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Hudson - Litchfield News
4 - December 4, 2009
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
Santa’s Visit a Success Litchfield Community
as they have on the town’s budget? A thorough can make it. Constituents who cannot attend, but
examination of each line will ensure that “needs” have problems, can send comments by fax (271-
The Nottingham West Lions Club of Hudson Food Pantry Thanks You
and not “wants” remain. It is my opinion that 6121) or e-mail ( at any
would publicly like to thank the following groups
“wants” should be expressed via warrant article time up to December 28.
and their advisors for their assistance in making
In this season of giving thanks and sharing
to allow the citizenry to decide how to best
Santa’s Visit to Hudson such a fun and successful
gifts, we at Litchfield Presbyterian Church and the
spend their money. Let’s discuss just a few of
Jordan G. Ulery - Hudson
event on Friday, November 27.
Litchfield Community Food Pantry wish to express
the highlights that remain in this budget. There
Lucille Boucher and the Senior Citizens; Pam
out heartfelt gratitude for the incredible generosity
is $80,000-130,000 for repairing the running
What Hodes Isn’t Telling You
Prophet, Kim Boilard, and the Alvirne Little
of the people of Litchfield, and especially the
track. Not completing the scheduled routine
Broncos Day Care Students; Chef Tim Buxton,
scouts and leaders of Boy Scouts of America
maintenance on the track left us in such a shape
Congressman Paul Hodes had an op-ed piece
Shirley Nadeau, and the Alvirne Culinary Arts
Troop 11 and the students, faculty, and staff of the
that now we need to replace a very large section.
in the November 29 Sunday edition of a local
Students; Samantha Bergeron, Melissa Johnson,
Litchfield Public Schools. The recent “Scouting
This repair would make an ideal warrant article,
daily newspaper, wherein he trumpeted his vote
and the Nottingham West Elementary School
for Food” drive, conducted by the Boy Scouts,
yet we are asking the voters if they have the extra
in support of health care reform. He stated that
PTO; Memorial Vice Principal Lori Robicheau and
and the “Make A Difference Week” food drive,
funds in their back pocket to pony up for this
many New Hampshire families will be helped, but
the students in Rachel’s Challenge; and Gerard
conducted by the schools, resulted in the donation
expensive repair. We have added about $50,000
neglected to mention that at least a few million
Bastien and the Alvirne Music Students.
of many thousands of non-perishable food items.
to replace a section of the roof at Griffin Memorial
illegal immigrants will be covered by the bill.
A special thank-you to the Hudson Public
These items, along with generous donations
School (GMS). We are told it leaks. However,
In a follow-up op-ed piece or letter, it would
Works for getting the Common ready for Santa’s
from St. Francis Assisi Roman Catholic Church,
when asked how much it leaks, no direct answer
be enlightening to learn what the Congressman
Visit and to the Hudson Police Department and
the Hudson-Litchfield Rotary Club, McQuesten
was given and no report from a qualified vendor
thinks has been improved in this country as a
the Hudson Fire Department for making sure
Farm, and Litchfield Presbyterian Church,
has ever been received as to the actual condition
result of federal meddling. I respectfully suggest
that Santa arrived safely. Thanks also to all the
made it possible for us to distribute dozens of
of the suspected roof. Budgeted is $49,000 for
the following text for this next effort, should the
boys and girls and moms and dads for arriving
Thanksgiving food baskets to deserving families in
a set of two bathrooms mandated by the town’s
Congressman deign to undertake it: “Nothing.”
with their Christmas spirit, making for a glorious
Litchfield. Thanks so much for helping to make a
building inspector. It seems we are not ADA-
Dave Buhlman - Litchfield
afternoon. Lastly, the biggest thank-you goes to
joyful holiday for your neighbors in need!
compliant and we need to add two bathrooms.
Santa Claus and his elves for making this special
The Litchfield Community Food Pantry
Considering the economy, and to those I have
trip to Hudson.
distributes holiday food baskets at Thanksgiving,
spoken to, that is much more than it should cost
Thank You to Vision Screening
The Lions had a wonderful time arranging for
Christmas, and Easter, but the heart of our
for a basic, yet functional addition. The problem
Santa to visit and are looking forward to working
program is our regular ongoing food distribution
is there is no specification to see what is exactly
with our above-mentioned friends again next year!
service. Especially in these difficult economic
We would like to extend a huge thank-you to
times, food insecurity is a real issue for many
included in this proposal. It is a shot in the
the Litchfield Lions Club for performing vision
Officers and Members, Nottingham West Lions families in our community. Food insecurity is
dark. It is a “budgetary proposal.” In the world
screening at Griffin Memorial School. You are
Club of Hudson - Hudson the inability to access enough food to fully meet
of taxpayer-funded facilities management, that
all very dedicated, patient, and accommodating
basic needs at all times due to lack of financial
means to make the number artificially high so one
volunteers. We appreciate the fact that you
resources. When a family’s financial resources
can have safe wiggle room and extra money for
worked around our lack of space, and worked
are limited or disrupted they often must make very
something else later. We currently have a software
half-days to complete the task.
difficult choices. Sometimes
lease for a product called Pro E. It is used to teach
We look forward to seeing you next year.
families must choose among
computer-aided drafting (CAD). We have been
necessities like heat, clothing,
paying less than $500 a year. Now that the lease
Susan G. Seabrook, RN, School Nurse, Griffin
medical care, shelter, or food.
is up, we have decided to switch to a competing
Memorial School - Litchfield
Our goal at the Litchfield
version of the same software—Solidworks. There
Community Food Pantry is
are pros and cons to each. What we do know is
simple—we want to assure that
that the new software is $4,500 per year vs. $500. The Joy of Giving
every family in our community
We will also have to re-train the teachers to teach
What started out as a simple, sophomore
has enough food to fully meet
it, work all of the bugs out, and for what end? The
project has turned into a tradition. For the past
their basic needs at all times.
two are both used extensively in business, and
three years, I have asked the people of Litchfield
Right now, the Litchfield
while Pro E can be challenging, what has changed
to help out the less fortunate in their community.
Community Food Pantry serves
in the world that we must do this now? Finally,
This year, I will ask the same thing. However,
Call approximately 75 families on
we are a Class M school. Seven of the 22 schools
the situation this year is little different than it
either a regular or occasional
in our class have an athletic trainer for their sports
Bradley Tree & Landscape
has been for the past three. The low economy,
programs. We are one of them and we budget
layoffs, and sicknesses have made it very hard
The Litchfield Community
about $38,000. NHIAA (state governing body)
for people to provide the necessities for their
Food Pantry is a ministry of
requirements spell out: “H. Systems developed to
families. In Litchfield alone, there are more than
Litchfield Presbyterian – A
call medical personnel to the site of the athletic
90 children whose families cannot give them a
Community Church, and is
event.” What is it that makes this school board
happy Christmas. That is a lot compared to the
nd A P
open to all Litchfield residents.
believe we can afford more than the other 15
14 helped when I started this project. Now I
en Y
r R
ou l
e Wh
Located across the street from
schools in our class? I say it is the absence of self-
n - Fr
g i
s Fu
ask if you are willing and able to please donate
! the church at 259 Charles
control, an ever-increasing appetite for tax dollars,
unwrapped toys, gift cards, and any amount of
30am - 6
Bancroft Highway in Litchfield,
and contempt for anyone that disagrees. Please
money to help these children. The age range is
the Pantry’s hours of operation
come by and let the Budget Committee know how
from infants to 18 years old. Everything can be
are from 9 a.m. to noon on
you feel.
dropped of at McQuesten Farm from now until
292 Derry Rd
Monday, Wednesday, and
Jason Guerrette - Litchfield December 18. If you have any questions, feel free
Hudson, NH Thursday. If it is not possible to call me at 424-9268. Thank you for reading
to visit the Pantry during these
this and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
Now Accepting Registrations!!
hours, you may call 424-6057
New Rules
No Registration Fee for September & October
for an appointment.
for Small-Business Tax
Jessica McQuesten - Litchfield
Pastor Steve Quinlan, Litchfield
The new rules for the implementation of the
•Computer Classes •Snacks & Lunch
Presbyterian - Litchfield
LLC tax on small businesses instituted by the
•Before & After School
Offered Provided
Mrs. Claus is Coming to Town
Democratic Party-controlled Legislature this past
•Degreed & Certified
•Field Trips
•Full Day - Daycare
•Large Wooded,
Raise Your Voice
year are almost ready. In the Ways and Means Mrs. Claus is coming to town, and she’ll be a
•Nursery School
•CPR & First Aid
fenced in
Committee recently, the Commission of the special visitor at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in
•Infant / Toddler
Certified Staff
For those that haven’t heard,
Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) Nashua, thanks to the kind folks at Marguerite’s
budget season is in full swing.
stated that the LLC tax would be retroactive to Place. The non-profit’s pre-school program
There are some that believe the
January 1, 2009. This tax may have a devastating has invited Mrs. Claus to join them on Tuesday,
Life Changing
budget, as passed by the school
effect upon the available revenue of small December 15, when Marguerite’s Place has a
board and delivered to the
businesses for hiring, purchase of equipment and special book fair event at the bookstore. All
Business Opportunity
Budget Committee, is the best
tools, and business expansion, depending upon customers using a voucher for their purchases
it can be. That should be up to
what figure is set as a “reasonable compensation” that day will help the non-profit’s pre-school earn
• Immediate Weekly Income Potential
the voters to decide. What is
by unelected bureaucrats in the DRA. much needed funds to offset their educational
• Excellent Benefit Packages
clear is that the process needs
The Rules process includes a public hearing on programming costs. Gift-card purchases are not
• No Inventory, Deliveries or Collections
Take Control
to have citizens express the
the draft the DRA has put out, prior to a chance included in sales totals toward the book fair.
of your Income direction the Budget Committee
• Team Support Committed to Your Success
for the department to revamp the rule, after which Vouchers will be available at the store, as well
should go in. Should it simply
• No Boss to Report to-You Are the Boss!
& Lifestyle
it goes to JLCAR to accept or object. The public as online at
rubber-stamp what has been
hearing will be at the new DRA building, 109 Voucher_Holiday_with_Flyer.pdf. The book fair
• American Owned Corporation
—A ct Now!
submitted to them? Or should
Pleasant Street (a building around to the left in will run throughout the day until the store closes
24/7 Recorded Information 800-505-1318 press 9
they dare to question those
the old state hospital complex), on December 16 at 11 p.m. Volunteers from Marguerite’s Place
responsible for its development,
at 10 a.m. It should be interesting for those who will also be on hand all evening long to provide
free gift wrapping for holiday
Mrs. Claus will read in the
café at 6:30 and 7 p.m. For
additional information, please
call 598-1582, or visit www.
Time Is Running Out...
Pamme Boutselis,
Chairperson, Friends of
Marguerite’s Place - Litchfield
Insurance companies count on you NOT using
Benson Park
your hard earned benefits!
The Benson Park Volunteer
group will be having a clean-up at
Make sure to maximize
the Park on Saturday, December
5, from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.,
your yearly insurance
weather permitting. Rain date will
be on Sunday, December 6.
benefits while
Come join us and help make
this park a wonderful place for
protecting your health!
our Community. Hope to see you
Pat Nichols, Secretary, Benson
Park Committee - Hudson
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