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Decksterity 65
VestAX Vci-300
Not to be outdone by M-Audio’s fast-evolving The VCI-300 can control more than 90 param-
Torq system, Serato have gone and hooked up eters and functions of the included Serato soft-
with legendary DJ-equipment manufacturer ware with high-resolution MIDI signals sent via
Vestax to unleash the Vestax VCI-300. This is USB. The pulse resolution of the JOG wheel and
basically a compact DJ control system, skipping pitch control fader is four times higher than the
the need for 1210s and CDJs in one fell swoop. VCI-100 and provides precise control of each
This bolsters a trend that, in the eyes of some, is function. The pitch control fader also shares the
gradually strangling out the vinyl system. Kmag same high-quality fader parts of the input fader
still loves vinyl as much as the rest of our readers for advanced operability.
though, and old skool fans are safe in the knowl-
edge that Native Instruments still supports the If that wasn’t enough, the VCI-300’s built-in
12” platter format via their Traktor software. But audio interface carries an Audio Codec IC with
it’s all gravy, to use a hideous cliché… technology superb audio characteristics generated by a delta-
is a beautiful thing and having the choice of old, sigma modulation 24 bit stereo D/A-A/D con-
new and hybrid is better for everybody, right? verter. Audio connections include a stereo input,
So, moving upwards and onwards, feast your eyes a MIC input and two stereo outputs (Master L/R,
on the glowing blue mini-platters of the VCI- Monitor L/R). A 12 level LED L/R indicator is
300. This DJ USB MIDI / Audio system offers set in the center of the VCI-300’s top panel to
absolute control, bundled with Serato’s fabulous monitor sound levels. Audio files in the software
new ITCH software. It also comes with a built in library can be easily selected and controlled with
audio interface with standard four in / four outs the CRATES / FILES / BROWSE key and the
and headphone connection, which means that all cursor switch inherited from the VCM-100.
you need for DJing is the VCI-300, a laptop and Cool, huh?
a set of headphones.
We’re not done yet – the curve of each fader can
Let’s delve deeper into the VCI-300’s features, be adjusted to the preferred characteristics for
starting with its [Emergency Thru Switch], which long mixes, scratching and any other style. What’s
avoids the sound from stopping when the com- the damage? It’s yours for £599.
puter freezes. It’s an added feature from Vestax’s
study of user feedback. Another is the new
weight-reduced JOG wheel and the adjustable
JOG wheel torque mechanism to avoid vibration
from low frequency feedback in clubs.
Say hello to a spanking-new Watch out Serato and Traktor More news from Torq, the rather Native Instruments recently
compressed file format that users, because a new challenger has tasty-looking Torq Xponent Gig announced that the Allen &
promises to alter the way we listen just entered DJsville! Swaggering Bag, is available now on www.torq-dj. Heath Xone:4D control mixer
to, play, consume and even interact confidently through the digital com. Padded sleeves protect your is now certified for advanced
with music. It’s called MXP4, and it saloon doors this month is the gear while the high-contrast orange integration with Traktor Scratch
allows DJs and producers to upload rugged, reliable DJ software going interior makes things easy to find Pro. Furthermore, the Xone:1D,
varying versions and styles of the by the name of Torq, boasting in low-light conditions. Inside 2D and 4D models are now part of
same tune via custom software perhaps the best-looking user are separate compartments for the the “TRAKTOR Ready” program.
with ease in four dimensions. Yes, interface of the lot! He might Xponent control surface, a laptop The certification of the Xone:4D
that’s right, its maker claims to have look the part, but can he hold his and the necessary accessories, allows users of TRAKTOR
invented 4D by giving you access own in a soundclash? Version 1.5 meaning quick access to everything SCRATCH PRO to connect their
to dimension, depth, discovery reckons he can – bringing with you need for a night in the club. computer, turntables and CD
and diversity. Sounds like bullshit him a holster full of promises, Built-in cable management decks directly to the mixer, and
to us! Basically, a producer can including features such as Tempo prevents the dreaded “ball of use time-code control without the
give listeners a chance to edit Master, Tempo Anchors, Z-Plane wires”. Front-compartment mesh AUDIO 8 DJ interface. Amazing
parameters of their track, so that elastique time stretching, toolbar pockets accommodate headphones, huh? Native Instruments provides
it can be different every time. and workflow enhancements and hard drives, flashlights and MP3 a performance-ready controller
However, you’ll need a unique MIDI clock support. This realtime players. With a rugged nylon shell configuration file for the Xone:4D,
MXP4 player to do this, so stay DJ performance software bundle and high-density stitching, it’s built enabling DJs to intuitively control a
tuned to Decksterity for more news by M-Audio is currently doing the to withstand the rigors of life on wide range of functions in Traktor
as and when it comes. For now, rounds, so get involved with your the road. This bag is sick! It’s like Scratch Pro from the MIDI-
head to to test out free update at, which something Batman would use, if enabled control elements of the
MXP4’s mad “skin” features and is £42 to anybody who registered he came out and traded black for mixer with no additional set up
download it for free. before Christmas. DRAW! dayglo orange. necessary.
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