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Vienna, Saturday February 7th 2009, 2am, soon became one of the leading names of drum Around the same time, a busy young guy called
Arena: Ed Rush steps on stage, facing a screaming & bass in Austria. They even did a monthly radio Andi and some highly motivated DJs were doing
and ready-to-rock crowd of 2000 drum & bass show on the Viennese radio station Orange. drum & bass parties in upper Austria, named
enthusiasts. After dropping his first tune, the Sprawl. As luck would have it, Andi and DisasZt
crowd is out of control and ready to get infected. In 2001 DisasZt made his first steps in the studio. got to know each other on one of these events,
It’s Mainframe time! He teamed up with producer Su3-ject, and under and it soon turned out, that both had the same
the alias Harddrive they released on the Austrian opinion about promoting. So they teamed
Rewind to 1995, two boys have just bought their labels Trickdisc and Break:Form. up and the foundation of a long and healthy
first set of turntables and fallen in love with drum collaboration was laid in November 2003. From
& bass. “I’m still laughing my ass off about the It was until 2002, that the interests of the Bass that point, the two became a well-rehearsed team,
first mixer we used,” remembers DisasZt. Infection members began to drift apart, and with Andi behind the business side of things, and
DisasZt felt it was time for a change. The last DisasZt behind the decks and the acquisition of
“It had these terrible built-in bomb and machine (and legendary) Perpetual Soundscapes took international top DJs and new national talents.
gun samples which covered all of our early tapes. place in March 2003 and featured Bad Company
Back then we spent most of our time in record shops on the decks. As DisasZt had a lot of promoting “The main idea behind Mainframe was to give
trying to get our hands on every piece of jungle vinyl experience by this time, the decision to continue people an understanding of drum & bass, to
or in front of the decks,” adds DJ Combo. on his own wasn’t a difficult one. After a little spread the sound we loved so much ever since.
organization, the first Mainframe party took place And not least we wanted to give national talent,
They kept mixing at home, went to various parties in July 2002 at the Wuk. whether they are DJs, producers or MCs,
and got in touch with the Viennese d&b scene. a platform, to present their work to a wide
“Compared to now, there weren’t so many places “The name Mainframe basically came from audience,” states DisasZt.
you could go out on a weekend but place-to-be Mampi Swift’s LP, which had quite an impact on
was definitely the Flex!” says DisasZt. us,” remembers DisasZt. Many parties followed In February 2006 Mainframe finally hit the
and Mainframe quickly became an important 2000+ mark, with Aphrodite behind the decks,
In 1998 DisasZt got in contact with Dom.N.K player within the scene. With more and more and nearly 2300 people in front of him! But it
and Phazes from the Bass Infection crew, and visitors the Wuk was soon bursting at the seams was another event that made 2006 a very special
managed to play at one of their parties. He became every month and they had to move into a bigger year for the Mainframe crew. As luck would have
a member of Bass Infection, and DJ Combo soon location. In 2003 they found their new HQ in it, Andi and DisasZt got the chance to run their
followed. The first big party with an international the famous Arena. own venue in Vienna. After months of renovation
line up was in December 1998 at a club called work (all done by the Mainframe members and
Sub Zero (which also closed its doors recently) The first Mainframe at the Arena took place some real helpful friends), the crew opened
and featured a relatively unknown DJ Friction on in October 2003, and it was none other than theZoo club in April 2006.
the decks. After loads of parties at Sub Zero, Bass Shimon from Ram Records who inaugurated
Infection moved into a bigger location – the Wuk. this important event. He played in front of more “The creation of our own club was pure chance.
At the monthly Perpetual Soundscapes nights, than 1500 people and gave the starting shot for We were just at the right place at the right time,”
they presented the top playaz of the national and something that soon became the biggest drum & says DisasZt.
international d&b circuit, and Bass Infection bass rave in Austria!
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