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empress crystal clear fanu resound
This EP features the two bass driven tunes – ‘8 For some reason I can’t help but think of the ‘G–Riddim’ is all dark, hypnotic, and heavy with I’ve picked one of my personal favourites from
figure Bass’ and ‘Overfiend’ that will certainly old Thames Television music when I hear the a raunchy guitar lick as the backbone, coupled my upcoming album ‘Future Is Yours’. It’s a
cater to the diehard jump–up fans. ‘Dr Feels intro horns on this. The beat–free, easy–mix with extremely heavy b–boy beats. The highlight haunting track that fuses deep soundscapes
Good’ has quite the filthy intro and ‘Solar’, my intro soon kicks off into a trademark, catchy tune in many sets, and people always ask me with Digital’s trademark fat bass and rolling
favourite of the bunch, has an epic space age Haz… sorry, Dirty Harry riff. He’s teamed this up what tune it was. ‘Void’, makes a good flip with beats. Natty music!
intro that builds into a Tramen fill, beautiful with short, stabby drums that clump like Ricky its Apacheness and No–U–Turn vibes.
pads, layered filtered synths and absolutely Hatton with the hump. Proper solid! DJ INK & PERPETUUM – HOLLOWHEAD
COJAXX, PROLIFIC & PLANETARY – THIS IS GANJA TEK A heavyweight package of what a lot of A beautiful piece of music that combines a
FOR MY HUSTLAS Combining atmospheric pads and dark, sinister people would call drumfunk. Tight (REALLY lot of different elements in perfect harmony.
FOUL PLAY FX this works really well as an “intro” tune. tight) breaks, haunting melodies, cinematic Photek–inspired killer drumwork has got to be
Heavy drums, bass and hip hop style vocal licks Building up throughout the first 32 before ex- soundscapes, eerie and odd samples = simply mentioned. Forthcoming on the ‘Hard Soul’ LP,
makes this tune’s street flavour a dancefloor ploding into dirty, distorted, oscillating bass this perfect. Macc and dgoHn are definitely among keep an eye on Colours Audio!
murderer. Combining the techy filtered synths, has got some really nice bottom end on it. Not the prime beatheads of today, and Subtle Audio
bass stabs with the lyrical hip hop assassination your standard “strokey beard” tune, this works is a definite choice for everyone liking jungle in NUCLEUS & PARADOX – ATACIARA
of Colaxx, Prolific & Planetary this Florida based equally well in a more upfront set as well and this vein. The album was untitled at the time of ARCTIC MUSIC
crew uses the best of both genres. both me, Pascal and Hype have all been rinsing the review, and it’s coming out in April: www. An extremely lush piece of “ambient jungle” as
it. Should you really be able to sing along to a Paradox himself puts it. That’s exactly what it is.
BUNGLE – UNTITLED / FLOOR 14 RMX techy d&b bassline though? Deep and musical, this one is all about simplic-
SYNTAX AUDIO FANU – POLTERGEIST / NSF – COME BACK ity and the beauty of small details. Coming to
The untitled track is a beautiful deeper tune with HEIST – MR CREEPY LIGHTLESS you soon on white vinyl!
lovely musical pads that trance you out with CALYPSO MUZIK NSF and I combine forces to offer the drum–
their swells and beautiful melodies. A guitar Everything in this smacks with inch perfect loving junglists what’s going to rank among the HEIST – DOBERMAN
lick rolls in half way through that gently rolls precision as we’ve come to expect from drum–heaviest 12” of the year. ‘Poltergeist’ is HORIZONS MUSIC
the tune out. Tight percussion and driving bass Colchester’s finest. This isn’t the most compli- my darkest track to date with haunting pads, This is one the best tracks I’ve heard in a long
keeps the energy up – a winning contrasting cated tune in terms of arrangement, but with nightmarely samples, XXL–sized breakwork and time, and I was totally not expecting a track
combination. ‘Floor 14’ remix (originally by State the frantic, multi–layered beats and solid bass even fatter bass. NSF’s ‘Come Back’ provides like this coming from Heist. It’s my bad and just
of Mind) is a dark tune is not to be missed. it doesn’t need to be! Wicked tune and one that 300% of your suggested daily breakbeat and goes to show he’s one of the most versatile
Hollow well–programmed percussion pave way MCs seem to love to roll out over. choppage dosage. producers out there. Also features Heist himself
for the ominous swells that haunt. on the vocal. This is an inspiring and timeless
CRYSTAL CLEAR & NETSKY – DOUBLE O – NIAIBINGI piece of music that you must check out.
FLATLINE AUDIO LIQWEED Lots of chops and Amens here, while the deep TEKNIK – OLD HAUNT
Chock full of samples from Fear & Loathing I’d started working on this when Netsky, a synth and samples take me back to ‘97. Found RESOLUTE
and Reece’s galore, this tear–out monster is wicked new Belgian producer, sent me his this on Chemical, and it doesn’t mention the Sleek and stylish, well balanced techy rolling
definitely one of my favourites at the moment. tune ‘Prizma’. I was really impressed with the release date yet, so be on the lookout. business on Squire’s Resolute label. This one
Mumblz, hailing from New Jersey and a regular musicality of it so decided to call him in on this has a sense funk to it that a lot of stuff these
DJ at Konkrete Jungle in NYC is one to look to see what we could do in collaboration. We PHYSICS – REVOLUTION / SUNSET SONG days is lacking.
out for in 2009. The tune rolls out with drum ended up with a warm, musical, emotive little TELLURIC
madness and then breaks down into the chorus roller that I’m really pleased with. The vocal is I always need some rollers and ‘Revolution’ sure LOXY & RESOUND – FALL
of Jefferson’s Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’. The catchy but, surprisingly, I can still bear listening does the job with its heavy slammin’ beats and CYLON
Sleeper Cell flip features the vocal of Dennean to it despite having heard it over and over. deep sine bass. And, if you need some Mentasm This one has been doing damage on dancefloors
over a neurofunk bassline and steppy beats. you’re going to love this one. ‘Sunset Song’ for a while and it’s finally coming out on our
This release is the Flatline LP sampler. TAXMAN & ORIGINAL SIN – SEEN balances it out with more chilled and sensual collaborative album ‘Burning Shadows’. Goldie
GANJA vibes... ran up to the DJ booth and stopped it twice
CAUSE4CONCERN – WORLD UNKNOWN / This reminds me of Full Cycle from days gone recently, LOL!
CRASH TEST by. Warm mid–rangey bass and simple, snappy, ICR – IDENTITY FRAGMENT
CAUSE4CONCERN almost laidback beats are complimented with a MODERN URBAN JAZZ S.P.Y. – SUNSHIP
‘World Unknown’ is vast in its intro with soaring nice, catchy call and response riff. What more ‘Identity Fragment’ is one of the freshest and SPEARHEAD
smooth vocals and swishes, followed by techno can you say (whilst busting a full–on one foot cleverest d&b tracks I’ve heard in a while. ICR A very cool rolling track from one of my
stabs rolling beats. ‘Crash Test’ is the heavier skank)… it just works! is known for his epic, multi–layered works favourite producers. Buzzing basslines and
of the two with a dirty twisted bassline that the and he’s getting better all the time. Lots of beats for the dancefloor, executed with utmost
C4C camp are famous for. beat trickery and athmospheric goodness on precision. By the way, I’ve made a podcast to
this one. The flipside, ‘Defragment’, is quite a go along with these reviews – go listen at www.
contrast in its über–minimalist 2–step glory.
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