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There were a wide variety of consequences from the work. Through the physical
dimension, the young dancers became more aware of ways they could re-imagine,
and articulate, their different scales of living. They became aware of everything from
the most intimate and individual living space – the body and its sensory
Ronanstown Youth Service
surroundings – to the more abstract living space of ‘Clondalkin’. This allowed them
Ronanstown Youth Service aims to support the development of a broad based service
to consider the concept of the place and its inhabitants, what Clondalkin meant to
to all young people in the North Clondalkin area; by offering support advice and
them and what their relationship with it is. Additionally, intergenerational
assistance with issues, and by helping youth groups to assist the young people in a wide
relationships developed out of the dancing and friendship that occurred between
range of activities and opportunities, including mainstream youth groups of special
the younger and adult dancers as they shared their skills in street dance, Irish dance,
interest such as outdoor pursuits, the arts, sports, drama. Ronanstown Youth Service
gymnastics and majorettes. The performance became a kaleidoscope, an
provide direct services for marginalised young people including drug users, young
impressionistic account of these varied explorations. Although its potential scope
homeless, Travellers, teenage parents, early school leavers and young offenders and
had to be somewhat reined in, the completed project fulfilled the stated aims. One
promotes the development of voluntary youth groups and volunteers, and the
additional collaboration took place when SDCC Arts Office’s commissioned artist
development and management of resources for young people in the North
Joe Lee to produce a performance film and short documentary about the project.
Clondalkin area.
This has ensured both a way of evidencing the work and a legacy for the work.
Concerns were expressed at one point that the project was too difficult and
demanded too much commitment and hard work from the young people. Dance
artists develop higher than normal self-discipline from a young age due to the
huge demands of the dance profession and vocational dedication. In the project,
the young artists were in an environment that nurtured and exhorted them to
participate to the best of their abilities. The successful outcome, their joy and
satisfaction – and that of their parents’ – was more than ample evidence of them
rising to the challenge.
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