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74 Dancefloor
I’m Dialekt, I started as MC Dial, got the name
through graffiti, standard story, blah blah blah. I
got into D&B and MCing because it was the cool
thing to do in school and I thought it would gain
me respect in the rough, tough playgrounds of
South East London (no, it didn’t work). Still,
I stuck with it so here I am today and I wouldn’t
change a thing. GLOBAL WARMING

TELL US ABOUT YOUR RESIDENCIES Global Gathering recently announced that to be a crowd pleaser. The festival has always
A few places have me on rotation, Torque at the headliners for this year’s festival will be been pioneering in improving the customer
The Tube in Bristol being my favourite with The Prodigy, Orbital and Pendulum. Global experience and listening to feedback through
Fizzy Friday coming a close second. Both nights Gathering throws open its gates at Long Marston the busy online community. This year is no
provide dope line-ups with something for ev- Airfield, Nr Stratford-upon-Avon from Friday exception and we are pleased to announce a
eryone including random middle age blokes who 24 until 25 July. “This year’s festival once again deposit ticketing scheme for this summers
wander in off the street wearing silver wigs that promises electronic music fans a stellar line- festival.”
really should know better (you know what I mean up,” says James Algate, Global Gathering Festival
Bristol boys). organiser. “With the live stage, eight musical Check out the website, www.globalgathering.
arenas, including the Godskitchen marquee, for more line-up information, prices,
HAVE YOU GOT INTO PRODUCTION YET? the biggest in Europe holding a staggering behind the scenes interviews and regular
It’s not something I’m currently striving to hook 15000 people, this summer’s weekend is set podcasts.
up although I would love the opportunity to work
with certain producers, especially some of the
people I have done live sets with like Cyantific,
Spectrasoul, Fierce, Ink, Commix, etc. Hav-
ing the opportunity to perform with people I
regard as musical gods makes me want to push
my boundaries and I often wonder what it would
be like to get in the studio with such talent. Per-
forming with Flight at Torque was definitely the
highlight of my career, she has been an inspira-
tion from the beginning. I was smiling like a
Cheshire cat for days after.
Bookings bookings bookings! Right now times
are hard for everyone and I’m more than willing
to play for travel money (or beer). It’s good in a
way as it’s separating those who are GENUINELY GET JAZZY FLASH
in it for the love and the heads just trying to make
a quick quid or two. Drum & bass to me is like a LOADED On Easter Monday Matter his adventures on the wheels
religion, nothing anyone can say or do will ever
stop me from representing, it’s given me some AGAIN
takes you back to the old skool, of steel.
when two hip-hop legends
of the best experiences of my life and it pains me arrive at SE10 - the pioneer Whilst his pal Will Smith has
to say it but there are a lot of people out there The award-winning Get Grandmaster Flash, and the left music behind to become
who are only interested when D&B is enjoying Loaded in the Park festival party-starter DJ Jazzy Jeff. the world’s biggest movie star,
mainstream success. returns to the capital’s DJ Jazzy Jeff has continued
finest field – Clapham Grandmaster Flash is famed to live up to his rep as the
ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO TELL US ABOUT? Common this summer on as one of the first wave of supreme turntablist behind
I just want people out there to know there are Bank Holiday Sunday 30 DJs to break hip hop out some of hip-hop’s most
MCs that take a lot of pride in what they do August for its sixth year of of the Bronx and into the beloved summer anthems.
and spend a lot of time writing, practicing and hedonism. Over 30 live mainstream - pioneering His technical prowess remains
perfecting their craft yet don’t gain the recogni- acts and DJs are still to be the cutting and scratching second to none, as he prepares
tion they deserve. Personally I do my best to fit announced across four techniques that would help to shake the main room at
into that bracket and I hope I’m having an impact stages but we can reveal that change music forever. Despite Matter this Easter.
in some way. As always I want to big up everyone the main headliner will be being in the game for over 30
that’s supported me from the start and those who Orbital. years, Flash has continued to Monday 13 April 2009,
will in the future, that’s real love in effect. Also exert his influence, lining up 7pm-11pm, £8 students / £15
if you’re reading this in the toilet don’t forget to Tickets are £35 +BF and a stellar list of collaborators, advance /£18 on the door.
wash your hands, peace. are available from www. including Snoop Dogg and Matter, The O2, Peninsula / 0844 847 Q-Tip, for his new album The Square, London SE10 0DY. 246. Bridge as well as continuing
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