Chirstmas is Friday,
December 25th
Please Celebrate the Season and Support the Arts!
thomas kinkade's
Pelham Community Theatre & Arts Presents: sleigh ride
“Home for Christmas”
by Anne Coulter Martens
A family reunited for the
“A Christmas Carol”
Holiday, learning the true
by Penguin Players
meaning of Christmas.
(A Kids Production)
December 18, 19th at 7:00pm
Sunday, Dec. 20th at 5:00pm
General Admission $10:00

At Sherburne Hall, Pelham Town Hall
December 19th and 20th at 2:00pm
We all would like to thank Janet Daigle for
General Admission $5:00
all her hard work producing these plays.
Ad paid for by SunLite Realty Corp. 49 Bridge St., Pelham 603-635-9617
mixing bowl
Please join us for
“ Photos with Santa"
at our December 19th
Centerpoint Community Church
Pet Adoption Day
Christmas Celebrations
at the First Congregational Church
in Pelham from 11:00 - 2:00.
Dec. 20, 10:00 AM
Bring your entire family, both 2 and 4
Worship: Christmas Is…
legged, for a photo with Santa. Dec. 20, 7:00 PM
Photos taken by "Creations by Sea-Jay"
Concert: Peace on Earth
Portion of proceeds to benefit ARNNE.

Dec. 24, 6:00 PM
to see a list of available dogs and cats
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
and to complete an adoption
All are welcome
application in advance.
101 School St., Salem, NH
Photos courtesy of "Creations by Sea-Jay"
603-635-2211 Ad sponsored by Beaver Valley Farms, Pelham, NH
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