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Vision On 61
The Outdoor Book for Adventurous Chaps The Bored At Work Doodle Book Chicken: Low Art, High Calorie
Price: £12.99 Price: £4.99 Price: £12.95 Can’t be bothered to go shopping? Still want
Release: Out now Release: Out now Release: Out now to look good and check out the latest gadgets?
This dope gift-book for boyz features that Packed with great gags specifically for the ‘Chicken: Low Art, High Calorie’ by Siâron Then Jacamo is for you. From Nintendo Wii to
cool, retro art style brought back into fashion workplace, you’ll find charts to fill in (rate your Hughes is a book that celebrates the varied and watches, hoodies to HD TV Jacamo offers a one-
by wank mags like FHM and Nuts. It basically colleagues, draw your job as a monster, draw visual qualities of fast food signage, with an stop shop for everyday clothing and accessories.
reminds people like your Dad of when they did what’s really going on in the board room), your insight into the lives of people involved in the
strange, strange things like build tree-houses boss’s boots to draw and lick, there’s even a industry. After receiving a flyer from a fast food
and go-karts – the stuffs of legends that clearly cut-out-and-keep carriage clock! All of it is restaurant that featured the suggestion “Dunk THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING WEBSITE OF ALL
actually never really happened. We all know that ready to fill in and have fun with. Just try not to Your Dipper,” graphic artist Siâron Hughes spent TIME. It lets you see statistics for shots and
nothing existed before the internet, but books draw swastikas and your boss’s forehead – we several months visiting fast food restaurants. pass completion for any Premiership player in
like this make older folks pretend that it did. doubt he’ll like that. Unless he’s a real Hitler every game for the last three years in a visual
Just give it to them with a bit of rohypnol in their of course. Dozens of amusing photos of menus, shop form that would even make that excitable
tea and watch them dribble on the sofa – all fronts, logos and lettering, and the wide variety hamster known as Andy Gray proud. Now you
quiet like – so you can get on doing what you do of slogans used, such as “100% Whole Muscle,” can marvel at how crap Alexandre Song and
best… playing your Wii with your best friend’s “Taste Me,” “Lip-Licking Flavour,” and more Denilson really are for Arsenal.
little sister. are featured in the book, alongside comments
from restaurant workers. It will make you laugh,
ponder and hungry for chicken.
Breakdance The Movie / Breakdance 2 Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder King Kong Hellsing – Ultimate Volume 4
Electric Boogaloo Format: DVD Format: Blu-ray Format: DVD
Format: DVD Price: £9.99 Price: £13.99 Price: £14.99
Price: £15.99 Release: Out now Release: Out now Release: 6th April 2009
Release: 6th April 2009 Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder is the last “The eighth wonder of the world”! Or should Yay! A Manga movie. This is 18. That means
Twenty five years after its original release of four planned HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia. that be “eight hours too long!”? there’s more tentacle rape inside than you can
Breakdance The Movie is without a doubt still org/wiki/Straight-to-DVD”straight-to-DVD shake a wank rag at. Its name is well clever
the original and best breakdance film: a movie HYPERLINK “ We dunno. Kong has some pointless special too. It’s like Van Helsing, right? But with two
inspired by a street movement that went on to Futurama”Futurama movies. Yes people, this is effects but they look cool. Like dinos fighting Ls. “HELL” “SING”, get it? Genius. Well, there’s
spread the craze wider and further than anyone fresh material. Join Fry, Bender, Leela and the giant apes. The bit where the insects start some seriously dark shit in this DVD. It’s all rath-
anticipated. Now, get out your lino, stick on rest of the Planet Express crew for a feature- devouring humans is pretty rank and enough to er well drawn, so animators and artists do have
your ghetto blaster and don your skullcap as length freakout. With mankind on the brink of a freak out your children. If that doesn’t make this a lot soak in. As for the story? Well, it sucks,
Breakdance – and its sequel Breakdance 2 wondrous new age, ancient forces of darkness Blu-ray worth buying we don’t know what does. of course, but that’s OK because this is a dope
Electric Boogaloo – spin on to DVD courtesy of are descending, leaving Fry as everyone’s last Especially when the big maggot literally rapes Japanese Manga. Here’s a choice cut anyway,
Second Sight. Widescreen? Check. Remastered? hope for salvation... God help us all. Into the a poor fellow by slowly devouring his head with in case you’re feeling masochistic: Sir Integra
Check? Hilariously camp and kitsch? Double Wild Green Yonder sees dope things like Bender its butthole-esque mouth. The tagline for the reluctantly invites Maxwell from the Vatican’s
check. Did you know that MC Det and Skibadee having an affair with the Robot Mafia Don-Bot’s movie should have been: “If you thought scabies Iscariot Division to a Roundtable conference
used to be breakdancers? It’s true! Maybe they wife before coming to the aid of Zap Brannigan. was bad, this shit is clearly much, much worse”. with the Queen. They need to collect information
watched this movie? Who knows. Why don’t you And, to bring a bit of sense to the series’ oft-daft Still, to tell the truth, despite being three movies regarding the Millennium, the remnants of a
ask them at the next rave you visit? plots, Amy’s father, Leo Wong is on the brink of in one and displaying one of the worst examples secret Nazi battalion made entirely of “undead”
destroying an entire galaxy for the sake of his of editing in movie history, Kong made this monsters. OK, we’ll stop there.
new mini golf construction. writer shed a tear at the end. Sad :(
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