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Words Ed Aarons
Photography Vickie Parker & Chris Barnby
“The club is built so you can make it how you Punters from as afi eld as Los Angeles, Poland and normally so manic and it meant we were able to
want to look with projections on the wall and Scandinavia made the pilgrimage to Greenwich to enjoy it all.”
everything but we wanted to go a step further and see special guest Marky appear alongside the usual
try to make it really special. That’s where the idea suspects of High Contrast, Logistics, Nu:Tone So with London’s newest venue now well and truly
for the logos on the lights came from – otherwise and London Elektricity. An executive decision to bitten by the drum & bass bug, the future for two
it could have been any other night. It was up to place the DJ up on stage as opposed to in the cage of the scene’s most important nights looks secure.
me to put the lamps up about two hours before opposite paid dividends, with MCs SP and Wrec At the time of writing, Ram were close to selling
everyone got there – you’ve got to put in the graft the centre of attention all night long. out again for their April event featuring special
to make these things happen! It’s the little touches guest Roni Size, while Hospitality are already well
that make the night even somewhere like Matter.” “The club is set up so it can work either way but we advanced with plans for their return in May.
decided that we would try it like that and see what
Not to be outdone, Hospitality’s debut at Matter happened,” explained Chris. “Having done it “It’s all very new so it’s hard to know whether that
on March 6th was sold out a month beforehand, now, everyone was very impressed with the scale of will last but the early signs are very encouraging,”
with six months having passed since their last event the stage because it puts the DJ right in the centre concludes Chris. “I was delighted with how it all
at Heaven. Having begun life in the confi nes of of everything and provides a real focal point. It went – we’d been working on the night for about
the 300-capacity Herbal in Shoreditch, to fi nd really opens it up for everyone in the club as well six months so it was the culmination of lots of
themselves in such plush surroundings was clearly – Ram might have been able to get a couple more planning. We’ve been working closely with Ram to
to their tastes. hundred people in but we wanted that extra space fi nd out how they did things and it’s important
to give us something more unique. I’ve been we maintain that.”
“We loved Heaven but to go from a venue that was sending links of YouTube videos of the night
falling to pieces in parts to a brand new venue like to my friends around the world and they can’t “The club is so futuristic and it’s unlimited what
Matter that has so many modern facilities was very believe the atmosphere we created – it was quite you can do in there,” Scott adds. “We’re really
exciting for us,” says Chris. “We’ve put the years breathtaking. happy but also nervous about the next one because
in so we deserve something like that and so do our it’s going to be diffi cult to follow that up. The
crowd. It feels like another new chapter in our “Everything was fi rst class and it was so nice to most important thing is that we keep making it
history because it is a step up in terms of capacity hear from everyone that performed just how good different every time and try to get the right people
and size of the event as a whole. One of the nicest it sounded,” he adds. “That’s a massive bonus down there so there’s a lot of variety.”
things about being able to work somewhere like because we’ve been used to working at venues
Matter is that it is a multi-million pound club so where you have to run around like a nutter for With Matter as its home, drum & bass is now ready
the production and technical side of things are hours on end sorting out all the problems. Me to embark on a new era – just make sure you bring
second to none.” and Tom actually found ourselves wandering your earplugs.
around the venue trying to fi nd things to do!
That took a little while to get used to because it is
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