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If 2008 was the year that marked the end of an same time and because Andy had been a long-time They’re not the only ones – hearing Goldie drop
era for London clubland, then 2009 will surely resident at Fabric it all kind of fell into place.” ‘The Way’ and make his way into the heaving
go down in history as the year Matter made its dancefloor to brock out sent tingles up the spine.
mark. Ram and Hospitality hosted their first “We’d been at Heaven for four years but around The arrival of Andy C on the obligatory three
events at the new multi-million pound venue spring last year we were told about the plans for decks added even more energy to proceedings,
located inside London’s O2 dome in February Matter,” adds Hospital’s Chris Goss. “They with the unique BodyKinetic active dance floor
and March and Knowledge was there to witness wanted us to come down and have a look around system developed by specifically
the smoothest of transitions. so we went there last April when it was still a for Matter really kicking into effect. It uses
massive building site. We discussed moving there 75 piston transducers linked to the venue’s
In ten years time, they’ll be two of those ‘I was for a good six months and from our point of view gargantuan 5.1 channel surround sound system
there’ nights of drum & bass legend – and you can the timing worked out really well.” to fire bass frequencies directly into the bodies
bet they’ll be plenty who weren’t there claiming of dancers, which combined with 200 speakers
that they were. With The End having finally Ram were the first to take the plunge on February created an unbelievable wall of sound, especially
closed its doors to the public for the last time and 6 with stunning results – tickets were sold out a when Noisia were on the decks!
Heaven in Charing Cross under new ownership, full three weeks before with prices reaching £90
two of drum & bass’s most influential club nights on eBay as the day drew nearer. With a line-up “There were a couple of other venues we
found themselves without a home at the end of consisting of Goldie, Chase & Status, Hype and, considered but they didn’t quite suit us,” says
last year. of course, Andy C, they definitely got value for Scott. “We wanted somewhere with that intimate
money, with an unscheduled appearance from vibe and even though we’ve tripled the capacity
Step forward Matter, a new multi-million pound a certain Dizzee Rascal in Room Two for good I think you still get that with Matter. The club
super-club owned by Cameron Leslie and Keith measure. has been designed so you’re never more than 20
Reilly, the men behind Fabric in Farringdon. metres away from the DJ.”
Boasting an astonishing 200 speakers, 16 built-in “I can’t believe it when I watch the videos on
video projectors and a capacity of nearly 3,000, YouTube,” reflects Scott. It was certainly a fight to get close to Andy C during
it didn’t take long for either party to make the “It was fantastic in there – everyone seemed excited his set but the caged Sky Bridge suspended high
decision, especially with the guarantee that their to be out in a new venue and the atmosphere was above the dancefloor provides a bird’s eye view of
bi-monthly nights would be the only drum & bass nuts. We opened the doors at 9.30 and I was proceedings. It also lets you see exactly how much
events allowed at the venue. playing from then until 11 and all I can remember technology and planning has gone into the club,
is the dance floor getting jammed out straightaway with the ceiling a Starship Enterprise of flashing
“We were the first to hear that The End was going – by 10.30 you couldn’t move in there. We sold lights, amps and speakers. The club was specially
to be closing down so we had plenty of warning,” out three weeks in advance and to think that we decked out with Ram lampshades by the Scott and
explains Ram’s Scott Bourne, aka Red One. “It were only selling a third of that when we were at his team and no expense was spared when it came
just so happened that Matter was due to open at the The End really blew us away.” to utilising the state-of-the-art facilities.
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