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Season’s Greetings
Pelham - Windham News
November 27, 2009 - 7
Season’s Greetings
•Flowers & Plants
•Holiday Ideas
•Gourmet Baskets
Flowers & Gifts
This year, show your
holiday feast who’s boss
You’ve decked the halls. Sent out the cards. Now it’s time to plan for
the annual family feast that just happens to be at your house this year.
December 6th
The mere thought can send most chief celebration offi cers (aka holiday-
stressed moms) into a tizzy.
Let’s face it, there has to be a better way to get together around the
holidays without spending days planning the menu, grocery shopping
and spending endless preparation hours in the kitchen hoping
everything turns out perfectly, only to come out of the kitchen just in
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time to say farewell to loved ones.
Guess what? There is. This year, you can look forward to spending �������������������������������
with Santa!
time with friends and family without breaking the budget, your holiday
spirit or your back. Here are some friendly tips on how to throw a great
family feast with less stress, less mess and a lot more fun. It’s easier than
Spend the day with Santa!
Dec 12th, 10-1
you think.
Have your pet's picture taken with Santa
Start early, plan ahead and select easy-to-prepare foods. Simplify your
Enjoy a great raffle of gifts, door prizes and
Enjoy Complimentary
feast as much as possible. To help, chances are your favorite food Web
complimentary food and drink.
Hot Chocolate
site has some great options and checklists to help you organize these ������������������������
and Candy Canes!
big events. Check out some of the great restaurant-quality seasoned
603-893-1646 159 Main Street, Salem, NH
Lots of Raffles!
meats and foods at The Tender Filet. You’re just a few clicks away from
some great holiday favorites. Choose from a wide variety of main course
meats, including fi let mignon, lamb, pork or an aged porterhouse steak
- each ready to broil or grill to perfection. They’ll never know you didn’t
spend hours at the butcher picking out the perfect cuts and seasoning
Coffee Makers
the meat to succulent delectability.
Simplicity is also the name of the game when selecting side dishes.
There’s no need to spend all day in the kitchen with last-minute
preparations when there are so many great salads and vegetables that
can be prepared one to two days in advance. The Tender Filet and many
Gift Cards�
other online food sites provide great options for embellishing your main ������������������������
meal with choices that will both surprise and delight your family and
friends. And the best part? Instead of chopping all day, all you do is take
it from your refrigerator or freezer and pop it into a microwave or oven.
Your guests will think you slaved all day to make their favorites - but
only you will know the delicious truth.
And, of course, dessert. You don’t have to be a gourmet baker to offer
your guests a delectable dessert. Scrumptious desserts are also just a
click away at www.tenderfi Carrot cake. Baklava. Tiramisu.
Cheesecake. Pecan pie. There is a cornucopia of dessert options ready
to serve and enjoy. It would take you hours to replicate these desserts,
time better spent in conversations and laughter with family and friends.
Simply add coffee, plates and some forks, and this year you’ll be able to
be part of the conversation as your guests ooh and ahh over every bite.
Consider breaking a few other traditions. Instead of taking out the
good china, take a fresh look at disposable plates, tableware and
napkins to further minimize time in the kitchen. Add a few candles,
some great holiday music and you’ve achieved a family feast with less
stress, less mess and fun memories for all (including you) for years to
- Courtesy of ARAcontent
Saving energy can save holiday hassles
It’s not just a holiday cliche - people really do hate untangling last
year’s holiday lights, according to a new survey by an independent
research fi rm retained by GE Consumer & Industrial.
Untangling lights was the biggest hassle for 56 percent of respondents.
Second place was a tie, with 39 percent feeling that hanging lights on the
house was a top time drain and another 39 percent saying that stringing
lights on the tree is a pain, according to the survey.
Nearly a quarter said they plan to decorate using energy-saving LED
holiday lights and over half plan to use an artifi cial tree, making energy-
saving decor a possible trend this holiday season. People living in the
west will be most likely to decorate with LED lights and people living in
the northeast will be less likely to use an artifi cial tree than are people
living in other regions of the United States.
Regardless of the region of the country consumers live in, holiday
decorators will be interested in a
line of pre-lit trees with low-volt-
age, cool-burning GE Energy Smart
LED holiday lights. Consumers can
choose from a variety of realistic
needle styles and a wide selection
of sizes, bulb styles, bulb colors
and price ranges.
These LED lights continue to
operate even if one is loose or
burned out. The company offers ����������������������������
replaceable lamps that allow for
easy light maintenance. These lights
can reduce the use of energy for
holiday lighting by 80 percent or
more. These trees feature bright,
low-voltage lighting with cool-
burning lamps.
These pre-lit LED trees feature
a 5-year limited warranty on the
lights and tree. The LED lights are
Complimentary Certificates valid 1/2/10 - 12/24/10 12/24/10
rated for a long-lasting 20,000
hour life - that’s quite a few holiday
And what color lights do con-
Now through December 14th receive
sumers want? More than two-thirds
of the survey respondents prefer to
decorate with multi-color lights.
Decorating with all white lights was
for every $50 in gift certificates purchased online.
the second favorite.
Limit 8 tickets per customer.
A few more facts the survey “illu-
minated” include: Females prefer to
decorate with white lights whereas
males prefer decorating with multi-
colored lights. People living in the
northeast are signifi cantly more
likely to decorate with white lights
than people in the Midwest and
- Courtesy of ARAcontent
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