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Words John Murray Hill
Track: ‘Out Put’ It sounds like an Amen… but with a more organic sometimes and it was just fate that Star Trek was on
(taken from the ‘Freebeat’ EP) quality. “The sampler I was using had a very special and I heard the sound and quickly sampled it with
Artist: DJ Suv sound of its own and I think the combination of a shitty mic via the TV speaker.”
Label: Full Cycle that, with its fi lters, and the Spirit desk gave me
Date: 1997 the sound of that time,” Suv explains. “It was very And this was before Sky Plus! No rewind function
hard to convert rough, dusty sounds into crisp on the TV in those days. What a stroke of luck.
You’d have to be a hardcore raver to recall clearly ones, so a lot of high-end fi ltering and trying to
the days when this underground classic obliterated bring up the mids on the old cheap desk to make What kind of club reactions did ‘Out Put’ create?
The End speaker stack. Imbued with a wonderful it sound like something expensive was the trick. I “Around the time of this track Full Cycle had
sense of progression that simply wouldn’t be had to try to get my sound to pierce through so it a regular night in London at The End,” Suv
“allowed” for dancefl oor tunes these days, ‘Out was more in the face. I had to do whatever I could remembers. “The sound system there was amazing
Put’ boasted drum programming years ahead of to make it crisper… or maybe my ears were already – we loved to play and it was a great place to test new
its time. shot at an early age from all that scratching?” dub plates out. ‘Out Put’ was made just for that
club. My visual images always go back to dropping
One imagines hazy images of rough-and-ready How was the bassline spawned? “The ‘WOBBLE it there and seeing the crowd go crazy. We used
bedroom studios back in the days of ‘Out Put’? WOOOOOOO BASS’ was my invention,” Suv to have all the heads come to see us, like Shy FX,
“My personal studio was in my living-room bed- reveals. “It’s a signature of mine and, really, a Dillinja, Lemon D, Ray Keith. They were there to
sit on one side of the room with my sofa on the secret recipe. I made it from the Roland fi lters, check out what we were up to and it felt so good
other,” recalls Suv. “I had a Roland S30 sampler spending hours twitching and turning dials until to drop ‘Out Put’ on them. The bass in The End
with only 14 seconds of sample time, an Atari I had something I wanted. I used to get my bass would hit you in the chest with the biggest thump
computer and a small Spirit 12-channel desk, guitar cable and stick it in the insert, but not quite and, if you had your mix right, you could knock
which I still have. I loved it! I was really into in all the way…” out bodies that were brave enough to be standing
creating sounds with my bass guitar and playing right next to the bass bin.
with samples, making the most of what I could Is this a metaphor? Such a tease! “Then play with
with only 14 seconds of sample-time. I had to use it in that position where it would make a feedback “When I dropped it in the club Die, Roni and
the same sound over and over with different fi lters sound, like ‘eeeeeeeeeerrrkkk’. This was a great Krust hadn’t heard the fi nished mix-down and
to make new ones. It was the most basic studio of starting point for making a new bass. The ‘Out I remember Roni coming into the DJ booth to
all of the guys but I always thought it wasn’t what Put’ bass was made from the output insert being rewind the tune,” SUV concludes. “I remember
you had but what you could do with it. I was always processed by the sampler’s fi lters.” so well because, when I put the needle on again,
into trying something different and used my DJ the dub had been scratched forever. So, still to
skills to make unique sounds.” Is it just us or is the squeaky sample in ‘Out Put’ this day that same dub at the start jumps due to
the same one used in Zinc’s classic ‘Ska’ tune? Roni’s rewind.”
The drums in ‘Out Put’ progress exquisitely “The squeak sound is from Star Trek. The guy
throughout its uncharacteristically long duration. saying ‘Out Put’ is Spock. I would have the TV on
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