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Digital TV Europe Euro 50 > Leaders in broadband and pay-TV
November/December 2009
DSL with our higher tiers and are able to deliv- the top three UPC markets in terms of DVR are eager for these innovative products.
er lower and mid-range speeds around 20- penetration. Capitalise on our EuroDOCSIS 3.0 speed advan-
30Mbps at very competitive prices. tage versus DSL.
Last year’s most important development
Lessons from the downturn There has been The speed at which EuroDOCSIS 3.0 technolo- Likely breakthrough service or technology
a more severe impact in our central and east- gy was deployed over the past year has Video-on-demand. We will have launched this
ern European markets. Two examples are enabled cable operators to gain an advantage in five markets by the end of 2009 and are in
Romania and Hungary, where the economies versus both DSL and fibre-to-the-home compe- the process of introducing several channel-on-
have suffered in the past year and low-price tition. In many countries, FTTH deployment has demand or catch-up TV propositions from our
competition has remained fierce. This remains slowed and cable has a clear window of oppor- broadcasting and channel partners. This has
a developing region with relatively low income tunity to re-set the market with regards to proven to be the most popular element of VOD
levels as compared to western Europe. In order speed and product value. in the Netherlands and represents an entirely
to remain competitive and meet customer new way for our digital customers to get their
needs in our developing markets, we must offer Goals for the next year Stabilise churn in our favourite program outside the typical linear
a range of low-cost, value-driven products to central and eastern European operations. We’re schedule.
supplement our more innovative and higher- using loyalty programmes and new product
priced products such as the HD DVR and launches to fight back against low-cost compe- Favourite TV character Detective Lennie
EuroDOCSIS 3.0 internet. However, in spite of tition. Drive growth in our video base. We’ve Briscoe from Law & Order.
this price pressure, there is a considerable seg- launched HD and DVR in every market and are
ment of consumers in these markets with high in the process of rolling out VOD. These servic- Life outside work Playing golf, enjoying clas-
incomes and who value premium services. For es are a real differentiator for UPC and the sical music performances, and spending time
example, both Hungary and Poland are two of high uptake so far shows that our customers with my family.
Shane O’Neill Chief strategy officer, Liberty Global; president, Chellomedia
As chief strategy officer at Liberty Global, responsible for providing advice on mergers joint venture with CBS for some Chello Zone
Shane O’Neill has helped guide the World’s and acquisitions as well as corporate finance channels.
leading international cable operator through to a number of companies in the media and
difficult times of late. As president of Liberty communications industry, including UPC. Lessons learned from the downturn Stay
Global’s content division Chellomedia, he Prior to this, he worked at Goldman Sachs in focussed on the core aspects of the busi-
recently struck a groundbreaking deal with its New York, Sydney and London offices. ness: cost and revenue!
CBS to launch joint-venture channels in the Before joining Goldman Sachs, he spent four
UK. years at Macquarie Bank in Sydney and Last year’s most important development
three years at KPMG in Dublin where he Twitter, the iPhone, Skype.
Age 47 qualified as a Chartered Accountant.
Goals for the next year We are sticking
Education Law degree from Trinity College Job description As chief strategy officer of close to our long-term goals which remain
Dublin. Liberty Global, Shane O’Neill oversees the unchanged; we are looking for revenue
company’s strategic planning, mergers and growth, through both mergers and acquisi-
Career path Joined Liberty Global in 1999 acquisitions and corporate development tions and organic growth from within.
as managing director of corporate develop- activities. In addition, He is president of
ment and mergers and acquisitions. He was Chellomedia, Liberty Global’s European Likely breakthrough service or technology
appointed to his present position in April based TV and Media company. Personal videoconferencing phone.
2002 and January 2003 respectively. During
his tenure, he has been instrumental in Highlights from the last year In markets Favourite film character Buzz Lightyear.
determining and executing the strategy that such as these, steady revenue growth, man-
has resulted in the highly-successful turn- aging the cost base downwards, coupled Life outside work My family is very impor-
around of UPC Broadband which comprises with product innovation makes for consis- tant to me so time with my wife Sheelagh
Liberty Global’s core European cable busi- tent company performance; we have not and my three children is very important, ide-
nesses. From 1997 to 1999, he was an execu- only done this in 2009 with all our operating ally in Dingle, on the West coast of Ireland; I
tive director in the Advisory Group for businesses, but also found time to do some also like to keep fit, am a keen runner and an
Goldman Sachs in London where he was new innovative deals such as our new UK ‘occasional’ five aside footballer.
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