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Midlands Curry Awards:
allegation of irregularities
A whistle blower nearly derailed the
2009, in reply to Jabbar Khan of Lasan’s
Midlands Curry Awards, as the two
accusation to the same a week earlier,
main presenters, newsreader Satnam
that he had charged a £25 administra-
Rana and Heart FM DJ Steve Denyer,
tion fee for nominations.
as well as the sponsor Bangla Beer,
pulled out of the event at the last
The Charity Commission has said that
concerns had been raised about the
charity and these were being consid-
Mr Shahagir Bakht Faruk (on the
They received an anonymous letter,
ered, but as yet no decision had been
left) presenting award to the winner
which made allegations about
taken. The Police are understood to be
Birmingham Bangladesh League,
waiting for the Charity Commission to
the charity that organised the event.
finish its investigation before deciding
meaning of mystery!”
Midlands Today journalist Satnam is
what steps if any they should take.
reported as saying, “I can’t fulfil the
Nahim Aslam of Indian Ocean said
commitment any more. I pulled out
Jabbar Khan of Lasan Restaurant, the
about the Midlands Curry Awards
because I didn’t want to do the job any
winner in Gordon Ramsay’s F word on
“There is no qualified person there
Channel 4 TV show comments ”There
involved in the industry and capable of
is increasing concern about the prolif-
making proper evaluation. They copied
After a speech given by Misbaur
eration of local awards for restaurants
the name of the awards from the British
Rahman, Midlands Curry Awards
often organised by local businessmen,
Curry Awards, the best curry awards
organiser, awards were handed out to
and many of these lack credibility and
in this country. They were promoted by
restaurants in the region. There were
bring our industry into disrepute. They
people who have no history within the
also awards for newcomer of the year,
can create customer confusion and
industry, their website design, book-
chef of the year, young businessper-
devalue the benefits of recognition by
ing forms, nomination forms all were
son of the year, businesswoman of the
prestigious national awards from rep-
copied from the British Curry Awards.
year, and businessperson of the year.
utable organisations.”
This confuses the English diners to the
point that they cannot tell good awards
Speaking about the pre-event prob-
The owner of Saffron Restaurant told
from bad ones and good restaurants
lems Mr Rahman said, “It’s all just
Spice Business Magazine about the
from bad ones as well.”
mischief making and allegations and I
Midlands Curry Awards “They made
can’t comment at this stage.”
a phone call saying they were coming
Since Spice Business is receiving calls
over to my restaurant for mystery
from many leaders in the restaurant
Mr Misbaur Rahman also admitted
dining. Do you ever disclose mystery?
sector on this issue we would like to
earlier to Birmingham Plus (www.bir-
I wouldn’t participate in such a dumb
hear our readers’ views too and we will on 4 September
award where they do not know the
report them accordingly.
Benares hit by fire
that the restaurant will reopen in
early December in time for the festive
The Michelin-starred Benares res- November due to a fire in the ventila-
Atul Kolchhar has apologised to his
taurant in London’s Berkeley Square tion system of Atul Kolchhar’s flagship
customers for any inconvenience
was closed for around a month in restaurant’s kitchen. It is expected
caused by the closure.
Hertford restaurant banned from playing music
A spice restaurant in Hertford has licence from music royalties collec- in public, there are two separate
been stopped from playing music by a tors Phonographic Performance Ltd licence fees to be paid. PPL distrib-
High Court judge. Mr Justice Warren (PPL). Mr Miah was instructed to bring utes its licence fees to record compa-
banned proprietor Tota Miah from his music licence up to date or face a nies, recording artists and musicians,
playing music at the Shahenshah res- heavy fine. and the Performing Rights Society
taurant, after hearing he had been collects a separate licence fee which
caught playing copyrighted tracks on A spokesperson for PPL said: they distribute to composers and
the premises when he did not hold a “Whenever you play a sound recording music publishers.”
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