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21 Days
Volume 7 Number 22 December 4, 2009 16 Pages
21 Days
WMUR’s Josh Judge
Pelham Hosts First Annual
Visits PES,
Festival of Trees
Filmed for NH Chronicle
y Gloria Sulli
staff photos
Mr. and Mrs. Kohler beam with happiness
amongst the twinkling Christmas trees
by Gloria Sullivan
The first Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees has
our expected goal and it’s only Monday,” said Charlene
been a great success so far and it is not yet over. Hundreds
Takesian. “Senior night was last night and in spite of the fact
of people have come to view 40 uniquely decorated trees,
that they had been on an all day trip up to the mountains,
shop the bake sale, make a bid at the silent auction, and
they all took time to stop by to see the trees! Feedback
one couple even exchanged wedding
from the community in general is positive. All are looking
vows. There is a scavenger hunt for the
forward to next year’s event—mostly to
youngest visitors, and they receive a
enter a tree. Also that it’s nice to be able
prize for their efforts.
to attend such a beautiful event right here
Many local businesses and
in Pelham. People are learning about
organizations have each sponsored a
Sherburne Hall, which is also a plus.
tree and guests are invited to purchase
Some people have expressed an interest
raffle tickets to use as entries to win
in renting the Hall for their event,” she
their favorite tree. There is a blue and
In a fun question-and-answer session, Judge invites fourth graders to come up to the white police-themed tree, a tree with
Takesian would like anyone who may
microphone and ask questions candy for ornaments, a mini tree with
not have come down to Sherburne Hall to
jewelry placed on its boughs, and many
consider visiting. Adult admission is just
by Karen Plumley
and valuable for the students.” more creative themes.
$5 and children under the age of 12 are
A recent visit to Pelham Elementary
Additionally, Judge recently Members from Pelham Community
free. “We are open the rest of the week
School (PES) by WMUR Channel 9
completed work on a new book Spirit are sponsoring the event and they
from 5-9 p.m. and Saturday, 12-5. The
meteorologist Josh Judge was taped
for children, entitled Weather Facts are very excited about this endeavor.
drawing for the trees will start right after
for an episode of NH Chronicle, and
and Fun, released on November “We want to bring the community
that as soon as the last ticket is deposited
will be aired on Monday, November
7. This new book, written by Judge together,” said Mark Jedraszek.
on Saturday night. Trees must be picked
30. During the visit, Judge spoke
and Hampstead Middle School Jedraszek hopes that perhaps next
up on Sunday morning between 9 and
with fourth graders in the gymnasium
year, this event might be part of a town
12,” she added.
about what it was like to be a
Christmas tree lighting ceremony. His
On Sunday, before Sherburne Hall
meteorologist on TV. The children
Jacob Albert of Pelham places a raffle ticket
wish is that there would be a tree on
opened to the public, Bob and Tammy
were fascinated to learn about the
in hopes of winning a tree with a working
the Village Green lawn, just outside
Kohler exchanged wedding vows in front
details of news production, and just
railroad, decorated by A Handy Company
Sherburne Hall, and people could come
of their friends and family. The bride wore
what makes a weatherman tick.
view the festival after the town’s festivities.
a red gown and held a bouquet of red
In his presentation, Judge
“We weren’t sure how the first year was going to go,”
gerbera daisies and amaryllis bulbs. “I love Christmas. It’s
explained that on the days he gives
Jedraszek said. “At Methuen’s first festival, they had 17 trees
about family and love,” said Tammy Kohler, just after the
the weather forecast, he has to
and raised $2,100. Before we even opened the doors, we
ceremony. “Our first date was two years ago at Methuen’s
get up really early—about 1:30
raised close to $5,000,” he added.
Festival of Trees, so I had an epiphany. I thought it would be
in the morning. He talked about
Members of the group are Mark Jedreszak, Kristen Mader,
nice to be married surrounded by Christmas trees,” Kohler
what types of subjects he needed
Laurie Hogan, Ken Eaves, Charlene Takesian, Loryn Ferrara,
to study in college to become a
and Lance Ouellette. This group wants to help raise funds
Originally, the festival committee only asked that the 40
meteorologist (science and math),
w important
to buy new stage curtains for the hall, a tractor to pull a
wedding guests purchase a ticket, but later surprised the
and also discussed ho
modern computer models are in
bambini ice machine for the Pelham Ice Garden, and to help
ecstatic bride with some news, “As our wedding gift, we
forecasting future storms, snow,
St. Patrick’s school buy supplies. They also allowed nine
would like to give you this wedding,” said Kristen Mader.
en Plumle
and rain. Additionally, Judge
local groups sponsor the bake sale table each night of the
The bride responded, “Are you serious? Wow! Thank you!”
offered an amusing, pre-taped short
yKar festival and keep the profits from their sales to benefit their
“It’s been worth all the effort we have put into it to see
demonstrating the details of making
the happy faces looking at the trees and hoping to win one,”
a TV weather report.
“So far, attendance has been great! We are at over half
Takesian said.
During a question-and-
answer session that lasted a full
staff photos
30 minutes, Judge fielded many
WMUR meteorologist Josh Judge poses with
questions prepared by eager students
PES fourth grade teacher Jill Karwacki at
wanting to learn more about his
Pelham Elementary before an educational and
Windham Pack 263 Webelos
job and field of interest. Questions
fascinating presentation given by Judge to PES
ranged from what the difference is
fourth graders in October
between sleet and freezing rain, to
science teacher Kathe Cussen, is
Work on Readyman Badge
whether or not he gets nervous when
a guide specifically geared toward
he is on TV. Children asked about
elementary- and middle-school submitted by Jim Curtin demonstrated the Heimlich maneuver and discussed
the worst storm he ever predicted
students, and describes the types Webelos is a 20-month program for fourth- and fifth- when it is used. The Scouts learned first aid for cuts,
(the ice storm of December 2008),
of weather found in New England, grade boys to prepare to join a Boy Scout troop while scratches, choking, nosebleeds, frostbite, and sunburn, to
why he likes being a meteorologist,
along with the harrowing challenges learning outdoors skills and participating in 20 different name a few. The boys practiced CPR and how to use an
and what his favorite weather tool is
involved in predicting it. activity badges in five different categories. The Webelos AED. All training was completed under the guidance and
WMUR videographer Chris Program has two major milestones—the Webelos Rank supervision of the professional firefighters at the Windham
Fourth-grade teacher Jill Karwacki
McDevitt, son of Pelham selectman Badge, to be earned around February of fourth grade, Fire Department.
arranged the visit with Josh Judge for
Bill McDevitt, recorded the entire and the Arrow of
the students, and was pleased with
hour-long visit for the November Light, to be earned
the outcome. “The program tied in
30 episode of NH Chronicle, airing around February of
well with the fourth grade weather/
at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 9. The fifth grade.
water cycle curriculum, and kids
show will spotlight Judge, his new • Physical:
could really relate to the discussion
book, and his devoted work with Aquanaut,
of the local forecast,” Karwacki
New Hampshire children. For more Athlete, Fitness,
noted. “The most exciting part of the
information on Weather Facts and Sportsman
whole thing was when the kids were
Fun, how to purchase a copy, and • Mental: Artist,
able to interview Mr. Judge and ask
when and where to see Josh Judge Scholar,
questions. He did such a great job
in person for signings, visit www. Showman,
making his answers understandable Traveler
• Community:
Family Member,
• Technology:
• Outdoor:
Windham Pack
263 Webelos I
The Webelos Scouts want to thank Assistant Fire Chief
and II visits the Windham Fire Station to accomplish the
Leuci at the Windham Fire Department for the opportunity
WMUR weatherman Josh Judge speaks about weather forecasting to an attentive audience of
Readyman Badge, which can be used for both their Webelo
to tour the department, and for helping us with our
fourth-grade students at PES during the week of Halloween
Rank Badge and Arrow of Light badge. The Webelos
Readyman badge requirements.
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