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Pelham - Windham News
December 4, 2009 - 3
Friends and Families Crowd Starting Line for 15th Annual Turkey Trot
Louise Peltz, who lives at 70 Blossom Road,
organizes the event. She receives help from friends
and family in setting up for the yearly occasion.
Kids who seek community service opportunities
also help her execute it. The fun run and walk has
become a family tradition for many people over the
years, and it showed this year especially.
“I was blown away by the turnout,” Peltz said.
“I am very grateful for the peoples’ generosity and
for my friends’ help in pulling it off. Our family’s
Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without the
hotos courtesy of Louise P
Turkey Trot.”
Participants had the option of running, walking, jogging,
or biking five miles or five kilometers Dings, Scratches Scuffs and Dents.

Participants head out on Blossom Road
by Chris White
Donate to the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center
If you and your family have not already added a Thanksgiving
road race or fun run to your Turkey Day traditions, I suggest
you do so starting next year. It is a great opportunity for
families to spend time together and for friends to reunite while
collectively raising money for charity. There is also the extra ���������������������
incentive of doing a little exercise before the big meal in the
afternoon. This was actually my first year participating in the
annual Turkey Trot in Windham, and I noticed the popularity of
������������� ������ ����� ������ �����
this event right away.
The nice weather allowed for the event’s largest turnout ever.
There were 1,024 participants who crowded the start line at 70
Blossom Road. Temperatures were mild, which made many
people comfortable to wear shorts. Cars lined the sides of the
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neighborhood streets (mostly Blossom Road, but also some on
Sherwood Drive and Easy Street) as v
olunteers directed those
arriving to open parking spaces. It was a social ev

ent for high-
school students in the area and a reunion of sorts for college
��������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������
students who returned home for Thanksgiving. Additionally,
families and relati
ves of all ages joined the cro
wd for an early- ®
morning stroll or light jog.

At 9 a.m., the cro
wd took off and headed for either the
five-mile or five-kilometer (3.1-mile) course in the 15th
annual Turkey T
rot. T
here were parents who pushed their
young children in strollers and other adults w
hose kids ran
ahead or lagged behind. P
eople also
walked their dogs or even led them in
a jog. Meanwhile, other runners ran
individually or in groups in pursuit of
crossing the finish line first. All people
decided for themselves if they wanted to
walk, run, jog, or bike the course.
Participants also made a monetary
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donation of their choice, which is
given to the Shepherd’s Food Pantry.
Donations have increased every year.
After raising $11,488 last Thanksgiving,
$14,500 was raised this year. The
are no match
event also attracted nearly 200 more
participants this year, as there were 812
participants last year. Attendance has
increased each Thanksgiving ever since
the inaugural Turkey Trot hosted 50
people 14 years ago.
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Memorial Bridge
to be Dedicated
by Barbara O’Brien
It has been nine years since
legislation authorizing the construction
of a bridge connecting both sides of the
Merrimack River in the vicinity of the
Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
and the Everett Turnpike was signed by
former Governor Jeanne Shaheen. The
date of that occasion was December
7, 2000, in recognition of the bombing
of Pearl Harbor; an event that brought
the United States into World War II
and, as was said by President Franklin
Roosevelt, to be “a day which shall live
in infamy.”
Now, almost a decade later, the
new span across the Merrimack is to
be officially dedicated as the Pearl
Harbor Survivors Memorial Bridge. A
ceremony in honor of this dedication is
scheduled for Monday, December 7, at
10 a.m. in the Hall of Flags at the New
Comcast High-Speed Internet brings you
Hampshire State House in Concord.
The ceremony will be held exactly 68
years after the Japanese launched a
big value in a hurry.
surprise early morning attack on military
bases located in Hawaii.
State Representative Charles
McMahon, a Windham resident and
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selectman, said that the bill naming You’ll be able to hit the web at download with PowerBoost
from Comcast
the bridge in honor of the survivors of
speeds of up to 15 Mbps with PowerBoost.
Pearl Harbor was introduced into the
State Legislature by Representative Mary
Download videos and music, share pictures or
Griffin, also of Windham.
start gaming online, all at speeds you have to
McMahon said that it is expected
experience to believe. Comcast High-Speed
that living New Hampshire survivors
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of the attack on Pearl Harbor will
attend the dedication, as well as other
Suite, so you can surf worry-free. After all,
members of the armed forces and you’ve got some big downloading to do.
various government officials. The
public is also invited to attend and show
their appreciation to those who fought
to retain this country’s freedom from
It is estimated that approximately
3,000 Pearl Harbor veterans are still
surviving nationwide.
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