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12 Frontlines
It’s certainly busy time for hip hop producer Self Taught Beats.
He’s currently working on his debut album and the first single
from it, ‘Where I Wanna Be’, drops on 9 April. “Listening to Ty’s
‘Upwards’ LP inspired me to come up with the drum pattern for
Urban Sickness Audio is a new label comprising of artists like Altered Conduct, the track, a sort of hip-hop, broken beat,” explains Self Taught,
Ben Fawce, PoisonFlow, Predator Prey, RareForm and VAHN and they have a while highlighting his inspirations for the single. “Then I wanted
number of other singles, albums and EPs in the works right now. to add an indie feel to it, so that inspired the use of guitars in the
track. The subject of the track derived from a freestyle rap that my
First up are their second and third singles: ‘Inner Voices’ / ‘Day Break’ by boy Realism recorded just after I made the beat, part of his lyrics
Altered Conduct and ‘Onyx’, a D&B / hip hop crossover track by Ben Fawce were “where I wanna be, be, be”, which I picked out and used as
featuring Predator Prey. Ben Fawce and Predator Prey have also joined forces the chorus. I feel that it provokes people to ask themselves where
to create an explosive live act. They recently played a storming set at Nerm they want to be, or get to in their lives in terms of achievements
& D-Code’s Supersonic Buddha night and already have more UK bookings and standard of living.”
confirmed. Their live line-up includes Ben Fawce on drums, Dave Rogers on
turntable duties with frontman JALPORTE on the mic and Luke on bass guitar. ‘Where I Wanna Be’ is also graced with vocals by Terri Walker,
shortMAN, Street Journalism and Realism, with the video hosting
In other USA news, RareForm return with a new track entitled ‘Android Origin’, an all star line up including Bashy, Baby J, DJ Abrantree, Sean
pencilled in as the fourth release on USA with a remix from Q Project and Anthony (Lemar’s protégé), Lemar, Jodie Ayesha, and Tor. Defi-
Swan-E & Picto are currently working on a remix of ‘Mexican Chick Voodoo’ for nitely one to keep a firm eye on!
the forthcoming Spitting Fury EP. USA also have a number of non d&b projects
in the works, including the debut single from dark disco icon VAHN entitled
‘Never Enough’ which will be accompanied by remixes from Ben Fawce and up-
and-coming New Zealand DJ / producer QBkiz.
Words Danielle Aumord
Ether, Southbank Centre’s annual music festival, embracing innovation in music, Shogun and its sister imprint have a busy release schedule as usual.
art, technology and cross-arts experimentation, returns from 9 – 24 April. The First up is ‘Emeralds’ by Lenzman on SGN:LTD and following
festival features technological innovators past and present with a strong emphasis this will be Spor’s ‘Aztec’ and Alix Perez’s ‘I’m Free’ / ‘Melanie’,
on cutting-edge collaborations, visual culture and showcasing new work. Ether the first single from his debut album. Due for release just after
will pay tribute to pioneers such as David Byrne and German electro-duo Mouse the summer ‘1984’ features not only drum & bass but also Alix’s
on Mars and showcases some of today’s innovators, including electro-punk explorations of hip hop and dubstep too.
phenomenon Peaches playing on laser harp and revered Austrian laptop composer
and experimental guitarist and Fennesz and also Squarepusher and Tim Exile. In May look out for a 12” from label head honchos Friction &
K-Tee. Entitled ‘Set It Off’, it does exactly that and serves as a
Exploring the outer limits of the capabilities of the human voice, Boxcon 09 – the pre-cursor for the new Friction mix CD due around the same
fifth international Beatbox convention – returns as part of Ether with a range of time. Having already rolled out his successful Next Level series
performances, talks and the chance for beatboxers of the world to unite. Also part with great success, the new mix, entitled ‘Assassins Vol.1’, is sure to
of the festival will be more talks and post-show DJ sets to be confirmed, as well as be brimming with the best beats in town interspersed with some of
Face:On, a six by four foot interactive 3D installation in the shape of a human face. Friction’s dirtiest dubplates. Check for more.
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