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original sin pangaea smoove illustrate
This is taken from my forthcoming album. I’ve An obligatory plug for the label I co–run, this is GOOD GROOVE (from a dope tune called ‘Scream Out’) and
been starting my sets with it for months and it a debut 12” from North London producer Joe Great 12” from a great label that fuses funk then put a very new and very different beat to
always goes off. I’ve combined a big, progres- which is coming out shortly on Hessle Audio. with breaks very well along with a large array it. It’s northern soul, indie, big beat silliness that
sive, ambient intro with a massive drop for He’s got his own sound going on already I of artists. George from Basement Freaks does a smashes up dancefloors when dropped. It’s not
maximum devastation! reckon, really tight percussion and bass–driven great remix job using the original vocal sample mainstream, it’s rude. I could say this producer
tunes. ‘Grimelight’ reminds me of a lot of older instead of the resang version. is gifted – so I will – this producer is gifted.
JAKES – WARFACE (D*MINDS REMIX) dubstep, back when there was an emphasis
D STYLE on minimalism, bass weight and a few choice BAHAMA SOUL CLUB – NASSAU JAM C-LONE – BE CAREFUL
Originally one of Jakes’ dubstep efforts, this samples. ‘Rut’, on the flip, somehow manages (SMOOVE REMIX) When someone who can flow and deliver lyrics
is the D&B re–rub from D Style label owners, to be regimented but shuffly at the same time, Oliver from Bahama Soul Club and ex member like C–Lone spits over this type of production
D*Minds. Big tune and a big sample (ripped driven heavily by a bass–infused kick drum and of the Ju Ju Orchestra gets his Latin grips on (provided by MCM of Caveman) which accom-
straight from Full Metal Jacket) make for an sustained chords. Big tunes. this old classic song and twists it up. I provided modates some tight–as–fuck scratching from
absolutely massive dancefloor killer. a Smoove remix of this track with harder drums Mr Brown, then, yes – when a London based
BRACKLES – LIZARDS and percussion breaks to keep the dancefloor publication described this track as ‘Monumental’
ORIGINAL SIN & TAXMAN – SEEN DUB jazz alive in 2009. they weren’t wrong. This is real hip hop for real
GANJA Brackles is defiantly another producer to be heads. Out on vinyl and download.
Some vibes of yesteryear on this one from my- watching, he debuted on Nottingham–based DAYTONER – LITTLE WONDER
self and Taxman, dropping on Ganja soon. The Berkane Sol at the end of last year and he’s WACK ILLUSTRATE – WORK
MC sample works perfectly over the top of this got numerous releases in the pipeline in 2009. Great dancefloor grower that lifts the spirits Andy Warhol, the American artist and film
nice little roller and it’s getting a great response Another producer who has his sound locked higher and higher. Stevie Wonder vocal samples maker, once said “I suppose I have a really
on the forums. down, his beats are synth driven and garage are cut over some obscure track that reminds loose interpretation of work because I think that
influenced, and tracks like this one definitely get me of ‘Beggin’ by Timebox. The drums are really just being alive is so much work at something
ORIGINAL SIN – DR FEELS GOOD EP people moving. He’s a sick DJ too, try to seem rusty and fat giving the whole thing an old ‘60s you don’t always want to do. The machinery
PLAYAZ him play out if you get the chance. sound. Limited edition vinyl only! is always going. Even when you sleep”. I think
Of course, no guest review is complete without I know what he’s on about but sometimes
some self promotion! This is my new EP on UNTOLD – ANACONDA BRENDA BOYKIN – maybe not.
Playaz and the response has been huge. Bailey HESSLE AUDIO HARD SWING TRAVELLIN MAN
said it was one of the biggest tracks of the night This is a wicked tune by Untold, who manages CHIN CHIN ILLUSTRATE – DO WHAT YOU LIKE
from the D&B Awards recently, and the support to make tunes that don’t sound like anything Swinging jazz in 2009 with a fantastic female My motto in life is do what you like, I choose
on Radio 1, 1Xtra and Kerrang! Radio has been or anyone else. Try to find another track which vocal. I was lucky enough to remix this one to write to music I like, then I record it using a
amazing. Alright, enough about me now… sounds like a snake chasing a water vole, and into a stomping jazz version with massive mic, people like what I do when I do what I like,
you won’t be able to. This is another one coming drums and hard orchestral horn stabs to set the so I guess it’s safe to say whatever I’m doing
JAYDAN – GHETTO out Hessle Audio later in the year, but also keep dancefloor on fire! I’m doing it right. You should check the amazing
GANJA an eye out for tunes on his own label Hemlock – video to this at
Jaydan’s been working hard in the studio it always delivers. A SKILLZ FT. KRAFTY KUTS – HAPPINESS
and his first release on Ganja is probably my FINGERLICKING ENDEMIC – CAN’T STAND TO WAKE UP
favourite of his tracks so far. Harking back to the GREENA – ACTUAL PAIN Seems to me that when Adam and Krafty get The last sneaky one is this banger from
old skool with a big triangle bassline! APPLEPIPS together they make the perfect tunes. It must Nottingham based producer Endemic! I love my
This is a sleazy UK funky inspired track by new be in everyone’s box right now and rightly so, classic New York hip hop and this just delivers.
HEIST – ROBOTS producer Greena, and sounds very fresh indeed. using a jazz vocal sample to sick effect with Sounds like vintage ‘90s isshh but with a
PROPAGANDA His debut 12” is being released by Appleblim on some blunted hard beats and basslines. The flip noughties twist. Coupled with an immense loop
We welcome back Heist to Propaganda for his his label Applepips later in the year. features Beardyman doing his beatbox / James that just keeps me wanting more and more!!
second release. This track has an infectious “go Brown impersonation. You need to check his ‘Terminal Illness’ LP too!!
robots” sample in it and some dirty, thumping COMPOUND ONE – SPACE ODYSSEY It’ll snap your neck off.
beats. Proving once again why Heist is in such DUB
demand right now. Probably one of their best tracks to date I
reckon, Compound One is the dubstep project
CLIPZ – GIVE IT TO ME and label of producers Fracture and Qualifide.
AUDIO ZOO Growling bass and breaks infused with classic
With an interesting jazz intro, bit crushed samba sci–fi effects work really well together it seems!
beats and a “let the beat control ya body” vocal Something I always draw to switch things up
sample, this one drops into some pure retro a bit.
sounding synth bizzle on the bassline. Give it
to me now!
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