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Obamas serve curry at state dinner
The first state dinner of the Obama largely vegetarian meal. observer, ‘turbans and bindis as well
White House, held in late November as diamonds and brocades were much
in honour of Indian Prime Minister The menu also included potato and on display’. The purple floral arrange-
Manmohan Singh, had curry on the eggplant salad, arugula from the White ments paid homage to the peacock,
menu. Dinner guests were treated House garden, red lentil soup and India’s national bird, and magnolia
to green curry with prawns for the roasted potato dumplings. Pumpkin branches, native to both India and the
dinner, organised by Mrs. Obama, who pie tart and pear tatin were the des- US, adorned the inside walls, along
brought in award-winning chef Marcus serts and the pears were poached in with ivy and nandina foliage. Celebrity
Samuelsson of Aquavit, a Scandinavian honey from the White House beehive. guests included Indian musician and
restaurant in New York City, to help singer A.R. Rahman, who won two
White House executive chef Cristeta The occasion was very much multi- Academy Awards for the music in
Comerford and her staff prepare the cultural, and according to one Slumdog Millionaire.
Curry deliveries benefit from
bulb and to be a key element in keeping
satisfied customers, who don’t have to
reheat the food once it’s received.
SweetHeat technology

Nazim Maniar, managing director of
SweetHeat, says, ”We have spent a
considerable amount of time research-
TiffinBites and the Bombay Bicycle degrees Celsius, to ensure food is kept
ing the fast food market and develop-
Club are among the regular users of consistently hot.
ing our product range to suit the ever
SweetHeat’s delivery bags, which
increasing high demands for customer
use the latest flexible technology that SweetHeat stresses the benefits
services and we truly believe that this
heats up to extremely high tempera- including the ability to transfer food
is the hottest method of delivering food
tures. This innovative cloth-like ele- straight from oven to bag with no
to the customer.”
ment fits snugly around the heated sweating. The system is also said to
delivery bag, keeping a constant 90 use less energy than a 40 watt light
With love from Kansara’s
Next February Kansara’s are bring- ladies.
ing back The Kamasutra chocolate,
in tandem with the Cupido gift box, Indra adds, “We aim to mark Valentine’s
especially imported from Belgium. day in a humorous way and friendly
Kansara’s will also offer restaurants a way and it puts a smile on customer’s
wide range of other Valentine products. faces 99% of the time. We will also be
supplying small flat Valentine’s day lol-
Indra Kansara says, “We have this lipops, balloons, decorations, choco-
year bought back the Kamasutra flow late neapolitans and wet towels.”
packs, as many of the customers who
had it a few years ago were requesting Kansara’s have been taking orders for
them. The concept of the Kamasutra Valentines day since late October and
is that it is a chocolate which is spe- say they normally run out of stock in
cifically given to men as opposed to the last week in January. They urge
the ladies.” Kansara’s recommends prompt action to reserve stock.
the Cupido gift box in a gift bag for the
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