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20 Art
Preferring a pair of decks to a paintbrush when own creativity,” explains Lock. “All that falls while other pieces feature re-created classical
he was at uni, Richard Lock has managed to under the Devolution banner. I’m quite a dark works and architectural landscapes in a nod to
combine his twin passions - art and music – as a person creatively, I’ve always loved art and music Rodchenko.
designer. Sticking with the theme of duality, he with a dark or moody edge and that name was
graduated and promptly landed himself a pair of a reflection of that. I have a constant stream of “A lot of my work is about manipulation and
jobs. Not content with setting up his own outfit, ideas running around my head I need to get out composition of images,” says Lock. “I’ve been
Devolution, he heads up the design department and Devolution is the outlet for that. When I’m into collage since a very early age and my fine art-
at Nu Urban Distribution as well. designing stuff at Nu Urban it’s very much down work is very much a development of the ideas I’ve
to what the client wants.” had around that. Expressing ideas through piec-
“I was designing CD albums for a few labels ing together other images. I’ve always likened it
and getting great feedback so I decided to set Looking at the work you can see the clear delin- to sampling in music.
up Devolution,” says Lock. “I promoted myself eation between Lock with his client head on and
relentlessly and landed a few jobs. The first Lock when he’s inside his own head. Nu Urban “As I get older I am really getting into the simpler
significant d&b related job was putting together design is commercial and accessible. There is no more graphical stuff,” he adds. “Minimal is the
Suv’s ‘Rhythm & Bass’ album and it was shortly such one ‘house style’ which means that the label way! I love photography. It’s really inspiring the
after that Nu Urban contacted me.” or artists’ own personality and vision is given way it can be used; like the photo from Burial’s
room to come through in the artwork. first album. To capture that mood of that album
Working for Nu Urban, Lock says, has been in one photo is just amazing! You could never do
great. Allowing him direct access to the biggest “Nu Urban do handle a large variety of labels so that in any other medium.”
artists in the scene and thereby giving his career a the work can be very varied,” says Lock. “Some
massive boost. have specific ideas but a lot of smaller, newer In addition to beginning to explore photogra-
labels just need direction in that area so part of phy, Lock is also broadening his influence by
When Devolution was established in 2005 the my job is to help direct them.” working with artists from various musical genres.
ambition was to develop the brand, covering art- Projects with a couple of hip hop artists are in the
work and clothing. Lock’s role at Nu Urban al- Where Lock is strongest here is his typography pipeline for the second half of the year. There
lows him to work with some of the most respected and typesetting. Bespoke fonts stand out against are also skateboard, clothing and web design
names in music and deliver the consistently great a backdrop of artist or label-specific artwork to projects underway – some of which Lock is re-
artwork that the Nu Urban stable is known for; create a design that is instantly own-able by, and maining secretive about. Needless to say, the man
all of which means that Devolution has evolved recognizable as representing, that label or artist. with two jobs likes to keep himself busy.
to become a vehicle for Lock’s more artistic and
abstract work, and is a conduit for whatever his Visit the gallery on the Devolution site however If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of his
imagination conjures up. and the darker side of Lock’s psyche is evident designs, check or www.
in the bleak cityscapes and abstract silhouettes.
“As time goes on I am allowing myself to chill Digital montages blend elements of street and
out a bit and do work I want to do just for my urban art with references to music technology, Words Emily Hobbs
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