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16 Frontlines
Lemonde from Valve tells us more about their Summer Slam I’ve been producing various genres of music like
event at IndigO2, London on May 23rd and more… house, hip hop and r&b to non-genre specific
stuff. I just did a remix for a producer called
WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO DO AN EVENT AT Bob Holroyd who makes very emotive music
INDIGO2? for television and film. The remix I did was just
We’ve been working with a lot of excellent music not bound by any rules or scene. To wake
promoters doing sell out shows around the up and make anything is just a dream right now,
UK but we needed a home a base for our own but on that project that’s just what I did! People
tailored events. So we deliberately ceased doing don’t know this but myself and Karl have worked
events in London a few years back to concentrate on different genres of stuff for years - we even
on this project. We were approached by IndigO2 once did the music for a Batchelors Cup A Soup
before it opened and we negotiated a situation advert! Now that’s fucking versatility!
back then. We wanted to work in a new, exciting
venue and IndigO2 is perfect. TELL US MORE ABOUT THE VALVE RELEASES
WHAT CAN PEOPLE EXPECT AT YOUR SUMMER We have quite lot of singles ready for release
SLAM? but we’re currently concentrating on Dillinja
Damn! Well, for starters we’ll be launching – ‘Love Child’ and ‘Dead by Dawn’ by myself.
Valve Digital. It’s where clubbers at our events We also have the majority of our back catalogue
will receive new and unreleased material like going online digitally in March through our
unreleased tracks, desktop screen savers, video new website and Drum & Bass Arena. To launch
content, exclusive real / ringtones and archived this on D&B Arena we’re going to put up some
Valve DJ sets from the early years - all free! We exclusive unreleased tracks - we think that if the
want our fans to get something back from coming music is banging it out in the clubs it should be
to our shows. There’s also a new microsite at available in the public domain much quicker - for the events. This unlike back in the day!
is our portal to the fans; we don’t intend to
let everyone know the developments of each HOW IS YOUR ALBUM COMING ALONG?
event, instead we’re going to post updates and The album has been a pleasure so far! For me I’ve
video content and bring them closer to what’s got to do what I’ve always wanted to do - go into
developing and what we’re intending on doing the studio and feel free, unbound, no rules! I’m
for the night. a huge fan of certain producers in the States that
make pop, r&b, hip hop from Polow da Don,
YOUR NAME IS NOW LEMONDE NOT LEMON D, Richcraft, Tony Maserati... so for the album
WHY THE CHANGE? we’ve ventured into what we are into. I don’t want
The name change is about just that, change. to give away too much on what we are doing but
I started playing around with names when I our previous albums were more compilations of
started DJing and making music back in the beats and dancefloor-esqe tracks. This project is
day. I’m just putting the ‘e’ back on, for me it an album in its true essence.
represents where I’m going with my music and
production - ‘WORLD SOUND!’ [le monde in
French means the world]. The last three years
South Africa’s Counterstrike are launching their brand new label Counterstrike New Zealand’s The Upbeats are getting ready to drop their third
Recordings with a new album project called ‘Collaboration’ and they have lots of artist album, ‘Big Skeleton’, on their Non Vogue label. Featuring
other big plans on the horizon. ‘Collaboration’ consists of three parts with four a selection of guest vocalists, styles and sounds, ‘Big Skeleton’
tracks each released on 10” blood stained vinyl. Part 1 features Counterstrike & Gein promises to be their biggest project to date and contains link ups
– ‘Pentagram’, Counterstrike & DJ Hidden – ‘Vivid Reality’, Counterstrike & Cooh with Rodney P and NZ based acoustic songstress, Jess Chambers.
– ‘Computer Control’ & Counterstrike, Silent Killer & Breaker – ‘Weapon’.
Crafting a complete album available on CD and digital download
Meanwhile their other label Algorythm kicks of 2009 with a 12” from Russia’s for the home listener, The Upbeats have opted to split the
Nphonix. His solo track ‘Sever’ is on the A-side while ‘Project 2501’, a dancefloor favourites which have been smashing up their DJ sets
collaboration with Identity is on the flip. After that look out for Lucio De Rimanez across a selection of vinyl releases. The first release from the album
– ‘Talking Head’ / ‘Ugly Fat Reality’. comes in the shape of the 12” sampler featuring ‘Ghost Radio’ /
‘1968’ and will be in shops early April with a 2 x 12” vinyl EP to
Finally, the Algorythm MP3 store is now open for business. Featuring the entire follow. Marcus Intalex has also picked up a pair of tracks from ‘Big
Algorythm catalogue as well as some Counterstrike classics from 2003 – 2006, Skeleton’ for vinyl release for his Soul:R imprint.
make sure you check it regularly for updates and exclusive releases: http://algorythm.
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