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Tasting KeoThip Thai Cuisine
By Barbara And Roger Woolley
Roger and I entered KeoThip and were Next, was the appetizer. We choose
immediately hungry as the smell of a very traditional Thai favorite, Mee
Thailand and kefir lime leaves, ginger, Krob. Let us tell you, here at KeoThip,
cilantro, fish sauce and Thai chili pep- it was Mee-Krob-a-licious! It was a
pers drifted into our nostrils. Other lovely dance of sweet and tangy, with
than the decor, we could tell right a drizzle of sour. Try this on your pallet
away this was the “real deal”. Golden in your imagination: Crispy fried rice
Thai Buda’s, Bamboo, elegant lighting, noodles glazed with a authentic tama-
and plenty of seating, this seemed to rind sauce, perfectly fried tofu squares,
be just above par from the ordinary juicy chicken pieces, Shrimp, on a bed
American take of an oriental restaurant, of sprouts- which balanced the sweet-
but we were soon to be pleasantly cor- ness of the dish, garnished off with a
rected. This place was exceptional for generous wedge of lime. This appetizer
Fresno standards. is the perfect, “get you in the mood for
Being seated at one of the many
food” snack.
spacious booths and tables, we were On to our entrée’s. We chose a deep
immediately attended to by Kay, our fried whole fish, topped with ground
server, who not only recommended pork, deep fried battered ginger,
some delectable menu choices, but onions, carrots, shiitake mushrooms,
also took that extra effort to make sure fresh Thai peppers covered in house
our experience at KeoThip enticed Thai sauce. The fish was Tilapia, not our
us to return. Not only did the menu number one favorite choice but luckily,
boast a large selection of traditional the cooks at KeoThip really did the fish
Thai food, KeoThip has a whole “fusion” justice.
section on their menu. In addition, they
For our second entrée we chose the
have a list of traditional Pho soups, an
barbecue beef. This was the only me-
Americanized Vietnamese noodle soup
diocre dish. The sirloin was marinated
which we both adore.
in Thai chilies, herbs, and lime juice,
making it tender but not spectacular.
We started with drinks. KeoThips
The point of interest, that set the dish
beverage options are quite unique and
apart from being the run of the mill
extensive. Everything from smooth-
Thai barbecue, was a side of bitter
ies of all kinds, sodas, a very large tea
sauce. The sirloin was set on top of a
menu, coffee, imported beers, includ-
bed of Iceberg lettuce. This barbecue
ing Thai and Laotian beers, Domestic
beef dish brought an interesting new
beers, and an AWESOME Thai Sake,
flavor, because of the sauce.
Zato. This Sake is sweet, different but All in all, KeoThip was fun and flavorful.
refreshing, good hot or cold (we chose This very accommodating restaurant
cold) that we definitely recommend. is roomy enough for large parties and
We also sampled two of the Thai beers. perfect for intimate occasions. We rec-
The first beer was Singha, a very crisp, ommend KeoThip as a great Thai food
airy, clean beer, with a slight bitter bite. experience.
The second beer was Nakhon, a lighter,
We will be telling all of our friends to
bright beer, with a semi sweet after
dive in to the menu at KeoThip and
taste. Both beers were new to our pal-
enjoy. Hey, look around, you might
lets and most enjoyable.
find us there! December 2009 19
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