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62 Digital Nation
Fabfilter have updated two of their Moog have made an electric guitar Many producers and synthesiser Izotope, praised to no end by
flagship instruments – Volcano with a unique sound and a cool- enthusiasts asked for a fully blown Blame in this issue’s Digital Nation
and Twin – where the former is, if looking panel on the axe covered Waldorf synthesiser for their technical interview, have released
you didn’t know, sworn upon by in knobs. It has quite a wild new virtual rack. Waldorf listened, and re- Ozone 4 – a wonderfully futuristic-
4/4 super-producers Mark Knight feature – infinite sustain – which sponded in the form of Largo. Largo looking batch of dynamic tools
and Funkagenda. Their GUI’s have basically means that, when you is the first, pure software synthesiser for sound processing. Inside the
been redesigned with what Fabfilter pluck a string, it resonates forever. with Waldorf DNA, mirroring the bundle – resembling the style
call a “what you use is what you see” Moog won’t explain how it’s done, technology used in Blofeld and Q. from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner
concept. Basically, it looks gor- but it’s something to do with mag- Expect three oscillators (two of them movie – you get “paragraphic”
geous, as you can see in the pics. nets. The “Moog-Tar”, as we like to with sub oscillators) that include EQ, Harmonic Exciter, Loudness
What’s more, a signal chain ‘world’ call it, also has Moog filters / wahs. classic analogue waveforms as well as Maximiser, Multiband Dynamics,
is displayed on the lower half of the It’s expensive though – £3,999 to a selection of waves from the PPG Stereo Imaging, Mastering Reverb,
user interfaces. Check out all new be exact – and isn’t exactly the best and Waldorf Wave hardware. These Dither, MacroPresets, Mid/Side
features at, where guitar in the world. Still, it’s got run through two Waldorf multimode Processing and “Ozone Exclusives”.
Twin synth and Volcano filter retail cool knobs on, right? filters with steep cutoff, resonance up This elegantly designed, analogue-
at £114 and £104 respectively. to self-oscillation and a drive stage to modeled software – viewable at
Better still, you download both as add even more punch and graininess – is priced
free trials. to the sound. under $250 (yes – dollars – it’s an
American site).
T-rACKs 3 DeLUXe MAsTerinG sUiTe ACiD PrO 7
Developer: iK Multimedia Developer: sony
Price: £349 Price: £195
While there are many benefits to employing a mastering engineer to give Fans of earlier versions of ACID will be pleased to know that Sony hasn’t
the final touch to your tunes many producers want the option of mastering spoiled the simple interface that makes this program so quick and easy to
their tunes themselves. T-RackS 3 is a digital mastering suite that includes use. The developer has however added some useful new features that help
all the tools you need to effectively master tunes at home. ACID Pro 7 keep up with the big boys in the world of DAWs. New features
include the ability to drag audio to different tracks and lock a sample’s
Users can choose to master finished audio files in T-RackS’ stand-alone pitch to its tempo. The software also features a greatly improved time-
mode, which includes a simple audio editor for controlling fades or stretching algorithm.
automating mastering settings, or they can run the program as a plug-in
suite inside their DAW. The stripped-down, Classic version of the software ACID Pro 7 comes with a 3,000-strong sample library as well as
contains four processors: EQ, compressor, multi-band limiter and clip- some quality instrument emulators and a drum machine courtesy of
per. The Deluxe version boasts a further five, including the Vintage Tube Submersible Music. You also get guitar amp simulators, four iZotope ef-
Compressor, Opto Compressor and Brickwall Limiter. Three of the fects plug-ins. However, there is no virtual analogue synth.
Deluxe processors are designed to mimic classic analogue modules and are
perfect for adding warmth to digital recordings. The Opto Compressor One small gripe is that, though you can control the automation on tracks
has a particularly satisfying sound. using an envelope curve, this option is not available on bus and virtual
instrument channels. If you’ve grouped your drums together onto one
The T-RackS suite has slots for 12 modules, which can be arranged in channel this means the only way to edit the automation is in real-time.
parallel if required, meaning users can apply two types of compression Also, the tempo is limited between 70bpm and 200bpm. While this prob-
at once, or experiment with multi-band compression. The T-RackS ably won’t present a problem to drum & bass producers, it seems a slightly
interface is chunky and easy to use. However, it does take up a lot of screen arbitrary feature.
space and only one module can be displayed at once.
Despite some minor issues, ACID Pro 7 is a powerful and user-friendly
The T-RackS Deluxe 3 offers excellent audio quality with some great product with lots to offer. It is also a lot cheaper than rival Cubase, which
analogue emulators. It is well designed, especially the A/B/C/D compare can retail for almost twice as much as ACID Pro 7.
function, which allows users to flick between four different processor
chains to test different settings. However, potential buyers should note
that this program requires a lot of CPU power, especially if used repeatedly
in plug-in mode.
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