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Parliamentary group elects chairman
Anne Main, MP for St Albans, has chairman, Baroness Uddin, for all she within the UK Bangladesh community
been elected chairman of the Britain- has done for the group during her time to contact her to raise any concerns
Bangladesh All-Party Parliamentary as chairman, and expressed the hope or issues they would like the group
Group. She thanked the outgoing that she would continue to play a key to discuss or consider. She also indi-
role in the group. cated there will be a greater focus on
issues affecting British Bangladeshis
Anne added, “Moving forward, I hope including training, issues around edu-
to expand the work of the group, and cational outcomes, health and social
attract speakers with a range of exper- deprivation.
tise on all aspects of Bangladeshi
Affairs and relations between Britain Anne concluded, “The Bengali com-
and Bangladesh. I have spoken with munity contributes enormously to
the Bangladeshi High Commissioner the prosperity and diversity of Great
and he has confirmed he will be happy Britain, and we know for example that
to keep the group informed about the the curry industry alone contributes
situation in Bangladesh, particularly around £3 billion. This group pro-
in relation to climate change issues, vides an opportunity to focus on issues
infrastructure and development, and affecting the Bangladeshi Community
the use of overseas aid.” in particular, and to improve our rela-
tions with Bangladesh.”
She invited any group or individual
La Confrérie de la Chaîne des
Rôtisseurs at Le Raj
Like every year La Confrérie de honour of
la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs hosted b e i n g
its annual lunch at Le Raj on 29 awarded the
November 2009. Fifty one people prestigious
among who were Chaine members, m e m b e r -
including Vic Laws, Bailli Regional; ship of the
Daniel Steck, Vice Conseiller Culinaire exclusive La
Honoraire; Robert Hughes, Vice Confrerie de
Conseiller Culinaire, and dignitaries la Chaine des
attended. The Le Raj brigade prepared Rostisseurs.
a 10-course lunch comprising of tradi- It is an inter-
tional and sophisticated Bangladeshi national gas-
cuisine and was complemented with t r o n o m i c
Laurent Perrier champagne, Las s o c i e t y
Moras white and red wine, Kingfisher founded in Paris. Its written history
high standards of professionalism
beer and fruit juice. The connois- dates back to 1248 when Louis IX
and quality – standards befitting the
seurs of fine dining and wining heaped was the King of France. It is devoted
splendour of the “Royal Table”.
lavish praise on the food and drinks. to promoting fine dining and preserv-

They also complemented Enam Ali, ing the camaraderie and pleasures of
After the lunch Vic Laws raised a toast
the owner of Le Raj on staging British the table. This principal and important
in memory of Keith Perry, the Vice
Curry Awards, the Oscars of the curry Chaîne concept is the cornerstone of
Conseiller Gastronomique, Thames
industry and receiving the honour of the society and one that truly distin-
Valley who died of cancer in March
MBE this year from Her Majesty Queen guishes the Chaîne from other gastro-
2009. In the toast he also congratu-
Elizabeth. nomic organisations.
lated the staff of Le Raj for making it

a restaurant worthy of La Confrérie de
Le Raj is the first Indian restaurant in Over centuries “La Confrérie” culti-
la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs membership.
this country to achieve the worldwide vated and developed culinary art and
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